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Red Rocks Worship is the expression of a dynamic community called Red Rocks Church comprised of worshipers, creatives, songwriters, friends and family all seeking to bring people closer to God. Based in Denver yet with campuses and reach around the globe, Red Rocks Church and Red Rocks Worship exist to make Heaven more crowded. "We are ONE church in multiple locations. We desire to be a home for the prodigal, an authentic people, humble, generous, and unified. We want everyone to know the only way, the truth, and the life found in Jesus.” - Red Rocks Church

Their most recent song offerings include the powerful anthem "Echo Holy" & the timely and captivating "Something Has To Break" from their latest EP "Things Of Heaven (Where We Come From) which will lead up to their forthcoming project, “Things Of Heaven (Where We're Going)” releasing summer 2021.

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Red Rocks Worship | Now Here, Never Leave

Friday, March 5, 2021

Two new singles from Red Rocks Worship are now available! Now Here is a faith declaration that manages the tension of experience and expectancy in its very title. When Jesus met darkness in the world, it’s only response was to run. Because Jesus was the fundamental manifestation of God’s presence and personhood, everything contrary to that expression had no choice but to yield. 'Now Here' is meant to embolden every believer that the incarnate Christ is amongst us.

Written initially for youth students, Never Leave was intended to be a reminder that the presence of God is a constant companion. Just as the psalmist discovered that neither the highest heights nor deepest depths would hide them from God’s abiding company, "Never Leave" situates the heart in this same assurance. 

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