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ICF Worship single | Our Father

ICF Worship is not simply a band— they are strongly connected with and focused on the local churches of the ICF Movement and beyond. For more than 10 years ICF has released albums, with each project teaching them more about themselves, songwriting and the sound that defines their church.

Our Father from ICF Worship is about what Jesus taught us to pray and an invitation to practice it - it's a picture of a loving Father who desires for us to persevere in prayer and reach out to him. Member of ICF Worship Ariena shares, "I love the part when we sing 'WE BELIEVE IN THE LOVE OF OUR FATHER'; it's the only thing that remains [after all] and that really satisfies our soul." 

"We were writing this song up in the mountains on a team retreat when suddenly Jesus revealed Himself as we were praising him. The song became our reality. God opened the heavens," - Luca Aprile (ICF Worship leader). 

REVERE | Holy Place

The mission of REVERE is to gently steer the church away from a production culture where the emphasis can, mistakenly, become a love for worship, to a reverential culture where the focus is, clearly and firmly, a love for Christ.

Holy Place: There Is No Higher Name is a collection of 3 simple songs that draw you back into a place of reverence and solitude with the Lord. These songs remind us that it is possible to access the presence of God anywhere, well, because He is everywhere all the time. We hope you enjoy the simplicity of these songs and that you feel connected to God's spirit wherever you are today!”

Great Songs for Easter

Easter is around the corner. As you prepare for this season, we’ve highlighted a list of songs to help you plan and prepare. These songs meaningfully capture and reflect every emotion of this glorious day! We are praying for and believing in an amazing Easter season for you and your congregation. We know that we'll continue to face a different world together this coming Easter, but we have hope for 2021, gratitude for you all, and endless faith in our savior.

Find our full list below! We would also encourage you to browse our catalog by theme to find songs related to your specific message this year. We hope this list is a helpful resource and a continued blessing for your team as you prepare to celebrate the resurrection.

ProPresenter Templates, MIDI Production Cues, and Song Specific Patches are available for all songs highlighted in bold text. With these production resources, you can keep your Easter services perfectly in sync.

New Producer | Andre Aquino

We are proud to introduce Andre Aquino, our newest Kemper Producer! Andre is a worship leader and producer from Brazil where he produces, mixes, and has been playing electric guitar for more than 20 years. He uses creative approaches to develop his own kind of patches, from dirty electric guitars to spacious ambient tones.

Andre launches with three Kemper bundles! The bundles include meticulously profiled captures of his signature amps, as well as a Kemper Performance bundle which is an exact replica of his live pedalboard and amp rig. Explore A20, A30TB, and COMPLETE and add these world class guitar tones to your Kemper!

Pat Barrett | Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly

"In a lot of ways I see this collection as an invitation to abide in God, but also an invitation to change. The type of change that happens when you audit your soul and don’t like what you find. These are the songs I’ve sung at the top of my lungs on Sunday and under my breath on Monday. Songs about faith, hope, love, marriage, kids, questions, regret, moving on…and for me, all of it worship. So I’ve decided to keep all of it on this project.”

Original Master MultiTracks for Pat Barrett's brand new album Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly are now available! You can also hear more behind the scene stories of these songs on our podcast.

Lauren Daigle | Hold On To Me

Lauren Daigle kicks of the new year with her first single since her Grammy-award winning record Look Up Child (2018). Hold On To Me is a plea of reassurance and solace from the Lord when we're at the edge of ourselves. The song showcases her powerhouse vocals and builds with a driving beat and a beautifully resonant gospel choir.

"The thing I love most about this song is that it lends itself to someone who is feeling incredibly vulnerable, someone who is feeling insecure, or uncertain," shares Daigle. "There are times we may need a reminder of who we are and that we are worthy of having joy in our lives. In moments where the future may look uncertain and unknown, this is a song of hope that any person can cling to."

Jonathan Traylor | Medley

Dallas native Jonathan Traylor is one of Gospel’s most talked about up and coming, ground-breaking artists. Over his career, he has shared stages with Kirk Franklin, Tasha Cobbs-Leonard, Travis Greene, Bethel Music and many more notable artists. Offering a diverse sound with his music as well as his presentation of it, Jonathan Traylor is truly a unique fresh sound for the new generation. His new medley See A Victory / What A Beautiful Name beautifully intertwines two congregational favorites into one powerful song of praise.

“I chose these two songs because their lyrics are powerful. For me, they aren't just songs; it’s a truth. I love Elevation Worship and Hillsong Worship. The power and truth in their songs inspired me. Christ gives us guaranteed victory. No matter how big the giant, no matter the obstacle, no matter the darkest night, we are guaranteed to see victory in Christ Jesus.”

We the Kingdom | Child of Love (ft. Bear Rinehart)

"We are so stoked about this version. Bear brought something powerful to this song and it is out of control."

Breakout Contemporary Christian/Country band We The Kingdom released their first full-length record Holy Water last yearThe heart of WTK is to create music that candidly tells how God reached into the middle of our brokenness, and drew us into His story of redemption. Their newest version of Child of Love featuring NEEDTOBREATHE's Bear Rinehart, is even more energetic, joyful and vibrant than the original!

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