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NEW RELEASES | Week of 5/8/23

Cody Carnes | Call On The Name

“'Call On The Name' is a salvation song," explains Cody Carnes. "It leads people through the call and the confession that scripture talks about. Romans 10 says: If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.. everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

I believe we’re stepping into a great harvest where many people are coming to know Jesus. I’m praying this song helps lead people into that confession of salvation!"

Amanda Cook | SURVEY Vol. 1

GMA Dove Award-winning worship leader and songwriter Amanda Cook releases her latest collection, SURVEY: Part 1, today! 

Sharing more in-depth about SURVEY: Part 1, the ever-creative Cook states, “I love the idea of surveying the landscape of one’s life, ideas of God, emotions, faith, hopes, disasters, fears, joys, the list goes on and on. There’s such a beauty to the humility that comes with embracing our humanity, our limitations, our smallness in the grand scheme of things, with curiosity. I hope that this music becomes a companion to your own curiosity, your own long walks, and ventures into the soul of our own being.“ 

Abbie Gamboa | pure

On May 5th, Abbie Gamboa released her greatly-anticipated album pure! Each piece of the project was intentional to support its title, meaning there were no unnecessary elements added to uncover a hidden meaning.

The sounds, lyrics, and visuals all carry the same theme of giving an audience permission to access deep emotions with God and to receive from Him the healing that flows through the revelation that He is a good Father.

Planetshakers | Show Me Your Glory

"Show Me Your Glory" is the title track for Planetshakers' upcoming album!

Planetshakers share: “When you are thinking about the encounters with the glory of God that you read about in the scriptures, and then you are thinking about now - what would that sound like? There’s an awe, the glory is here. That is the kind of feeling that we wanted to capture."

The Bluejay House | Only One (ft. Bryce Moore)

The Bluejay House is a collective of people who share the same mission of glorifying Jesus. "We have had one goal in mind and it's not about performing, looking a certain way, or singing relevant songs. Our only goal has always been and will always be to please the Lord...We believe we have built and curated something that will change a generation. We are so excited for what's to come. Join us for the ride."

Their second single leading up to their debut album, "Only One (ft. Bryce Moore)," is available now!



Red Rocks Worship | Miracle In Me

Stephen Stanley | Rest in the Father

Life.Church Worship | Sing As One





NEW RELEASES | Week of 5/1/23

Naomi Raine | We Agree With Heaven

"We Agree With Heaven" from Naomi Raine is available now! This song leads listeners into a place of inviting heaven to be here on earth. It invites the will of God to come and build the kingdom, while praising God for who he has created us to be.

The Worship Initiative | This Is Our God

The Worship Initiative has released "This Is Our God!" This song honors the Lord for what he has done to build a personal relationship with each one of us. Jesus' sacrifice was used to build a bridge and bring hope to everyone.


CCV Music | Reflection

Red Letter Society | Inhabit

Yancy | Holy Forever





NEW RELEASES | Week of 4/24/23

Elevation Worship | Trust In God

"I sought the Lord and He heard and He answered." "Trust In God" captures the Lord's constant presence and faithfulness. He will never leave us and He will always listen to our words. This song leads listeners into worship for who God is.

Abbie Gamboa | window for glory to slide in

Abbie shares: "This song is one of my favorites on the album. My brother and dear friend wrote it with me. It came from a very true place in me."

Jonathan Traylor | Closer Than You Think

This album leads listeners into a place of thanking God for all that He has done to bring us out of brokenness. With songs like "We Come Alive," "This Kind Of Love," and "You Got Me," the album praises God for His never-ending love that surrounds us.

Lauren Daigle | New

“This is my most precious project,” Daigle shares, “It’s got fun moments, solemn moments, extrovert moments and introvert moments. And I’m just thrilled about taking my songwriting further on this record than anything I’ve done previously.”

The Bluejay House | Goodness & Mercy

"We are a collective group of people who all share the same mission; worshipping Jesus. We have had one goal in mind and it's not about performing, looking a certain way, or singing relevant songs. Our only goal has always been and will always be to please the Lord," shares Bluejay House. "From our videographers, our sound crew, our photographers, to our artists, all of their passions are parallel with each other. Using their gifts to worship Jesus. We believe we have built and curated something that will change a generation. We are so excited for what's to come. Join us for the ride."


Bethany Music | Bethany Music Live From New Orleans

Elevation Worship | More Than Able - session

Josh Baldwin | Narrow Road (Acoustic Sessions)

Lindy Cofer | Be Glorified





New Podcast Episode with Jeff Sandstrom

Jeff Sandstrom started his career as an independent music producer and engineer, and produced several Dove Award-winning projects in the studio. From 2007 to 2016, he was the Front of House engineer for Chris Tomlin and Passion Conferences. He’s also toured with Matt Redman, Lauren Daigle, Steven Curtis Chapman and others, and has been a sought-after teacher and presenter at conferences and training events. His heart for teaching production teams to excel led to the co-founding of MxU, a platform designed to provide church production teams tools for technical training, creative communication, volunteer team building, and healthy leadership. 

Jeff and Kristian share practical and spiritual tips for fostering relationships well between technicians and musicians. Jeff also advises worship engineers, producers, technicians, etc. to be wary of your identity being tied up in your skill rather than who you are as a son or daughter of Christ. 

Learn more about the intentional tools and resources MxU provides @mxurocks / here

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NEW RELEASES | Week of 4/17/23

Housefires | How To Start a Housefire Part II

“We all long to belong somewhere, to be a part of something bigger and deeper than ourselves,” says Housefires' Nate Moore. “Especially coming out of the pandemic, people are desperate to feel at home somewhere, to be seen, known and loved by others who are pursuing similar passions and dreams. This album provides a window into a community that has existed the better part of a decade. A place where anyone from anywhere can come and meet Jesus and feel at home with those on their left and their right.”

Michael Bethany | Ask Me Why

"Ask Me Why" is the lead single from worship artist Michael Bethany’s upcoming EP. Based out of Gateway Church, Michael leads dynamic worship on the weekends and at major conferences. "The night of the recording was a time of full surrender, a time to dance, a time to give honor and glory to God. God’s joy was in that room. He has given us many reasons to praise His name & rejoice in the Lord!"

Amanda Cook | There's Nothing

Amanda Cook's newest single, "There's Nothing," is available now! Speaking into God's faithfulness, this song leads people into praising God for His love that knows no end. There's nothing that can seperate us from Him!

Metro Life Worship | Verge Of A Miracle

"Verge Of A Miracle" is Metro Life Worship's newest single! Standing on the brink of a new day with open arms allows God to work in extrodinary ways. This song invites listeners to re-surrender their lives so the Lord can work miracles.


Anchor Hymns | It's Alright

KXC | Moth to a Flame

LO Worship | Steady Light (Live from LO Conference)

NewSpring Worship | Altars





NEW RELEASES | Week of 4/10/23


“I felt this call and this responsibility to say, ‘ok, if the next generation needs a foundation for their faith, what does that foundation look like? What is the Gospel? What are the pillars? What is the truth?” shares ELEVATION RHYTHM’s Josh Holiday. “I just knew this next album had to be truth-centered, and I wanted to create music that was going to be foundational for this next generation in their faith journey.”

Naomi Raine | Paul & Silas (At Midnight) 

Featuring Chandler Moore"Paul & Silas (At Midnight)"reminds listeners the power of praising God even in the midst of suffering. In the morning, in the evening or at midnight, we can worship God for all that He is doing!

Dreamers | Dreamers

Launching from a God dream in 2021, Dreamers is the soundtrack of the youth ministry at Influencers Church which has a long history of empowering and releasing worship ministries across the world. Dreamers’ heartbeat is to see the next generation chase their own God dreams - whatever that may be. Now releasing their first full-length album, Dreamers,  the hope is the same: that the raw lyrics coupled with simple melodies would resonate within listeners and stir them forward into fulfilling the potential of their dreams. 

Abbie Gamboa | Too Good

"Too Good" is Abbie Gamboa's second song off her upcoming album! Embracing who God is and how He loves us, "Too Good" worships the Lord for His persistance in loving us despite our sin.


Bishop Leanard Scott | Down at the Cross

Cade Thompson | Empty Room

Canyon Hills Worship | All To Jesus

Hunter Plake | Holy Ghost (Fill This Room)





New Podcast Episode with Kristian Stanfill

Kristian Stanfill is a part of Sixstep Records/CCMG as an artist and songwriter and has been an anchor worship leader with the Passion movement since 2005. He’s written and led songs such as “Glorious Day,” “God, You’re So Good,” and the RIAA Gold®-certified track “One Thing Remains.”

Kristian and our Kristian discuss the inspiration behind Make It Out Alive (his first solo record in 11 years), his journey with Passion, how to spark vulnerability within your community and how to find and pour into the people that will see you, comfort you, challenge you and refine you. 

The Power of Vulnerability with Kristian + Kerri Stanfill and Louie + Shelley Giglio

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NEW RELEASES | Week of 4/3/23

Forward City & Travis Greene | Expect Impossible

Forward City & Travis Greene's album, Expect Impossible, is available now! Recorded live at Forward City on New Years Eve, this album celebrates God's power and authority. As we read stories throughout the Bible, we learn that nothing is impossible through Him, and we get to celebrate that today as we remember Christ defeating death!

Housefires | I Thank God

The King of kings and the Lord of Lords chose to save us so that we could be in relationship with Him. "I Thank God" praises the Lord for who He is and who He has created us to be! Providing a solid foundation, God set us free and we have the opportunity to thank Him.

Family Music | Undignified

Family Music was born out of a hunger for community and relationship with like-minded songwriters and friends. Their debut album, Undignified, is available now! Family Music shares: “This project is a picture of what it looks like when we get out of the way.”

Phil Wickham | Sunday Is Coming (Acoustic)

"I am praying blessing over you this Easter week as we take some extra time to remember and celebrate this incredible true story of Jesus’ death and resurrection. May our hearts be filled with fresh wonder and awe at His great love that held him to the cross, and His boundless power that defeated the grave."


Impact Worship | Yahweh

REVERE | Risen Savior (Sing My Soul)

Thrive Worship | Always So Good

VIVE Worship | Hidden





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