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NEW RELEASES | 8/11/23

Anna Golden | CHURCH

Returning to the church she grew up in, Anna was inspired to write this record by remembering how she first encountered Jesus through imperfect people trying their best to look like Him. CHURCH is about the revival Anna believes is coming to the local church, in a way we have yet to see.

Pat Barrett | Better Hands

"Been working on a lot of new music this year and it’s been some of the most fun I’ve ever had writing and dreaming about a project. The first song is called 'Better Hands' and I believe every word of it."

Gas Street Music | Lord Let Your Glory Fall Down On Us

"Throughout the Bible, we read the stories of God visiting His people. We desire to see the Lord visit us again in all His glory. Our prayer remains the same in our sanctuaries, in the streets, at our places of work and in our homes. This anthemic song has been the cry of our community as we create space and hunger for His presence!"


Cory Asbury | Kind

Impact Worship | Come To Me

Lauren Daigle | Be Okay

Fellowship Creative | Help!!!






Brandon Lake | Count Em'

This brand new song “COUNT ‘EM” is a worship-rock anthem, full of big production and passionate lyrics. "Count ‘Em" is full of lyrics that list how powerful God is and all of the things that he has done in our lives – these things are evidence that surely, He is the Lord! The number of miracles that He has performed is so high, that we can’t count them.

Gateway Worship | Who Else

"Who Else" from Gateway Worship is a congregational anthem of high praise that focuses on glorifying and magnifying the Name of Jesus. With lyrics that remind you of your role in the continual exaltation of Christ and melodies that inspire you to sing out in adoration, this song draws you into a pure and unhindered posture of worship.

Alive City | Back In Time

"This song is a letter to our younger selves. Learning how to grow up can be difficult to say the least, and we wanted to make this song from the other side of some of the struggles we’ve been through. To us, this song is full of God’s fulfilled promises."



Chris Llewellyn | Honest

Celebration Music | Overflow

Thrive Worship | Show Me Your Ways (feat. Leeland)

Casting Crowns | All Because of Mercy (Radio Version)





NEW RELEASES | 7/28/23

Phil Wickham, Brandon Lake | People of Heaven

"Two weeks ago Brandon Lake and I had a crazy idea to write, record and release a brand new song for our SUMMER WORSHIP NIGHTS TOUR next month. An hour later 'People Of Heaven' was written and now it’s out! I’m so stoked to carry this song with Brandon, and to end every night on our Tour with this joy bomb of a song." — Phil Wickham

Maverick City Music | No Longer Bound (I'm Free)

Maverick City Music and Chandler Moore have a new collaborative single out with producer & singer Forrest Frank! Resources for this upbeat, joyful song are available now! 

Cody Carnes | Bless God (Live)

"This song was inspired by Psalm 34:1. 'I bless God every chance I get. My lungs expand with His praise.' God is worthy of praise in every season. Sometimes it’s easy when things are going well, and sometimes it’s really hard when things aren’t going the way you would like, and in those times, like David in the psalms, I have to command my soul to praise the Lord. I’ve learned that we’re meant to pass through the hard seasons, we’re not meant to setup camp there. And praise helps us pass through. This song is meant to help in that passing through, blessing God in every situation."

Passion | LIVE from LIFT Creative Conference 

LIFT: Creative Conference with Passion is a time for church leaders, pastors, creatives, and more to gather together to be refreshed in their gifts and to be equipped to maximize their creativity to amplify the name of Jesus. RehearsalMix arrangements are available now for this year's EP! 

GREENHOUSE Prayer Room, Circuit Rider Music | GREENHOUSE Prayer Room, Vol. 2

"Greenhouse Vol 2 is a series of moments coming from this house of prayer. These are raw, gritty, sounds of praise and intercession coming from the hearts of Gen Z."



Citipointe Worship | Look To The Son

Fresh Start Worship | Love Like This

KB | Danza

Leslie Jordan | You Are With Me





NEW RELEASES | 7/21/23

Jesus Culture | Why Not Right Now?

Why Not Right Now?  is a cry for revival. "We need an outpouring of the spirit to fall on this generation so that our families, cities and nation would experience breakthrough, freedom, and healing like never before. We know revival is coming…so why not right now?"

Planetshakers | Show Me Your Glory

“Just as Moses would not go anywhere unless God’s presence accompanied him, we have that same heart’s cry,” shares Pastor Russell Evans. “At this year’s conference, people from all over Australia and the world came together with that common passion.”

The Belonging Co | The Joy

The second single from The Belonging Co's upcoming album, Pneuma, "The Joy" is an up-tempo song that is sure to stir the faith of listeners and stand on the biblical promise that no matter the circumstance, the joy of the Lord is our strength.

Tiffany Hudson | Hidden Here

“This began a personal journey of sitting with Him, writing, co-writing, and desiring to present the things He placed in my heart. It’s always a humbling experience to try and pen God’s wonder. It’s a weight and a responsibility to put confessions in other people’s mouths to say to God. ”

The Worship Initiative | Sunday Setlist #4

"These songs were chosen with the hope that it would be encouraging to all listeners and would allow them to approach God with reverence and awe, no matter their season or circumstance. We pray this record would be a tool that draws people near to God, strengthens their faith, and reminds them of His unwavering love and grace."



FAITHFUL | Take Off Running

Life.Church Worship | Sing As One

Phil King, Daniel Doss | Mercy of Jesus

SANCTUARY WORSHIP | The Sanctuary: Atlanta (Live)





NEW RELEASES | 7/14/23

Red Rocks Worship | Ascend

"Our hope is that no matter where the listener finds themselves on that path, they would take the next step in trusting God and living out the freedom that life with Him provides," shares Red Rocks Worship. "We pray that through refining and purification, they would find themselves with clean hands and pure hearts, offering the highest praise to Jesus— the hope of the world! We want listeners to realize that no matter where they are in life they can take a step closer to Jesus. We don’t have to earn access, we have been freely given access."

Influence Music | Long Live The King (Live at The Grove)

This album contains 12 songs and features powerhouse guest artists including Kim Walker-Smith, Mack Brock, and Lindy Conant. Among these are the title track “Long Live The King” which effectively and powerfully communicates the gospel, and tracks like “Coming Home” and “Nobody Leaves the Same” which touch on the grace of God extended to every person.

Riley Clemmons | Church Pew

“God has been so faithful throughout this entire journey," Riley shares about writing the album, "and I am so grateful for the opportunity to sing about my faith and the love of Jesus. These songs truly do feel incredibly special and authentic to me in a way I’ve never quite experienced before. l’m ready and excited for listeners to hear this new side of my heart, artistry, and music. This chapter is going to be a special one."

Gateway Worship | Praise the Lord

"Praise the Lord" narrates the story of salvation that every believer in Jesus has experienced and serves as a joyful reminder of all that Christ has done for His people. It's the perfect song to kickstart your day or service.



Ben Fuller | But The Cross (Live)

Benjamin William Hastings | Songs You Maybe Didn't Know I Wrote and Some You Maybe Did

River Valley AGES | What Are We Even Doing?

Rock City Worship | Summer '23






Steffany Gretzinger | The Narrow Way

"My hope is that the Lord would take these songs as far as He wants and that people will use them to minister to the heart of God, giving the Lamb the reward of our praise that He deserves."

Phil Wickham | I Believe

"I Believe" is a bold declaration of the gospel of Jesus and the salvation we have in Him. "I can’t help but get up and dance a little when I listen to this one. Praying it injects hope and faith in the lives of anyone who hears it," Phil shares. "I’ve been leading worship and writing songs for my church to sing since I was in youth group. And after more than 20 years I’m more thankful and blown away than ever that I get to do this. Thanks so much for listening and singing along. Can’t wait to sing this one in rooms with you all!!" 

Jesus Culture | All In

"I love songs that come in the opposite spirit of hardship, but I also feel like as a writer, we owe it to listeners to be brutally honest about what following Jesus actually means," Brett shares. "I wanted this song to be an invitation to rededicate ourselves to the true beauty and cost of a Christian life." 

Cody Carnes | Plead The Blood + The Dove

"I think great songs for the Church are the songs that are a blend of familiar and fresh. I pray “Plead The Blood” is a song that’s used in counseling sessions and hospital rooms and places where there’s spiritual warfare happening, where there’s a fight going on — and that it can be used as an applicator in those situations.”

Tiffany Hudson | Obey

“Growing up I often thought I knew the ‘right way’ to follow Jesus by following a list of rules; however, things completely changed for me the moment it all clicked when God showed me what obedience actually looked like,” she shares. “We are called to obedience, not out of obligation, but rather, obedience is driven by love. I often think God's love language is obedience. His love leads me to want to obey him. The more I fall in love with Him, the more I desire to keep his commands.”



Evan Craft | Faith Don't Fail Me Now

Harvest Worship | Just Want Jesus

Mac Powell | Live from Red Rocks

planetboom | Greatest in the World





NEW RELEASES | 6/30/23

Red Rocks Worship | There's No Way

Red Rocks Worship has released their next single early to our platform! You can stream the song here.

“There’s No Way” is a perspective-changing song about the miraculous power of God. Created out of a moment of prayers being answered, “There’s No Way” walks out a deep faith in God’s provision, no matter the circumstances. Jessica Parsons, worship leader for Red Rocks Worship, says of the song: “If you have any doubt in your church right now, and need a faith anthem, this is the song. It ignites faith in the room as you sing that there’s no way that God is giving up.”

Zahriya Zachary | Back to Life (Studio Version)

"Back to Life" is our reminder that what was once dead is made new and brought to life by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I’ve seen so many people take this song and create videos sharing their testimony of how God redeemed their situation. I’m encouraged that people are finding hope in this song and are reminded that God loves unconditionally.

Michael Bethany | Overflow 

Overflow  is a collection of songs coming out of Michael’s personal overflow of intimacy with God. Songs of high praise like “Ask Me Why” and “Already Done” will make you want to dance and sing, while songs like“He is Lord” and “Fill the Room” will usher you into the throne room of God’s presence.

UPPERROOM | Moments: 11

In concordance with the theme of the Table of the Lord, Moments: 011  is a compilation of six tracks involving both corporate worship moments as a community with intimate prayer room devotionals sung by one or two. The focus track, "This Is My Shepherd," gives a melodic spin on Psalm 23, giving language with instruments as the band translates poetry into song to lead the room into a revelation of Jesus as the Good Shepherd of our souls.



D'Marcus Howard, Cross Worship | Throughout The Earth

Chris Davenport | TIME

Mali Music | My Worship

Patrick Mayberry | Lead On Good Shepherd





NEW RELEASES | 6/23/23

Anna Golden | CHURCH

We're excited to exclusively release Anna Golden's new album, CHURCH, early on! Returning to the church she grew up in, Anna was inspired to write this record by remembering how she first encountered Jesus through imperfect people trying their best to look like Him. CHURCH  is about the revival Anna believes is coming to the local church, in a way we have yet to see. “This will be a record for God’s church. Written and rooted in scripture.”

Jesus Culture | Pour Over Me

"Pour Over Me" is a prayer acknowledging our need for Him. This is a cry for revival rain to fill us and transform us. Only He can satisfy the longing in our soul. It is the Spirit that fills us with this living water so that we will never thirst for worthless things. It is His spirit that brings new life to what has been dead and barren!

The Belonging Co | Lord of My Life 

Andrew Holt has this to say about the song:  Both lyrically and musically this song has a unique ability to invite and lead you into the presence of God and make a choice to put Him in His rightful place in your life. We don’t have to wait until eternity to enthrone God on our praise, we get to do it right now. It’s been such a significant song for myself and our church family, and I really believe it will be the same for you.”

Tiffany Hudson | Hidden Here

"'Hidden Here' deals with the tension we face in desiring to be seen and known by others. I often think of the secret place when referring to hiddenness. The time with God that no one else sees is often the most sacred and holy. There is such a priceless value to me to be hidden in Him. I pray it encourages others to remain hidden in the shadow of the almighty and find their true reward in Him."

Gateway Worship | Jesus Is My Healer

"Jesus Is My Healer" is the lead single from Gateway Worship’s new live album, Crowns Down, set to release later this year. This powerful anthem of faith emerges from a desire for songs declaring God’s healing power. Rooted in the narrative of Jesus’ life, death, burial and resurrection, "Jesus Is My Healer" offers an invitation to stir your faith and boldly declare that Jesus still heals today.


Benjamin William Hastings | Agenda

Gas Street Music | Thanksgiving

Planetshakers | Worthy is the Lamb

Rock City Worshhip | I See It Now





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