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New Ambient Pads from Coresound!

Three new Ambient Pads from Coresound are available now! Moodverb, Flarefront, and Willow each feature 4 mixable stems for use in Playback as a pad player, or underneath your tracks.

Coresound was born with a single mission: to create a diverse collection of top-quality pads that would add so much excellence to your team’s sound that you'd consider it one of the best investments you've made for your ministry."

– Mike Graff, Coresound


Moodverb stirs steadiness and breath into a beautiful mix of sonic atmosphere that wonderfully fits with many worship-set songs & moments. Flarefront is warm but not dull, distinct but not commanding, and it’s organic movement brings life to every instrument you add on top of it.  And lastly, Willow was created using an array of original pedal-sequencing and incredible guitars, Willow calmly drones and energetically swells at the same time.

NEW RELEASES | Week of 5/24/21

Cody Carnes & Brandon Lake | Too Good To Not Believe (Live)

Too Good To Not Believe was written by Brandon Lake, Cody Carnes, and Chris Davenport. It is an anthem of hope and a remembrance of all the testimonies that these three writers have seen. The song urges people to take a hold of their faith and align it with the power of who God is. Their hope and their prayer is clearly seen in the words of this song: "to see cities in revival and salvation flood the streets." We serve a wonder working God... a God who heals because He loves. This studio version features both Carnes and Lake on vocals. 

Phil Thompson | Only Risen King

"There’s a boldness that comes with knowing who you are. There’s a boldness that comes from knowing your identity in HIM. My favorite type of boldness is when you’re standing on His word. That type of boldness and confidence is unbreakable when you understand the nature of the father and how lying is not in His makeup. True rest comes from trusting God."

Chris McClarney | Speak to the Mountains

His new single Speak to the Mountains is now available! With a Gospel-influenced melody and compelling vocals, Chris declares: "I won’t be shaken, I won’t be moved. My God is faithful, His promise is true. So I speak to the mountains 'Oh it’s time to move. My God is bigger, better, stronger, greater than you.'”

Ellie Holcomb | Canyon

"C A N Y O N is a record about the current of love that runs through our deepest places of pain, and reminds us that there are ever-present underground reservoirs/an ever-present river of love and peace that will carry us when it feels like we can’t carry on any longer. This record sounds free because I encountered the freedom of being broken AND beloved all at the same time, and I hope these songs feel like an invitation to rest in the current of Love that’s always surrounding." Selections from her new album are now available! 

for KING & COUNTRY | Burn The Ships (Deluxe)

“Thank you all for embarking on the Burn The Ships voyage over the last few years,” Joel and Luke shared. “Since the album’s release, there have been wonderful collaborations bringing with them new and fresh musical moments that we felt deserved to be grafted into this record’s story going forward. Our hope is that this deluze edition brings with it a new emotion, depth, and spirit.”



Austin Stone Worship | In The Hands of Christ My King

Crowder | The Anchor

Dwell Songs | Christ Is Enough

Influence Music | Jesus

The Worship Initiative | God, You're So Good

Angelique Marketon | Out of the Deep

For The Fatherless | Immeasurable More (Remix)

LifePoint Live | God in the Valley

Planning Center + RehearsalMix

As worship leaders we know it’s your job to resource your team with original recordings and charts before rehearsal. But if can often be hard to hear individual instruments parts in a recording. That’s why we’ve partnered with influential Christian artists worldwide to bring you RehearsalMix. Your team can rehearse along side the original recording, with their instrument elevated in the mix. You can even give your team members access their individual parts directly in Planning Center with RehearsalMix integration. They’ll be able to hear the original recorded instrument elevated in the mix in their browser and the Services app. Transform the way you and your team prepare for Sunday morning. Set up RehearsalMix in Planning Center with these easy steps.

Use code RMIXPCO at checkout to receive 60 days for free!

Bottega | HI-FI / LO-FI

”I wanted to see for far I could push some synths into stranger more unique territories, while keeping it musical.” - Benjamin Tennikoff, Bottega

HI-FI / LO-FI from Bottega equips you with stunning tones and textures, then presents them in a way that allows a perfectly clean sound when needed and the ability add grit where you see fit.

This bundle for MainStage and Logic Pro includes 14 Keys multi patches (+ 3 stand-alone Keys patches), 12 Pads multi patches and 4 Bass multi patches. These multi patches open up with 5 effects layers which we describe as: Original, Roland 501 Chorus Echo, Meris Mercury 7 Reverb, Cassette Hiss and Vinyl. Mix your own combination of these textures to create something even more unique.

Key equipement used - Korg MS20, Sequential Prophet, Yamaha VSS30, Wurlitzer 200, Glockenspiel, Moog Model D, Cusack Bass Screamer, Urei 1178, Moog Ladder Filters, API 550a, Chandler TG2, Roland RE501, Meris Mercury7, Marantz Portable Cassette Recorder PMD201, Technics 1200mk2 Record Player.


NEW RELEASES | Week of 5/17/21

Brandon Lake | Too Good To Not Believe (Live)

Too Good To Not Believe was written by Brandon Lake, Cody Carnes, and Chris Davenport. It is an anthem of hope and a remembrance of all the testimonies that these three writers have seen. The song urges people to take a hold of their faith and align it with the power of who God is. Their hope and their prayer is clearly seen in the words of this song: "to see cities in revival and salvation flood the streets." We serve a wonder working God... a God who heals because He loves.

The Belonging Co | See The Light

The Belonging Co has released their third full-length album, See The Light! Singles Every Victory ft. Danny Gokey, Turn Your Eyes ft. Natalie Grant, and The Truth ft. Lauren Strahm lead the way for the 17-song collection of worship moments, captured over two years of church services and conferences, led by Ben Cantelon, Cody Carnes, Hope Darst, Mia Fieldes, Andrew Holt, Kari Jobe, Daniella Mason, Maggie Reed, Sarah Reeves, and Henry Seeley.

Phil Wickham | It's Always Been You

"I’ll never forget the day I wrote this song with my good friends (and producers of this track) Rick & Ran Jackson. It was a Heaven-meets-earth, holy moment kind of day. I couldn’t stop wiping the water out of my eyes because of how this song reminded me of God’s goodness and faithfulness over my life. I don’t know what God has for this song, or what stories and testimonies will come out of it. But I pray a simple prayer that this song would encourage people that they’re never alone."

Bryan & Katie Torwalt | Miracle in the Works

Miracle In The Works is about faith and the faithfulness of God. We all have moments when it feels almost impossible to have faith. "It’s in those moments that we must choose to look back to the countless times that God has moved in our lives. There’s something about remembering and sharing testimonies that helps us recognize and have faith for how God is working - both in the present and how He’ll be with us no matter what happens in the future." 

Tasha Layton | Look What You've Done

Look What You've Done is such a testimony to God’s transforming power in my life,” Layton shares. “It was a privilege to write it with a great storyteller like Matthew West as well as my husband, Keith, and my friend, AJ. The beautiful thing about my story is that, in many ways, it is every believer’s story: that God, in his great mercy, digs up the lies that bind us and replaces them with his truth. I will never get over his faithfulness!”



EC Music | Jericho

Enterline | Colors Bright 

JARRYD | You + Nothing Else

Lion & Bear | The Reason

Matthews Ntlele | Start Over

Mike Marshall | Jesus.

Royal Company | Love In Your Eyes

Fellowship Creative | Tried & True

KingsPorch | Songs for the Simple Gathering: Volume 1

People of the Earth | Glorious Undoing

Sherilyn | Walk Without Fear

Unite Collective | Take Me Wholly | Reverence

Reverence is a new Ambient Pad all about awe and wonder. Rich depths and soaring highs help set a beautiful atmosphere in worship, and its three contrasting pad sounds can be freely combined to create the exact sound you need.

Each stem has been designed to add or take away dynamic elements in your mix.

Oceans - Deep, dark root note
Earth - Thick and full-bodied mid range for texture
Skies - Floaty and melodic to add atmosphere and beauty

Simply load these pads in Playback or play the 10-minute WAV files, and enjoy the freedom of having a full sound tracking beneath your keyboard or guitar playing.

NEW RELEASES | Week of 5/10/21

The Belonging Co | War Cry

"War Cry (feat. Henry Seeley) is our weapon of worship that we take into whatever battle we find ourselves in. Recorded live at The Belonging Co, this worship moment is filled with praise and surrender, declaring that Jesus, the King of glory, is fighting for us."

Mandisa | Ruins

“One of the things I love about worship music is that it is a reminder to my soul of who God is and what He can do," Mandisa says. "Coming out of a particularly difficult year, ‘Ruins’ is a reminder of how God can make beauty from ashes. That is a promise I am clinging to.” 

Housefires | Love Like This

Love Like This is a simple and sweet declaration of the love of God, in all its depth and width. The song’s first verse, “Higher than the Heavens, closer than my breath, it’s over my head” says it all. This song is sure to help us become more aware of the immeasurable love of God that surrounds us. This song, featuring Kirby Kaple, is the second release from their upcoming album Housefires VII.

The Belonging Co | Eyes On You

"Eyes On You (feat. Sarah Reeves) is an invitation to set our focus and attention on Jesus and experience revival as we praise Him. This song is about the hope that is alive in Jesus, the joy that awakens, and the dancing that comes in the light of His glory."

Anna Golden | Peace: The Album

Peace: The Album is an innovative project showcasing Golden’s versatility and influence as she seamlessly weaves from congregational worship to vibey pop. Marked by clever lyricism and refreshing melodies, Peace: The Album is a new take on worship music - defining the nuances of younger generations. 



Chase Buchanan | Grace Like This

Fellowship Creative | Through and Through

Gateway Youth | Elements

One Hope Project | One & All

People of the Earth | Hope Is Here

Red Letter Society | Manifest

Influence Music | Devotion

Kathryn Scott | Speak To Me

Brandon Oaks | Father of Lights

Ginny Owens | Sing Hope in the Darkness

ICF Worship | Choose To Praise

Mark Crowder | Breakout

Luke Anderson | 8068 Kit Tour Collection

“Traveling with Elevation Worship I use this white Ludwig kit along with two special snare drums and some of my favorite Zildjian cymbals. We sat down at an 8068 Neve console and tracked everything I use on the road and put it all into one bundle.” - Luke Anderso
8068 Kit Tour Collection is made up of 65+ raw and effected samples from Luke Anderson’s touring kit, and for the first time includes cymbal samples. These are perfect for, drum doubling or replacement, on a drum pad, and for use in studio productions.. 

This bundle features drum samples captured using what is considered the most sought after Neve console, the legendary 8068. Captured with vintage microphones and processed using the famous Class A 31102 preamps and EQ at David Huff’s studio,these are mix ready samples that will work in any genre of music.


  • 65+ kick, snare, tom and cymbal samples.

  • Cymbal samples for the first time including crashes, swells and hits at various velocities.

  • Snare samples with no dampening and moongel dampening.

  • Create unique tone combinations in your mixes or use them live.

  • Perfect for songwriters, snare sound reinforcement and studio mix engineers.

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