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Phillip Edwards, Founder
We're always creating and innovating toward a simple goal: to build an ecosystem of products for worship leaders that helps them lead their teams well.Phillip Edwards | Founder

Our History

In 2006, was founded to resource worship leaders on the concept of running loops, clicks, and multitracks in live worship. Over these last few years, we've gone from recording our own multi-tracks with professional musicians, to licensing Original Artist Masters from Integrity Music, Capitol Christian Music Group, Hillsong, and many other music labels and churches. Today, we're grateful to see churches all over the world benefit from the products and training that we provide to assist worship teams through our growing catalog now in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Our company is made up of many types of creative professionals, but the common thread in all of us is that we love to make a tangible impact in the weekly routine of worship leaders serving in their local church.

Concept of MultiTracks

It's common to see a laptop or iPad on stage with most professional live tours. They're most likely running the MultiTracks from one or more of the instrumental parts of their studio recording "live" from the stage. Now, churches of any size can use MultiTracks to achieve that fully-polished sound, present on most recordings and live performances.

If you're looking for live flexibility to utilize different parts of a song whenever you want, you can do that. If you have a band but you don't have all the instruments you need every Sunday, just layer in the missing parts and you're ready to go.

Larger churches have benefitted from tracks in their live sound for years, and our desire is to make tracks available and easy to use—no matter the size of your church. We realize that small to mid-size churches have similar needs but with fewer volunteers and resources.

As we began running these tracks during rehearsal and performance in our own local churches, we've seen the difference they make in the overall sound. Now, after years of working with the top Christian Artists and Producers, you'll find a growing library of MultiTracks and Sounds available and affordable for any church.

If you have any questions about whether MultiTracks are right for your church, please visit

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