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David Liotta | New Producer

Welcome David Liotta, out newest HX Stomp producer! David is a guitarist for Elevation Worship and has played electric and acoustic guitar on albums such as Hallelujah Here Below, At Midnight, and Graves Into Gardens. He also co-produced Elevation Worship’s stripped project Graves Into Gardens: Morning & Evening.

David’s first bundle, HX Stomp: Elevated Guitars, includes his tones for The Blessing, Rattle!, Graves Into Gardens, Never Lost, and his go-to sounds for any given Sunday. From bright clean tones to subtly overdriven sounds to full on massive distortion, Elevated Guitars is a diverse toolkit. Included are mono and stereo versions of each patch so you can choose the one that’s right for your band setting.

NEW RELEASES | week of 3/22/21

Elevation Music x Maverick City Music | Jireh

Jireh is the simple yet infinitely powerful declaration that God is enough and that we're already chosen by Him. The single features lead vocals from Chandler Moore and Naomi Raine, who are also credited as co-writers on the track. “This song has honestly been a reminder for me that God is everything we’ll ever need. My prayer and hope is that everyone who listens to this is reminded of the Father’s heart toward us and that He loves to take care of us,” says Naomi Raine of Maverick City.

Dante Bowe | circles

circles represents reflections Dante penned as he spent time in 2020 learning and appreciating his own roots, honoring the people and the journey that have formed him. Set against an infectious mix of R&B, soul and gospel style, Bowe confides in and inspires listeners with thoughts on struggle, perseverance, and faith.

Church of the City | Goodness of God

Their rendition of Bethel Music's transcending "Goodness of God" is dynamic, led with powerful vocals from Ileia Sharae. All my life You have been faithful / All my life You have been so, so good / With every breath that I am able / I will sing of the goodness of God.

Lion & Bear | Warrior King

"No matter how many giants we may face in this life, we have a Warrior King fighting on our behalf. If He is for us, who can be against us?"

for KING & COUNTRY | Amen (Reborn) ft. Lecrae

Amen (Reborn) [feat. Lecrae + The WRLDFMS Tony Williams] is a song about renaissance and renewal. “When we performed it last autumn at an award show with Lecrae, Tony Williams, and a gospel choir, it launched the song into another stratosphere of meaning. So, with 2020 now in the rearview mirror, we look to move past these global hardships together and start fresh with a new perspective, which is the core essence of the song. And thanks to Lecrae’s galvanizing prayer of humility along with Tony’s characteristic and purposeful voice." - Joel Smallbone


FAITHUL | Rahab's Lullaby (God Above, God Below)
Ben Cantelon | Hosanna
KingsPorch | I Speak Jesus
North Point Worship | O What A Miracle
Rebecca St. James | Battle Is The Lord's (Live)
River Valley Worship | Now More Than Ever
Sean Feucht | Let Us Worship - Azusa
Tim Timmons | This Is The Day
VOX GEN | Highway

NEW Podcast Episode with CeCe Winans

We are so excited to have CeCe Winans on our podcast today. God has trusted CeCe with success and her notoriety has only brought her closer to Him. She shares how her “why” hasn’t changed despite being named the best-selling female gospel artist of all time, and she reminds worship artists that you have to want God more than anything. “Good success means you’re still hidden in Him.”

She also talks about the process behind “Believe For It” - the transcending title track from her new live album. Chris Baker states the simple, powerful truth about CeCe: “There is something that is synonymous with CeCe Winans and that is the presence of God.” Worship leading resources for the entire Believe For It project are now available!

Listen now

NEW RELEASES | Week of 3/15/21

Maverick City Music | Jubilee

Jubilee launches Maverick City Music Initiative, the non-profit organization dedicated to serve communities affected by mass incarceration through music. This new EP consists of seven songs featuring artists such as Naomi Raine, Chandler Moore, and Dante Bowe. It celebrates Black History Month and pays homage to negro spirituals. “It’s time to tell our story—and we can’t tell our story without bringing our entire pasts forward. Our songs are our history. It’s time to shed light on it.” - Tony Brown (co-founder of Maverick City Music).

Community Music | Nothing He Can't Do

“Worship is our weapon! So we will choose to bless the Lord even before the breakthrough we’ve been praying for. Our hope is that the words of this song would stir up the faith inside of you. And that it would lead you to surrender to the one who holds it all! His name is Jesus!” 

Elyssa Smith | Wearing a Blindfold and Running

"Lyrically, Elyssa’s transparency and honesty pour out with themes of hope in the midst of pain, faith in the most difficult of times, and trust that God is not silent and will be there for us - all delivered with earnest passion and fervent prayers and pleas. The title speaks to walking by faith when you can’t always see what’s ahead, but running full force even when you can’t see, with deep trust in God."

Big Daddy Weave | All Things New

Big Daddy Weave's single version of All Things New, more succint in its duration and with additional instrumentation, is now available! "We wrote the song 'All Things New' as a prayer over my dad as he was dealing with pulmonary fibrosis. Little did I know, that would be the last song I wrote that my dad would get to hear this side of heaven. I believe the moment he took his last breath here, was just the beginning of how real the meaning of this song is for him now, in the very presence of Jesus. We can say in faith, from the ashes, from the dust, 'I will rise up,' because of Jesus, who makes all things new." - Mike Weaver

Patrick Mayberry | No One Like You Lord

Chicago-based worship leader and singer/songwriter Patrick Mayberry never truly understood the power of worship music until he experienced it firsthand at a Passion conference. For many, Passion is a multi-day spiritual wake-up call to the things of God. For Mayberry, Passion was a transformational awakening to the intersection of faith and music. His faith journey came full circle when he co-wrote Passion's latest: Breakthrough Miracle Power.

Original Master MultiTracks for his new single No One Like You Lord are now available! The single is a joyful declaration of the unrivaled uniqueness of who Christ is and the song is carried with Mayberry's passionate, raw vocals.



Egypt | CAIN
Ketrina Joy | Wait
Nick & Becky Drake | The Golden Rule + The Ark
Village Lights | Fire and the Fountain
VIVE Worship | Fear Not (He's With Us)
Sarah Kroger | No Hay Temor En Tu Amor
Cross Point Music | Oh The Wonder
Gas Street Music | Rewilding
Life Worship | Thank You Jesus For The Cross
Connor Roy | Better Place
Mission House | I Don't Have Much
Spring Harvest | Unrivalled 

Tim Gosden | Spaces

The sound of a space is just as important as the drums themselves. Hit the drums hard and you’ll feel the explosive life a room creates as it thunders through the air. Tap them gently and the room will softly speak, creating a beautiful atmosphere.

These four bundles from Tim Gosden were sampled capturing not only the drums, but the natural reverb created in some uniquely charactered locations across Manchester. From massive drum hits to tight muted samples, The White Room, The Muted Room, The Stairwell, and The Warehouse will bring the authentic sound of these spaces to your mix.

The White Room

The White Room is an epic space, with hard white halls, high vaulted ceilings and natural brick. This epic sound is further enhanced with a huge marching bass drum, deep brass snare and super low floor tom. Each sample was recorded with the snare wires engaged, for added texture and character, and without, giving a cleaner and more focused sound.

The Muted Room

The Muted Room is all about opposites. Unlike the rest of this series, where I set out to find the biggest spaces possible, these drums were sampled in a tight, dry, muted space. You might be fooled into thinking that these samples just use close mics, but they’re mixed with a stereo pair of overhead mics to ensure that the drums sound punchy, tight and yet still have an amazing stereo width.

The Stairwell

The stairwell I used to sample these drums is incredible. Manchester is an amazing city, full of the heritage of the industrial revolution. All over the city are mills, warehouses and industrial spaces with all the original features still intact. With brick walls and a seemingly endless amount of stairs, these drums thunder through this unique space.

The Warehouse

When it comes to drums, bigger is ALWAYS better. When I put together this bundle I had one goal in mind… find the biggest drums in the biggest space, hit them hard, and cover my ears ready for the explosion! When it comes to worship music, it doesn’t get better than Truth Drums. This monster kit featuring a 24” Kick Drum, 13” Rack Tom, 16” Floor Tom and 18” Floor Tom sounds absolutely incredible. Partnered with a classic Ludwig 402 it’s easy to see why these samples have so much life and weight.

"Since many of us are using the Steven Slate Trigger plugin for your samples, I have included pre-mapped TCI files. Simple drag and drop and you’ll have the different velocity layers and round robins pre-mapped. It couldn’t be easier to audition sounds and create your perfect drum mix!"

Daniel Ferguson | Arctic & Ivy Murdoch

Instruments with character are essential for making music that moves people. Ivy Murdoch & Creation Series: Arctic from Daniel Ferguson are two bundles created with character in mind.

Sampled in a cottage in an old British village, Ivy Murdoch was created sampling a London Murdoch upright piano that has been loved, exhausted and worn for almost 100 years. This bundle captures the sound of dusty strings, clunky hammers and a warped soundboard, all of which combine to create a range of patches which sound just as realistic as they are broken.

Creation Series: Arctic is a reflection of harsh winters and bitter cold. These patches combine brittle cracking sounds with thick dark evolving pads to expand your palette by layering sounds together.

Each of these bundles is compatible with MainStage, Logic, StageReady, Ableton Live 10, and Kontakt.

Influence Music | Glory, Honor, Power

Writing songs is usually a laborious process for me that is filled with revisions and second guessing. Glory, Honor, Power was the exception to this rule. I woke up in the morning with a chorus in my head that was incredibly loud and clear. It sounded so familiar that I kept singing it to multiple people over the next few days trying to figure out what song it was. Finally, I ended up in a room with Tiffany Hudson and Jeff Pardo who confirmed that this tune didn’t exist yet and that we should give it a go!

As we dug into the lyrics of the chorus, we found ourselves revisiting Revelation 4.   This chapter paints a beautiful and detailed picture of exactly what is being said in Heaven at this very moment. The extravagant scene describes heavenly creatures pouring their thanks and adoration upon the Lord. In response, 24 elders lay their crowns at his feet and ascribe to him all Glory, Honor and Power. They can’t stop worshipping.

In the presence of God, our response becomes the same as theirs. I believe the Lord gave us this real-time insight into heaven so that we would know how to engage in throne-room worship, here and now. What better way is there to bring heaven to earth, then to actually sing the words being said in Heaven?

Our prayer it that this song would be a fast pass into his presence. He promises that he would inhabit the praises of his people. As we get into that pure and vertical place of worship, where we focus all our attention on admiring him – a beautiful exchange occurs. His thoughts for our thoughts. His life for ours. 

- Melody Noel  | Director of Influence Music

Aaron Robertson | The Juno: Horizon

The Juno: Horizon is a collection of sounds from Aaron Robertson’s personal Roland Juno 106, used on the Elevation Worship albums "There Is A Cloud," "Hallelujah Here Below," Graves Into Gardens," and "Doxology," and have become an integral part of Aaron’s sound. Filled with bright, gritty, bold, and energetic patches, this bundle encompasses the beauty of a light filled skyline, the feeling of being in the clouds and the mystery of dusk.

The third and final installment in Aaron’s “The Juno” series, this bundle is compatible with MainStage, StageReady, Logic Pro, Ableton Live Intro and Kontakt.

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