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NEW RELEASES | 9/22/2023

Travis Greene & Forward City | Lay It Down

Travis Greene & Forward City share their new single “Strike The Ground.” The track was written by Greene, Matthew Edwards, and Antonio Screen, Jr. It is from Forward City’s new collaborative project with Travis Green titled Strike The Ground due out next month. This song reminds us to cast our cares on Him. 

Christine D'Clario | Stories on Stories

“I consider this song to be one of the most special songs I’ve ever written or recorded. It’s the summary of my life, one full of testimonies of how God’s faithfulness has brought me through every season, the ones of deep dark pain, and the ones of healing and growth. I hope this will become an anthem of testimony, and a praise for the stories on stories we have to tell.” – Christine D’Clario

DOE | Holy Hands

The song, penned by DOE along with Jonathan McReynolds, Rickey Slikk Muzik Offord, Juan Winans, Kelby Shavon Johnson, Jr., Jesse Paul Barrera, Jeffrey Castro Bernat, and Timothy Ferguson, is a self declaration of self empowerment. "Holy Hands" reminds listeners that they are good enough in the eyes and heart of God.

Riley Clemmons | Church Pew

"I took a step back from music and creating to live life. I was able to pause long enough to rediscover what I loved and resonated with sonically and lyrically, as I began to allow myself the space to naturally evolve, change and grow. Church Pew sounds and feels like my DNA. I’m ready and excited for everyone to hear this new side of my heart, artistry and music. This chapter is going to be a special one.”

CAIN | Jesus Music

"We make music for Jesus because of the heroes who showed us how," Taylor Cain Matz, Madison Cain Johnson, and Logan Cain share collectively. "Our new song includes the titles of some of the greatest songs we’ve ever known - and now we get to celebrate that kingdom impact together." 





New Podcast Episode with Cody Carnes

Cody Carnes joined us to share some stories and encounters that inspired the songs on his latest album, Firm Foundation, the day before is was released into the world. He and Kristian also dove into the idea of worship being a weapon, and how we can lean into its power as we’re met with difficult seasons.

Cody Carnes and Kari Jobe were our second ever guests on the podcast. We were honored to have him back! We hope you enjoy this conversation.

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NEW RELEASES | 9/15/2023

Maverick City Music | The Maverick Way

"Our prayer for this EP is that every time someone hears these songs will be the EXACT moment they need to hear it. We believe these songs will meet you where you are at, in God’s perfect timing, ministering to you like only he can. We hope these songs help you in your darkest moments, bring you joy, unexplainable peace, and closer to God."

The Belonging Co | Pneuma

"So many songs we were writing and singing in church were full of lyrics describing the different aspects of Holy Spirit and lifting a hunger for more of Him in our lives. That’s where the title Pneuma came from, as it’s the Greek word for 'wind, breath, spirit, an invisible force. This album is full of songs of our need for the Spirit Of God but also songs of vertical praise and worship to The Lord. That’s always been the heart of our house, that we would have life changing encounters with God that would then lead us to lift up a praise that He alone deserves, and we pray this album does that for all who hear it." - Andrew Holt

Brooke Ligertwood | Desert Song

This worship anthem provides hope and perspective for anyone who has gone through a challenging circumstance in their life or faced a spiritual desert, as evident in the song’s soaring melody and powerful lyrics that declare the faithfulness of God: “All of my life in every season/You are still God/I have a reason to sing/I have a reason to worship.

Pat Barrett | Scatter

“It’s not always easy, its not always convenient, its not always effortless, but our praises are always powerful,” Barrett shares of the heart behind his new single. “And it should be no surprise to us…that when we praise, the enemy scatters.”

Cory Asbury | Pioneer

Pioneer has the singer “drawing influence from Nashville’s music scene." The project also “explores a new side of Asbury while maintaining honest and cutting lyrics that speak to the fragility of the human experience."






New Podcast Episode with EJ Gaines, Aaron Lindsey and DOE

The Lead Worship Well podcast is back! To kick off Season 5, we revisit a roundtable conversation we hosted in February on the past, present and future of Gospel Music.

This roundtable features one of our podcast hosts Chris Baker (Grammy Award-winning producer and our Gospel Brand Manager), EJ Gaines (Sr. VP of Marketing & Co-Executive Director at Motown Gospel), DOE (Grammy Award-nominee and multi-layered singer/songwriter) and Aaron Lindsey (6x Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter). They speak on when and how they first fell in love with gospel music, why it is uniquely integral to their spiritual experiences, and how stewarding relationships with the up and coming generations is Kingdom-building.

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NEW RELEASES | 9/8/2023

Gateway Worship | Crowns Down (Live)

This album features a diversity of worship leaders, songs, and moments in the Lord’s presence, all with a unified purpose: to lead people into God’s presence and inspire them to lay everything down at His feet. Listen now wherever you find music online and join us as we declare that there is only ONE worthy of all praise, honor, and glory!

Brandon Lake | Coat of Many Colors

"Not every color of praise is a pretty one. However, it’s always worth giving. Praise laced in pain is a gift you can only give God on this side of eternity. Whether it’s from the 'pit' or the 'palace,' praise is always the best place to turn and best gift to give."

Travis Greene & Forward City Music | Strike The Ground

Grammy-nominated and Dove Award-winning Travis Greene has recieved recognition worldwide for his testimony & unique sound. STRIKE THE GROUND is his upcoming full-length project, which he describes as a faith album. Recorded Live at Forward City Church in May 2023, the atmosphere is electric from the beginning to the end of the recording. The title track is now available! 

Zahriya Zachary | Surrounded By Holy

"Standing in the middle of the Redwoods, looking up at the massive trees around, you cannot help recognize the vastness. Surrounded by Holy is our response to being surrounded by the beauty and majesty of God. We lift our voices and declare he is Holy as we enter into His presence."

Gas Street Music | WOVEN: Live from the Coal House

"When we first started Gas Street, one of the first words spoken over us was that we would be 'Woven in worship.' As a community, all we say and do would have worship at the heart of it. These songs are woven together to reflect the full range of Christian experience in worship, from thanksgiving to lament, contending in prayer and longing for the glory of a God to fall. Our heart is that these songs would give voice to the community before us and beyond as we join the wider church woven together in unity by the Spirit to give glory to the Father through the Son."







Maverick City Music | Crazy Love

This song speaks to the incomprehensible nature of God's love for us.

William McDowell | The Promise

This release is a call to repentance motivated by the depth of God’s love, an intense experience through which McDowell seeks to inspire the Church to allow the ushering in of a new revival.

Circuit Rider Music | glued to you

“glued to you” lays out the complex storyline of a youth in their journey of finding the truth of the Gospel, but more specifically discovering the process of humbling ourselves to receive the truth of the undeserving love God has given us.

Chris Llewellyn | Honest

"Will God love you if you’re honest? Is He faithful when you’re faithless?" Chris Llewellyn best explains about his album. "These are the questions that I was asking when I was writing this album. It comes from a time in my life that was deeply full of struggle...when I got a medical diagnosis for my son that changed our lives as a family forever and changed my faith forever. And that’s what this is - this is the soundtrack to wrestling faith." 


One Voice Worship | Let It Be Done

Patrick Mayberry | Wild Faith

Jordan Merritt, People & Songs, The Band Table | Fall of Jericho

Saddleback Worship | All That I Know





NEW RELEASES | 8/25/23

Cody Carnes | Firm Foundation (live)

"These songs celebrate the God who never ever fails. When everything around me is shaken, I've never been more glad that I put my faith in Jesus." - Cody Carnes

Brooke Ligertwood | Fear of God

igertwood says, "I've gotten to write so many songs in my life. Maybe a thousand by now? Not sure. Whatever it is, it's more than I've deserved to. I like most of them, wince at a whole lotta them (taste changes and skill grows but the Internet is forever, God help me), and deeply love a good many of them actually. But there's a small few that I feel an otherness about. This is one of those. I feel like this is one of the songs I was born to leave here, and that's just that. FEAR OF GOD, the first single from my forthcoming album EIGHT."

Christine D'Clario | Current/One Day At A Time (Medley) (ft. Josh Baldwin)

The song is a prayer to commit our future into God's hands and declare that as long as the current of His grace flows, it is possible to confidently live one day at a time. 

Gateway Worship | Fill the Room

The song features a singable chorus that resonates with all audiences and includes a powerful spontaneous worship moment, inviting the Spirit of God to come and inhabit the praises of His people.


Austin Stone Worship, Matt Redman | Hymn of Healing

Ben Fuller | If I Got Jesus


Rock City Worship | Testify





NEW RELEASES | 8/18/23

Phil Wickham | I Believe

"There are so many searching for truth, meaning, belonging, purpose, hope, fulfillment, peace and healing," Wickham passionately states about his inspiration for I BELIEVE.  "I have found all of these things and more in the person of Jesus Christ. I think the world is desperate to see and hear people full of hope, joy, love and confidence telling their stories about how Jesus saved and changed their lives; about how He is the best thing they have ever found, and He will be the best thing anyone will ever find. I’ve never put more time, effort and prayer into a project, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it!"

Maverick City Music | God Problems

"Family! Our single 'God Problems' is available NOW!! Our prayer is that this song will continually encourage and serve as a reminder that the battle belongs to God!"

The Belonging Co | Christ Is The Center

"Christ is the Center" (feat. Danny Gokey) is the newest single from The Belonging Co. Recorded live at The Belonging Co Church in Nashville, TN, this song is a modern-day creed, establishing Christ as the center of our lives, and desiring full surrender to the lordship of Jesus.

David Funk | Beauty

Beauty is about acknowledging the radiance and Majesty of God. It takes us to a place of adoration and remembrance that He chose to take on the image of man to show us more of who God is. 


David Leonard | All Because of You

River Valley AGES | Sunrise

Travis Greene | Put Your Name On Me

FAITHFUL | A Place For You





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