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NEW RELEASES | Week of 6/13/22

Maverick City Music x Kirk Franklin | Kingdom- Book One

“I think this album is for every fan that loves music, and our hope is that these songs and the stories behind them will serve as a way to raise awareness to the challenges that people face everyday—many of which are forgotten about,” Maverick City Music’s Jonathan Jay explains. “For me, the most impactful part of this experience was the prisoners’ reaction to simply being remembered as humans. It was an overwhelming sense of gratitude and excitement that carried through every day we spent with these men. It was unbelievable, and I think if more people would just become aware of these feelings, they would want to help find a solution for the issues that come with incarceration.”

Black Voices Movement | The King Is Calling

Black Voices Movement shares: "Our message is Jesus and His cross. In April 2021, a group of 60 young Black leaders from all over the nation gathered in a tent to seek God and His direction. Jesus met our hunger with His empowerment and called us forward as messengers, evangelists, gatherers, and musicians. A family was formed and four months later, we gathered again — this time with 300. That weekend we recorded our debut album titled The King Is Calling. This project is the sound of our 'yes' and response to Jesus's call. As a missional expression of Circuit Riders, we pray this album inspires our generation to accept their callings in Christ with courage, purity, and the fear of the Lord."

Elevation Worship | This Is The Kingdom (MultiTracks Session)

Our third session from Elevation Worship's LION is now live! "This Is The Kingdom" is a scripture-based anthem directly lifted from Matthew 5. Resources are now available for this session version and the full video can be viewed here.

Sanctuary Worship | Come To Jesus

In early 2022, 25 worship leaders and writers met in Atlanta, GA for an ambitious but appointed gathering. Tasha Cobbs Leonard saw a need to provide a safe haven for worship leaders. A space to not only create, but to have authentic community and to be discipled. Over a 36-hour period, the diverse group prayed and wrote together, then immediately recorded before an intimate audience of worshippers. The need has now birthed a movement— SANCTUARY… a place for the prophetic creative.

Elevation Worship | Same God (Radio Version)

"We hope you're reminded that the Lord 'keeps his covenant of love to a thousand generations.' The same God who gave David courage to face Goliath fights for you today. The God that answered prayers and provided for His children back then is the same God we serve today. He’s trustworthy. His track record proves it. So we can have confidence that His love toward us will never run out or change."

Yancy | Ready Set Go

Yancy shared: "I had the idea of Ready, Set, Go several years ago and just sat on it. I originally thought it would just be about the Bible passage: 'running our race for the prize.' But... I realized you can’t finish a race you never begin. So many people sit on the sidelines in life because they never begin the race God has for them... Whatever God is asking you to do, DO IT. The ripple effect of our obedience is greater than we could ever understand.”

Maverick City Music | Jireh (Radio Version)

The radio edit of "Jireh" from Maverick City Music is now available! Led by Chandler Moore and Naomi Raine, the song is a simple yet infinitely powerful declaration that God is enough and that we're already chosen by Him.


Ben Fuller | Proud

Canyon Hills Worship | Glory Hallelujah

Church of the City | 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus

Influence Music | Of Great Courage

Eleni Baker | Messiah

Gateway Kids Worship | I Need You

Lindy Cofer | Jesus, The Healer

Mountaintops | All Creatures (Hallelujah to the King)

Katy Weirich | More (Piano Version)

North Point Worship | This Is My Song (Radio Version)

Ryan Ellis | Lean on the Lord

Stephen McWhirter | King of Kings

TobyMac | The Goodness

sxxnt. | Five new singles



NEW RELEASES | Week of 6/6/22

River Valley Worship | Faith In Our Time

"We are what we sing. We live in an upside down world where fear is king and light is hard to come by. Society bets it all on the tangible and scoffs at the unbelievable. God in His perfect timing calls us back to live in a reality that points to the evidence of things unseen. This collection of songs has shaped our hearts, formed our theology, and has glorified His name. Like a melody at midnight or a battle cry at dawn this is Faith In Our Time."

Crowder | God Really Loves Us (feat. Maverick City Music)

"This song is a celebration of the future we are marching towards together and a prayer that each of us can live in this promise in the here and now."

Katy Nichole & Big Daddy Weave | God Is In This Story

"This is a song of hope, a song of encouragement, that God really is present with us in all of the seasons of our lives – the really great ones and the ones that are difficult. God is not giving up on us. He is in the details of our lives. We can trust Him that He is working things together for our good.”

Hope Darst | If The Lord Builds The House

Her latest single,"If the Lord Builds The House," is just another example of Hope's desire to write songs that capture real life experiences while remaining anchored in God's word. Her latest single,"If the Lord Builds The House," is just another example of Hope's desire to write songs that capture real life experiences while remaining anchored in God's word. 

Brooke Ligertwood | A Thousand Hallelujahs (MultiTracks Session)

’A Thousand Hallelujahs’ is simply and unashamedly a song of worship for the Church,” said Ligertwood. “With lyrics that celebrate the origin and direction of glory, the song itself also becomes the vehicle for how to return that glory where it belongs—to Christ. It is intrinsically, deliberately, and singularly vertical, and tantalizingly joyful. I pray it becomes of use and timely help to believers and congregations everywhere.”

Brad & Rebekah | Glorious Hope

When describing their new song, Brad & Rebekah have said it is "A call for worshippers of all ages to demographics to join together in unity, above the noise around to remember what we all have in common… a Glorious Hope in God."


7 Hills Worship | The Saints

Motion Worship | Let the River Flow

Alive Worship | Fully Alive

Abi Oles | Goodness of God

Destiny Worship Music | Come Boldly

Community Music | Ruins

Fearless | Hand On Heart

Elenee | Good To Me (feat. Ricardo Hatfield)

Flourish Music | Worthy

Jena Brancart | First Love

ICF Sunday Night | Perfect

Mark and Sarah Tillman | Greater Is The Blood

Matt Maher | Leaning- Song Session

New Creation Worship | Everlasting

Rock City Worship | How Could I Not/ No Boundaries

Shaylee Simeone | Justified

Rend Collective | Plans

The Worship Coalition | Be Still

Vineyard Worship | Awaken Us

Yancy | Every Victory

The Worship Initiative | The Worship Initiative, Vol. 30

Zeal Worship | As High As I Can Hold It




NEW RELEASES | Week of 5/30/22

The Belonging Co | Now

“We felt led to release these songs, and so quickly after our last album, because God has been moving so powerfully during our church gatherings. The songs captured on this album are not contrived or planned moments of worship as much as they are a true reflection of what happens in a service; it is the sound of stewarding the presence of God and a people hungry to encounter Him."

Katy Nichole & North Point Worship | In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)

“This song is one of the greatest gifts God could ever give me. I want to be a good, faithful servant to the Lord. I’m just grateful to be His vessel,” Katy says. “There’s no story that doesn’t matter to God. Every story was written by Him, and He’s the greatest author of all time. God’s healed me, so I know He can heal someone else. I’m going to share my story and hope it will encourage others to go and share theirs.”

MercyMe | Then Christ Came

MercyMe's new single, "Then Came Christ," is available now! MercyMe's Bart Millard shares, “We want people to inhale the promise of Jesus and exhale this joy."

Mack Brock | The Best Is Yet To Come (MultiTracks Session)

"It's one of my favorite songs I've ever been a part of. It has encouraged me and it has wrecked me," Mack shares. "It's lived in my spirit and reminded me that life with Jesus is always better. He knows me. He knows what I need. I can trust him."

CCV Music | Heaven's Getting Louder

Their new single, "Heaven's Getting Louder," is out now! CCV Music shares that the heart behind the song was to, "put forward the perspective that heaven is a place that all are invited to if they would just sit at the table of Jesus."


Bryan McCleery | Mighty Redeemer

Bryan McCleery | Call On Jesus

KXC | Jesus Name Above All Names

Fearless Bnd | Courageous

Gas Street Music | Sacred Fire

Mike Marshall | Come On In

Red Letter Society | Pioneer

Grace Union | Only You

Mitch Langley | I Child of God

Stephen McWhirter | Plans

Travis Cottrell | The Kindness of the Cross



NEW RELEASES | Week of 5/23/22

Maverick City Music X Kirk Franklin | Bless Me

As countless unyielding voices refrain, in stacks of traditional gospel harmonies: “we’ve got everything we need.” More than anything, “Bless Me” evokes the electric, invincible feeling of being surrounded by your people and strengthened by their love.


“It’s an old school record full of stories about the faithfulness of God, His kingdom, His kindness and His mercy," says TAYA. She is most passionate about worship that points people to Jesus and her hope is to lead people to worship more authentically and passionately as they discover more about Him. Check out our interview with TAYA all about how this self-titled project is the full expression of who Jesus is to her, in her own words & melodies, for the first time ever.

Hillsong UNITED | Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet? embodies the feeling of ‘all this future,’" says Joel Houston. “It is heavily entrenched in realizing, re-ideating, and repositioning heaven with songs birthed from a place of knowing that this part of the story is not the main part, and we have the gift of joy that is heaven no matter what our human experience is now. It’s hopeful, it feels like the sun going down on a really long day, and excitement about what tomorrow could bring even though the sun hasn’t come up yet. The journey of the album is set between the sun setting and rising. What you're leaving behind and what you're about to step into."

Amanda Cook | State of the Union

State of the Union looks at where we intersect with God, with each other, and with ourselves,” explains Amanda Cook. “It’s about relationship and healing the way that I relate to everything. We can’t control or manipulate anything that happens out there, the only things we can control are our thoughts and what’s in our hearts. The fact that we get to bring our thoughts to the Christ-mind is incredible. Sometimes I forget how kind he really is, and that we can sit in His love and compassion.”

SEU Worship | Tell All My Friends

SEU Worship's new single, "Tell All My Friends," talks about the good news that we have through Jesus. The song is an anthem of what it means to have a God that heals and how we should tell all our friends of His mercies. 

We The Kingdom | Miracle Power

“As the opening line of the song says, ‘This one’s for the lost and lonely.’ It’s for everyone because at the end of the day, we’ve all felt that way at some point in our lives,” We The Kingdom shares. “Miracles have a beautiful way of restoring childlike wonder back into the hearts of all of us. They leave you awestruck in a way nothing else can, and with ‘Miracle Power,’ our hope is that each ear that hears this song will let faith rise up and these lyrics sink in a bit deeper with each listen.”

Gable Price & Friends | If I'm Being Honest

"If I'm Being Honest... is fantastic in all aspects. Gable Price and Friends have an innate ability to blend wonderful melodies with danceable rhythms and impressive alternative and indie pop music."

The Worship Initiative | Refuge

“The song ‘Refuge’ was written during a season of loss within our local Church. It quickly became both a lament that allowed us to express our pain, but also an anthem helping us declare the truth of God over our lives.”


Citizens | Everything and More

Local Sound | To The King

Free Worship | Bless Some More

ICF Worship | Here's to the One We Love

Reawaken Hymns | Hymns of the son

Ryan Ellis | Gonna Be Alright

Rend Collective | Plans

The Belonging Co | This Far

Worship Together Kids | Songs of the Bible II

The McClures | I Belong To Jesus

The Worship Coalition | I Want To (Holy)

Unspoken | Hard Times

The Worship Initiative | Gratitude



New Podcast Episode with Elevation Worship

“One aspect of recording the crowd is you want to get the room in terms of the whole picture. But then the other aspects you’re trying to capture are those special worship moments that are happening in specific places. If you pick one or the other, I don’t think you’re truly capturing the worship that’s happening.”

Geek out with us on all the technical aspects of capturing Elevation Worship’s latest album LION featuring LJ Mitchell (Music Director) and Jonathan Mix (Head Audio Engineer)! Every Elevation Worship album sonically reflects where their church is right now, and LION is no exception.

 LJ and J Mix discuss why Elevation calls their live recordings “Nights of Worship,” the spiritual sweet spot of marrying spontaneity and structure, the last-minute addition backstory of “Same God,” and more.

Check out this inspiring episode today!

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NEW RELEASES | Week of 5/16/22

Bryan & Katie Torwalt | I've Got Good News

“What does it mean to hear the good news in 2022? It’s a relief to hear that Jesus is still on His throne today,” shares Bryan & Katie Torwalt about their new album’s theme. “Though we might not be spared from sadness or grief in this life, the God of the universe is with us through it all. In Timothy, God promises us a gift of a ‘sound mind’ as opposed to a spirit of fear. Or maybe the best news is that He is both the Alpha and Omega, our beginning and end of the story. We pray that as we give language to what good news looks like in life for us today, that you are filled with hope and relief as you hear these living words of the Gospel of Jesus.”

The Belonging Co | Rise and Shine

“Rise and Shine” is the newest release off of The Belonging Co’s upcoming album, Now. This song infuses hope as it encourages all listeners to lift their eyes, shake off fear, and set their feet to dancing in the joy that comes with being grounded in faith in Jesus.

Travis Greene | Dependable

“Dependable” is a song of hope that reminds us in every situation, our God never fails. This song captures a new creative sound and approach to worship. With the added flare of the gifted vocalists Darrell Walls and Chandler Moore, this song will minister to people from all backgrounds.

River Valley Worship | Straight To You

"Everything we hope to contribute to the creative culture of the Global Church is a simple extension of the mighty move of God that is happening right here in our local gatherings.”

Bryan & Katie Torwalt | Simple Kingdom

“The way Jesus talked about The Kingdom of God was completely backwards and upside down compared to the culture of the day, and it still is. His Kingdom is as simple as love. He welcomed the children, and stopped for the one. His Kingdom is humble, and always seeks to serve. His Kingdom is backwards, where the last become first, and what’s treasured in heaven, the world calls a curse. His Kingdom is coming, and at the same time He said it was at hand. As it is in Your Kingdom Lord, let it be with Your church!”


Eagle Brook Music | This Is My Hope, Vol. 1

Influence Music | Straight To Your Heart

Ben Fuller | Mercy (Song Session)

Erik Nieder | Landslide

Katy Weirich | Blue Jay

Kingdom Kids | Kingdom Kids, Vol. 1

ICF Worship | Faithful God

Local Sound | More Than Halfway

Redemption Music | Live to Worship

UPPERROOM | Maranatha 2

Micah Tyler | New Today

Mission House | Good God

Monica Moser | Island (feat. Trella)

Shoreline City Music | Look Toward Heaven

Vineyard Worship | Breathe In, Sing Out

The Worship Initiative | The Worship Initiative, Vol. 30



NEW RELEASES | Week of 5/9/22

TRIBL | Tribl Nights Anthologies 

TRIBL is more than a group of individuals or space. It’s the point of genesis of a new worship sound. The Tribl Nights Anthology series is the compilation of those moments. A series of covered songs with inspired worship moments and new songs featuring traditional Gospel and CCM artists who would otherwise never meet in a room.

Maverick City Music X Kirk Franklin | Kingdom

Next week, Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin will be releasing the lead single from their upcoming collaborative album. Today, we have resources available for the song one week early! "Kingdom" is a joyful and uplifting track featuring Chandler Moore & Naomi Raine.

Brandon Lake | HELP!

“In my lifetime, I’ve never experienced more opportunities to cave under the weight of anxiety and depression,” reflects Lake. “I believe it’s important that we are real, honest, and raw about the mental battles we face—that we bring them into the light so God can remind us of who He is and who we are. I believe we need honest songs, but we also need warfare songs to come against those attacks that try and keep us from being everything God wants us to be and from living truly free. Freedom has been purchased, but we need reminders that it is our inheritance and the reality we can live in daily through Him who set us free.”

Black Voices Movement | For Jesus

Black Voices Movement new single "For Jesus"featuring Alvin Muthoka is out now! Black Voices Movement is a missional community of Circuit Riders empowering young Black leaders into their Christ-centered purpose. "This song has had us on our faces at the Black Voices OC Rally." Check out this powerful single today. 

Anna Golden | Take It To Jesus

With its bellowing cellos and intimate vocals, “Take It To Jesus” highlights Golden’s talents as a vocalist and songwriter and showcases her lead in the charge of a new wave of artists that are redefining the sound and style of worship music, both inside and outside of the church.

Jackson Michelson | Three

"Three" unpacks the story of grace as Michelson offers a message of redemption and sacrifice over a soaring melody. This single is more than an inspirational ballad honoring the Resurrection. It’s a track that ultimately points to three wooden crosses and three words that changed everything: “I love you.”


Centricity Worship | Centricity Worship & Friends

DOE | What I'm Waiting for (Song Session)

Destiny City Music | My Story

Fearless BND | Everything

Gas Street Music | Foundations

Grace Union | Captive Heart

Kingdom Kids | The Trinity

Reawaken Hymns | Hymns of the Father

Tasha Layton | How Far

Thrive Worship | Pour Your Spirit Out

Shelly E. Johnson | Great Awakening

X N D R | Unshakeable



NEW RELEASES | Week of 5/2/22


TAYA | Getaway

“It’s about keeping company with Jesus and being honest with Him in the process. He is the safest place in the world, where else would I go? The song we didn’t know we needed and yet in Gods perfect timing, perhaps the one we needed most. May this song be just that for you too.”

The Belonging Co | This Is Freedom (Ain't No Rock)

Recorded live at their conference in 2021, this song captures the freedom found only in Jesus Christ. It joyously proclaims the goodness of the gospel and the decision to praise Jesus without hindrance while joyously experiencing the presence of God.

Lindy Cofer | Lord of the Harvest

"'Lord of the Harvest' was written out of Matthew 9! This is the scripture where Jesus sees the crowd, has compassion and THEN prays to the Lord of the Harvest. My prayer as you hear this song is that our eyes would be lifted to see the harvest around us, but driven from a place of compassion."


CCV Music | Standing Tall

Jimmy McNeal | Roots



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