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Explore our StageReady Template

Take full control of your sound with our StageReady Template

Explore the power of our StageReady template for MainStage and Ableton Live, preloaded with incredible sounds and effortless playability. Plug and play right out of the box or combine the sounds to create your own custom patches. Drag and drop Song Specific Patches into the template and choose to cover some or all of the keys parts from your favorite songs and enjoy the creative expression of having these song specific sounds at your fingertips.

No more awkward silences between songs

StageReady provides you with the tools needed to seamlessly move between different textures and sections of songs. Our Ambient Pad Player is designed to help you achieve smooth transitions between songs and allows you to select and shape it’s sound quickly by using controls which have been crafted for flexibility and ease. Adding your own custom sounds is simple, and you can even use your custom pianos in the template by simply clicking ‘User Piano’ in MainStage or adjusting the ‘Piano Volume’ macro inside Ableton’s Instrument Racks.

4 Easy Steps to Get Started

Purchase and download our StageReady template

Download a Song Specific Patch

Drag and drop your Patch into our StageReady template

Enjoy creative expression at your finger tips

How To Guides

Learn how to use our StageReady Template

Ableton Live

How To:
Navigate The MainStage StageReady Template

A walkthrough guide exploring the power of our Mainstage Template

How To:
Set Up The MainStage StageReady Template

Learn how to map the template to your midi controller and how to route audio to your interface

How To:
Make Your Own MainStage Patch

Learn how to combine creative patches to create unique patches

How To:
Utilize StageReady Expansion Packs

Explore how to expand your StageReady sound library and explore even more creative combinations

How To:
Use Your Own Piano Plugin

Learn how to set up our user piano button to use your favorite piano plugin

How To:
Use Peter James' Ambient Pad Player

Learn the controls and features of this custom ambient pad player

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