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NEW RELEASES | Week of 10/11/21

Michael W. Smith | Worship Forever (Live)

“The Worship record was a special one for me. From the recording live in Lakeland, Florida – to the release on 9/11– the day our nation was attacked. I’ve seen God use those songs and that music in ways I could have never dreamed."

Alexander Pappas | IDAHO EP

Pappas' approach is edgy, energetic, and nostalgic fused with inspirational, pop, and alt-rock beats."There are songs of worship and songs of heartbreak; these are the songs in the middle, of the now and not yet."


Many of the songs from Love Note were written during the fall of 2020, a season of consecration, repentance and hunger for our UPPERROOM church community. We devoted ourselves to the Lord, in the midst of personal, corporate and national pain, and our songwriters began to write and sing the season of devotion. During the spring of 2021, our church body met daily for prayer and worship during a 40 day corporate fast and our team arranged and recorded these songs live at our prayer and worship services. 

Vertical Worship | How Good Is He

"'How Good Is He' is a simple song of thanks to God for who He is and what He’s done. When we sit at a table we often give thanks or thank those who have prepared the meal for making it. Often the words don’t need to be many, but HGIH describes to the giver what we’re thankful for being given.”

Red Rocks Worship | Echo Holy (In Studio)

“It just does something to the soul to imagine millions of angels falling on their face before the throne of Majesty. We hope to hear each of your stories as you continue to encounter Jesus!”

SEU Worship | Walk With You

"I wrote 'Walk With You' after a long night staying up with my newborn son. The following morning I was spending time with the Lord in prayer, and found myself singing the verses and chorus of the song. In every chapter of life, God has proven himself faithful. Whether I was full of fear, on the run or battling bitterness, God’s love never gave up on me. I can’t help but want to be closer to a God who loves like this." -Dan Rivera



Influence Music | ages (deluxe)

Crossroads Music | Anything to Bless Your Heart

Glaubenszentrum Live | Wach auf, meine Seele

Justin Tweito | The King Is Coming

People of Hope | Only You

The Village Church | Here In Your Love (Live)

Vineyard Worship | Prayer of Consecration

Bethany Barnard | All My Questions

Canyon Hills Worship | Spirit of God

Christ for the Nations Worship | God of New Seasons

Katy Weirich | Joy to the World (Hallelujah)

Kingdomcity | In God We Trust

Simple Hymns | Confession Hymn

Willamette Music | A Thousand Songs




NEW RELEASES | Week of 10/4/21

Hillsong Worship | Never Walk Alone 

“I have never walked alone/I’ve never been abandoned,” the lyrics sing confidently, “Every hour, every minute, You have been there.”  The track, in its essence, celebrates the unwavering guidance and steadfast faithfulness of a loving God. This recent release follows the group’s latest single “Hope of The Ages” featuring Hillsong’s Reuben Morgan and two-time GRAMMY nominated Cody Carnes. 

Evan Craft | Holy Ground

“We started out the year releasing pop music but I also want to lead people to a place of worship and to experience God in a very real way.” Evan invites you to worship in God's presence while reminding us that He has made a way for us, torn the veil, and wants us in relationship with Him. Each song offers a moment to reflect on His greatness and welcomes you to enter His Holy Ground.

Christine D'Clario | All That Remains

Her new full-length album All That Remains is available now in English and Spanish! "I just can’t contain my emotion and gratitude to God the great blessing to still have life and a voice to worship him another day!"

for KING & COUNTRY | For God Is With Us

“We originally penned ‘For God Is With Us’ as we were working on our Christmas record,” shares Joel Smallbone. “We started writing this song from the perspective of a baby boy, and then into adulthood and the great sacrifice of Jesus and then how it impacted humanity. And somewhere along the way, we looked back and Luke and I called one another and said, ‘Hey, maybe this is not just devoted to Christmas. Maybe this is a thought, an idea, that could carry with us through the whole year."

Maryanne J George | Not Just Stories

This EP contains 6 songs in total, 2 of which are extended/spontaneous versions capturing the essence of a Heaven-on-Earth “forever-worship.” This project is a combination of deep-felt worship and an uplifting praise song, all of which are suitable for congregational singing.

Jon Reddick | Keep Me Near + In The Room

"In The Room" reminds us of God's presence, and on "Keep Me Near," Reddick has said: "My prayer is that it helps refocus our eyes back on our King. When we’re looking “at” Jesus-it reminds us how to look more “like” Jesus."

Francesca Battistelli | God Is Good

“A few years ago, a good friend of ours went through a devastating loss. I really wanted to write a song that would honor what he went through and really speak to that idea of how tragedy affects our lives, because at one point or another, it does affect all of us. If the last year-and-a-half has taught us anything, it’s that we’re not immune to difficult times,” Battistelli shares.



The Belonging Co | Jesus Over Everything (Radio Version)

Charity Gayle | New Name Written Down In Glory (MultiTracks Session)

7 Hills Worship | Good and Perfect 

Honor & Glory | God of My Story 

Stephen Christian | King of Impossible

Stephen McWhirter | Highest Praise





NEW Podcast Episode: Finding Purpose in the Process with Joel Houston

Joel Houston, world-renowned songwriter and worship leader of Hillsong UNITED, reminds us that our purpose is “in the dig” and “in the search” of the creative process in Episode 2 of our new season of The Worship & Technology Podcast.

Joel speaks to his hope of reaching the person who’s lost faith with the songs God has blessed him with, how success can be an enemy to art, the missional aspects of all the projects under Hillsong, and more. We hope this conversation reminds you of the purpose we find in both the creative process and in the sanctification of the faith journey. Listen now

NEW RELEASES | Week of 9/27/21

Maryanne J George | Not Just Stories

Maryanne J George is the next artist rollout from TRIBL, Maverick City Music's label. "Not Just Stories," the title track from her EP debuting October 8th, is now available! Written by Maryanne J. George, Mitch Wong, Aaron Moses, Jesse Cline and Dante Bowe, the song is congregational and uplifting. "And I know they're not just stories, this is the truth I'm standing on."

Saddleback Worship | We Must Go + Always Jesus

"We Must Go" and "Always Jesus," both released by Saddleback Worship in 2019, are now available! "Always Jesus" reminds us that we can see past our current pain and look to Christ, and "We Must Go" is a call to action for our purpose as believers. "We exist to bring glory to God in all we do, and have a heart to equip churches world-wide to reach their redemptive potential."

Jonathan Traylor | The Table (MultiTracks Session)

Our session of "The Table" from Jonathan Traylor is out now. "The Table," from Jonathan Traylor's new EP I'm Here For You, is an inviting worship anthem speaking to the reality of God’s presence with us, and the importance of our connections with one another. Check out the session here!



Anna Golden | Peace: The Deluxe Album

Newsboys | STAND

Ryan Ellis | Keep My Eyes Up + Need

Influence Music | 10,000 Armies (Deluxe Version)

Steph Alessi Muiña | Wouldn't Change A Thing

The Color | Better Way (Worship Version) + Better Way (Radio Version)

Christafari | They'll Know We Are Christians (We Are One In the Spirit)

Village Lights | Christ Our King

Ascent Project | Living Water

Maria Hilman | Only You

Rev Music | Nothing But You

Vineyard Worship | Lofi Vineyard: Chill Worship Beats to Focus and Relax





NEW RELEASES | Week of 9/20/21

Bethel Music | Homecoming

"Inspired by the parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15, we believe Homecoming is an invitation to return to who we truly are as sons and daughters." - Bethel MusicHomecoming, the new album from Bethel Music, invites listeners to return to the One who waits with open arms, ready to embrace His children with complete love

Chris Tomlin | Emmanuel: Christmas Songs of Worship

“When it came time to do this album, I wanted to capture songs that remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. Emmanuel, God with us. If there was ever a time that we needed to be reminded that God is with us, it is now and that is the spirit behind this third Christmas record. My prayer is that God uses these songs to touch lives for generations and reminds us that He is close to us.”

Alexander Pappas | IDAHO - EP (2 singles)

 "A Beautiful Life" was written by Pappas, Aodhan King, Benjamin Hastings, and Michael Fatkin, who also produced the track. “Sometimes we need a reminder that life is indeed beautiful. If it wasn't, we'd get saved and *whip* straight to heaven. Instead, there's a life to be lived, relationships to be built and beauty to behold. I hope this song would serve as a reminder of all that is ahead for you.” “‘K.O.' is a call to action and a key to contentedness," Pappas explains. "Despite our present circumstances, we’re all equipped to move forward, but allowing yourself the understanding resolution doesn’t always happen overnight. The difference is setting your sights on the destination and knowing it begins with taking the first step. Today that might be telling yourself you’re gonna be OK.”

Jonathan Traylor | I'm Here For You

“I pray that these songs encourage us, allow God's spirit to work within us, and remind everyone of the truth of His love.” The timely 6-song EP speaks to the reality of God’s presence with us and the importance of our connections with one another. 

Charity Gayle | Thank You Jesus For The Blood (MultiTracks Session)

"Just like the songs that have lived and continued to capture the hearts of multiple generations, our heartbeat as songwriters is to pen lyric and melody that does the same." Purchase the MultiTracks from this session today! 

Chris Renzema | Get Out of the Way of Your Own Heart

“In the song, ‘Get Out of the Way of Your Own Heart,’ the lyric of the bridge encourages: Take yourself down off the line, give yourself a little grace. A lot of this new album is me trying to express and process feeling a little subpar and trying to allow myself to feel OK and to be a little nicer to myself.”



UPPERROOM | On The Altar 

We The Kingdom | Dancing on the Waves (Radio Version)

TobyMac | Promised Land

Church of the City, Chris McClarney | Speak to the Mountains

Newsboys | STAND

JUDAH. | He Is Good

Coby James | Brand New (Alternate Version)

Katy Weirich | Fear Not

Todd McVicker | Even Here Love Comes

Thrive Worship | Let's Have Church

Citipointe Worship | Pavement

Connection Music | Father That You Are

Foothills Collective | On That Sunday Morning (Reimagined)

Mac Powell | 1991





NEW Podcast Episode: Do We Love Music More Than Jesus?

We are so excited to kick off Season 3 of The Worship & Technology Podcast with this conversation on why Music is Great, but Jesus is Greater with Bob Kauflin! Author of Worship Matters and True Worshipers, and pastor at Sovereign Grace Ministries since 1985, Bob reminds us to live in the good of what we’re singing about; to intuit what is happening in the souls of one’s congregation.

Rather than focusing on the technical nuances of worship, he encourages us to focus on what we can do to encourage the clear vision of the work and the words of Christ. We think you'll find this conversation that Kristian coins "a master class" very convicting. Listen everywhere!

Apple Music:


NEW RELEASES | Week of 9/13/21

Planetshakers | REVIVAL

"God opened up a window of opportunity for us to join together as a church to hold 'REVIVAL' Conference where we recorded this live album. It was raw, emotional and it was powerful!" Capturing the pent-up, heartfelt roar of praise and worship that erupted during the conference in perhaps the most raw live recording ever released from Planetshakers, REVIVAL is a full production experience.

Tasha Cobbs Leonard | Lift Every Voice and Sing

Tasha Cobbs Leonard has released an impassioned rendition of “Lift Every Voice and Sing.” This reimagined track comes at a truly pivotal time in Leonard's life after recently becoming a new parent — a time that has the accomplished singer considering what type of world her child is being born into and how we can build a better future.

Chris Tomlin | Emmanuel (God With Us)

"Emmanuel (God With Us)" is the first single off of his upcoming Christmas record! An album he says envokes togtherness. "If ever we needed to know that God is with us, it is now," explains Tomlin, referring to the literal and spiritual meaning of the word 'Emmanuel." "I love the reminder that one word changed the history of the world."

Bethel Music | I Believe

Bethel Music has released the next single from their upcoming album, Homecoming"I Believe (Live)" is an anthem featuring Jonathan David Helser and Melissa Helser. "I believe that the gates of hell tremble when the church begins to sing."

Ricky Dillard | All of My Help

Ricky Dillard follows up his 2x GRAMMY-nominated Choirmaster album with the choir jam of the year! Recorded live near Chicago, “All Of My Help,” is a high-energy praise anthem for our time.

Bethany Music | More Than A Conqueror

"Our team’s desire is to release fresh sounds that inspire people to draw near to God. We write songs to give people language and an outlet for expressing their heart in worship." Their new single "More Than a Conqueror" featuring BJ Putnam is out now! The song is about how God equips us to do all things through His strength.



Church of the City | Speak the Name

Grace City, Mack Brock | Lost In Your Love

Soul Survivor | Hope Arising

Justin Tweito | The Great Exchange

Dwell Songs | Songs of Renewal

Flourish Music | No Rival

Journey Worship Co. | Volume One (Live)

Simple Hymns | My Portion

Terrence Scott | Anticipation

Creative Culture Co. | Sound of Heaven

Eagle Brook Music | We Believe

RNW Music | Hope

Heart of the Father Worship | Everything Will Bow




NEW RELEASES | Week of 9/6/21

Bethel Music | Homecoming (Live)

“‘Bring quickly the best robe, and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet. And bring the fattened calf and kill it, and let us eat and celebrate. For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.’ And they began to celebrate.”
Luke 15:22-24

Christine D'Clario | Nothing Comes Close

"['Nothing Comes Close'] is all about gratefulness for the small victories of life — overcoming a hard day, passing an exam, finding hope in the midst of depression, reaching a goal, and simply seeing God at work in our day-to-day lives — knowing that in the ups and downs, God is always at work in us. He is our 'so wonderful, so beautiful, so faithful' Lord, and nothing comes close to His love and goodness."

Hillsong Worship | Agnus Dei / King of Kings

"At Easter is a collection of Calvary-centered songs, refreshed and reinvigorated for believers everywhere to use in worship this Easter as we give thanks for the death, resurrection and extraordinary love of our Savior." - Brooke Ligertwood

Brandon Lake & Jenn Johnson | Too Good To Not Believe (Studio Version)

The hope and prayer of co-writers Brandon Lake, Cody Carnes, Chris Davenport, and Joshua Silverberg, is clearly seen in the words of this song: "to see cities in revival and salvation flood the streets." We serve a wonder working God, a God who heals because He loves.

Charity Gayle | Endless Praise

This record features "Thank You Jesus For The Blood," "New Name Written Down In Glory" and more! "I just want to speak the name of Jesus over fear and all anxiety - to every soul held captive by depression, I speak Jesus!"

Evan Craft | All I Ever Need + Fix My Eyes

His two latest singles are now available! On "Fix My Eyes," Evan says: "I've needed this song. Fix my eyes on the Lord! Keep my heart set on you, in success and failure, in joy and sorrow." "All I Ever Need" was written with Mitch Wong and Ben Cantelon in an effort to comfort a friend: "I don't need blessings for YOU are my heaven!" 



Jonathan Traylor | High Up

CAIN | Rise Up

CLINE | Anchor

Jeremy Camp | When You Speak

We The Kingdom | Live at Oceanway Nashville 

Grace Family Collective | Live from Pentecost

Rend Collective | Coming Out Fighting

The New Sound is Family | Live Outside, Vol. 1

VOUS Worship | Logic (Miami Mix)




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