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NEW RELEASES | Week of 1/24/22

DOE | So Good

Following her latest single "When I Pray," DOE is continuing to welcome everyone into her fearless world with her new single "So Good." Both tracks will be featured on Clarity: her debut full-length album out February 18th. “This song is so encouraging. I think the listener will be encouraged to live a lifestyle from a posture of thankfulness because no matter where we are in life, God is good and He is faithful.”

KingsPorch | I Speak Jesus (MultiTracks Session)

Our first session of 2022 is the debut single from KingsPorch, "I Speak Jesus." A house church movement in Austin, TX, KingsPorch believes Jesus still wants to show his power today just like he did in the early Church. “Jesse Reeves prayed over us before we started writing and just said, ‘I just want to speak the name of Jesus over these people.’ That was it. The whole prayer. Nothing more. Nothing less. When we went to write, I asked if we could write a song based on his prayer. He said, ‘all I did was say the name of Jesus.’ And that is all I want to say over my congregation, over my family, over my sickness, over depression and anxiety. All we needed was a melody because we already had the most powerful word...Jesus. There is mighty power in the name of Jesus.” - Dustin Smith, KingsPorch. 

planetboom | You, Me, The Church, That's Us - Side A

The dynamic, multicultural youth ministry of Planetshakers Church, planetboom, releases its third album, You, Me, The Church, That’s Us - Side A, today! Recorded at the planetboom conference held April 2021 and in Planetshakers’ Melbourne studio, the combination of tightly crafted studio arrangements and live worship creates a dynamic record that ranges from big, broad statements about the church family, to intimate, personal moments between individuals and God.

Martin Smith | Dancing in the Fire

For Martin Smith, endings aren’t all they seem. In 2009 he came to the closing stages of a two-decade career spent holding the microphone and cheering on the crowds with the genre-defining band Delirious? With Dove awards, Grammy nominations and RIAA certified gold selling status behind him, it was an incredible journey.

River Valley Worship | Attention: A Devotional Project 

River Valley Worship has released their newest collection of songs, Attention: A Devotional Project. River Valley Worship is the extension of the vibrant creative culture within River Valley Church. With campuses spread across the greater Minneapolis area of Minnesota as well as international campuses in Swaziland, Africa, River Valley is truly making a global impact.

Equippers Revolution | Truth

"The 6th chapter of our sound, Truth, is about declaring God’s Word over our lives, in a world where truth has become subjective in a lot of ways. Equippers Revolution is the sound of the youth movement of Equippers Church based in Auckland, New Zealand, writing music to help young people in their faith journey. We pray and hope that this music helps people to encounter Jesus."

Bryan & Katie Torwalt | Wouldn't It Be Like You (Live at TRIBL Night)

Bryan & Katie Torwalt's single “Wouldn’t It Be Like You – Live,” recorded at TRIBL Nights in Atlanta, GA last year, is now available! “’Wouldn’t It Be Like You’ was written after a lot of conversations and a deep dive into the Gospels. We were amazed at how often people either completely missed Jesus, or expected Him to be different than He was.



BT Worship | Overcame

CCV Music | All I Have (Studio)

3C Live | Communion With the King

Anne Wilson | Sunday Sermons

Centricity Music | Only Jesus

Katy Nichole | In Jesus Name (God Of Possible)

Brian Doerksen | Grateful




NEW RELEASES | Week of 1/17/22

Elevation Worship | Same God

Elevation Worship's new single "Same God" from their upcoming record is now available! "We hope you're reminded that the Lord 'keeps his covenant of love to a thousand generations.' The same God who gave David courage to face Goliath fights for you today. The God that answered prayers and provided for His children back then is the same God we serve today. He’s trustworthy. His track record proves it. So we can have confidence that His love toward us will never run out or change."

Hillsong UNITED | On Repeat

“The simplicity of the Gospel works itself out daily in tangible and significant ways,” says UNITED’s Joel Houston. “In our lives there’s a parallel of grace being on repeat, and then praise being on repeat as our response to God’s grace. It’s so simple yet profound and encourages me to believe that God’s going to give me the grace, so I’m going to give Him the praise knowing that He’s going to give me the grace again. I think that’s true for anybody anywhere, regardless of their story, what season they’re in, or how life looks like - and I pray it never gets lost on us.”

Isabel Davis | We Lift Our Worship

We are so excited to welcome Billboard Gospel-charting artist Isabel Davis!

With a ministry built on the love of God, support of family and passion for worship, Isabel has emerged as a worship leader called to the nations. Her anointing to activate the power of the presence of God from store-front ministries to global stages to recording studio booths and every platform in between paves the way for authentic worship encounters. Her latest single "We Lift Our Worship" is now available!

Jonathan David & Melissa Helser | The Land I'm Livin' In

Captured over three days, The Land I’m Livin’ In is an album filled with the spontaneous, raw and personal moments of adoration that have marked the Helsers’ worship since the beginning. From the passionate surrender of “I am Your Beloved” to the explosive joy found in “I Can’t Get Away” and the confident declaration of “Sound Mind”, this album is an authentic expression of what God has been doing in a community for more than twenty years. The first 5 songs are now available!

SEU Worship | You Are Good

SEU Worship, a worship movement from Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL, is confident in bringing the sounds of pop music into their worship services, knowing that simultaneously they are bringing worship into the pop world. It is the mixing of tradition with the future. Their lastest single "You Are Good" featuring Chelsea Plank is now available!

Brandon Heath | See Me Through It

“We all walk through difficult seasons in our lives. That’s definitely nothing new, but one thing that is particularly unique about right now is that we all seem to have a very similar challenge. And for some of us, it feels like rock bottom. But, we can know what Rock we’re standing on, and He’s not going anywhere. So, stand tall fam. No matter how lost we feel or how difficult things get, He sees us where we are, and He’s going to see us through it.”


Brian Doerksen | Everlasting Arms

Chandler & Maria Letner | Home

Mark Barlow | Hymns & Soul

Sarah Téibo | Belongs to You

Switch | Letting Go

Meredith Andrews | Make Room

29:11 Worship | Sinners & Saints

North Point Worship | Deliverer

Shaylee Simene | Hear Me Out




NEW RELEASES | Week of 1/10/22

Brooke Ligertwood | A Thousand Hallelujahs

Brooke Ligertwood of Hillsong Worship is a Grammy award-winning songwriter, producer and worship leader. Brooke has called Hillsong Church home since 2004, serving the church through creativity and song. She passionately asserts that all of life, for the follower of Christ, is ministry. "A Thousand Hallelujahs," written by Brooke, Scott Ligertwood and Phil Wickham, is the first release off of Ligertwood's upcoming album SEVEN, which will serve as her first solo worship recordResources are available now!

DOE | When I Pray

With her angelic voice and soulful sound, inspirational singer and songwriter DOE is a refreshing presence in the music industry today. DOE is a multi-layered artist who is ready to bless the world with her authenticity, incredible talent, and an undeniable musical gift which allow her to have lasting impact on all who hear her sound. Her new single "When I Pray" is available now!

for KING & COUNTRY | Unsung Hero

The most personal track on their upcoming record, What Are We Waiting For? (available March 11th), “Unsung Hero” is lovingly dedicated to the parents of for KING & COUNTRY’s Joel and Luke Smallbone. Two of nine siblings, the brothers raise their voices in reverent solidarity for the couple who made them the men they are today. Ethereal strings invite listeners into the real-life story of the Smallbone family and their journey from Australia to America on the cut written by the duo, Federico Vindver and Seth Mosley, as they recall the sacrifices made and the example set by their mom and dad.

Casting Crowns | Healer

“I was walking through the world being shut down, just like everybody else," shares Mark Hall. "I’ve been a youth pastor for over twenty years and here I was counseling teenagers who’d just lost their senior year, lost their friend groups, felt hopeless for the future. As I started working on this record, I realized all the songs I was writing dealt with healing in some way, something we all need. And more than that, we need a Healer. This whole album is about healing, about how God meets us where we are and what His healing looks like.”

Brian Doerksen | Hymns for Life

Brian Doerksen's Hymns for Life was his first recorded album of hymns in his signature style. "In the spring of 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic was starting to lock us down, our son-in-law Luke directed a video of my father and I singing ‘It Is Well.’ It didn’t take long and more than 100,000 people watched and shared the video on social media. That resonance was one of the sparks for this project: when we go through suffering individually or collectively, hymns are anchors of hope in the storm."

Brave Worship | Songs From the Barn

Founded in 2011 in Franklin, TN, Brave Worship exists to build up the heart of female songwriters, knowing the impact that they will make in families, churches, industry, and the kingdom of God. They believe the voices of mothers and daughters are not only valued but needed. Songs from the Barn is the debut album from Brave Worship recorded in Thompson’s Station, TN. This is a project and sound of unity and community, and there’s never been a time the world needed that more than now. The album was recorded in a barn, because the ultimate dream is for Brave to have its own barn to call home.


CAIN | The Commission (Band Version)

Citipointe Worship | Giants

BT Worship | Above Beyond

David & Maaike There is a Promise

Influence Music | Coming Awake

Christafari | Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)

Elias Dummer | Kyrie Eleison (Lord Have Mercy) (ft. Citizens)

Justin Tweito | Never Be A Day

Katy Weirich | Majestic One

Love & The Outcome | I'm Not Lucky, I'm Blessed

REVERE | Behold: King of Glory




NEW RELEASES | Week of 1/3/22

Maverick City Music | Firm Foundation (He Won't)

The uplifting "Firm Foundation (He Won't)" was written by Chandler Moore, Cody Carnes & Austin Davis. This live version was captured in October of last year in Chicago, IL during Maverick City’s national tour, Welcome to Maverick City. Resources are available now!

Passion Music | Burn Bright

Passion's first project of the year, Burn Bright, is now available! The 5-song EP was released during this year's Passion Conference where 50 states and 41 countries were represented in attendance. These songs feature worship & gospel artists Melodie Malone, Kristian Stanfill, Tasha Cobbs Leonard and more!

SEU Worship | Sanctuary

SEU Worship is a worship movement out of Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL. Their new single "Sanctuary" is available now! It is a reminder that Christ restores our strength in full and that we are wrapped in resurrection
and clothed in His glory.

Futures | Hills & Horizons

Hills & Horizons speaks to the ups & downs, the lonely road & the in-betweens of life where we don’t get to see the whole picture. It connects on a personal level & at the same time, has been our shared human experience over the last 2 years. We believe the spirit of these songs breaks through depression, disappointment, discouragement & disillusion; literally changing not only how a person feels about their situation but how they see everything.” - Mark Evans

Brian Doerksen | Faithful One

"[This] album marks 30 years of songwriting & recording for me. It’s been a journey filled with every emotion. I want to sing emotionally honest songs that convey my love and lament to God, the joys and struggles of life, and to do so in a musical style that is mother tongue to me. I hope that this collection will bring back good memories and also communicate something fresh." 

Stefan Green | Battlefield + HELP

"Battlefield" is a reminder that God is always by our side amidst our trials. "HELP" expresses the invaluable gift we have in the Holy Spirit and urges us to take a pause and listen. "The Holy Spirit is undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts we were ever given. "May this song reignite connection to the Holy Spirit, may it awaken your desire to have Him close, and may your reliance on Him be fueled from a place of purity and desire for more of God in your life."

Watermark Music | Sing Hallelujah 

"We exist to write and record music that is rich in Truth for the edification and discipleship of our church. Our greatest desire is that the Word of Christ would dwell richly within us as we seek to teach, admonish, and encourage our people through the writing and singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with thankfulness in our hearts to God (Colossians 3:16)."


HungryGen Worship | It Is Finished

Mike Marshall | Come On In

St. Aldates Worship | At The Table

Willamette Music | Set Free

BattleCreek Collective | Set On You

Community Music | Grace Like Waters

Long Hollow Worship | There Is More




NEW RELEASES | Week of 12/13/21

Cody Carnes | Firm Foundation (He Won't)

Multi-Grammy-nominated artist, songwriter and worship leader Cody Carnes has released "Firm Foundation (He Won't)," a proclamation and reminder for us to stand firm in our faith. "In such a shaky season, It was burning in my heart to write a song that declared what Jesus teaches us in Matthew 7. The world can be in chaos all outside our windows, but when we build our house on Jesus, we can have confidence knowing that our foundation is secure. We’re not going down! This new song celebrates that truth. I pray it blesses you."


"Was the world ready to stop pausing? Had there been enough waiting? Much of our frustration is often found in the waiting, but most of our clarity, wisdom and vision can be found in the stillness. I’m confident in the message of this song because no matter how busy our lives resume or begin to be, there is a great joy to be found when we pause."

Mack Brock | The Love of Jesus  

"My hope for this song is that when you listen to it you would feel completely and abundantly loved by Jesus,” Mack Brock shared. “Since the beginning of time, when God was creating the heavens and the earth, the stars in the sky, he was thinking of you and he loved you. His love has always been there and always will be there – readily available… you just have to say “yes” and receive it.”

Casting Crowns | Scars in Heaven (Song Session)

“We teamed up with our friends at Essential Worship to record an acoustic version of ‘Scars In Heaven,’” Casting Crowns shared on social media. "It is our prayer that this song will meet you wherever you are and provide peace and comfort leading into a week where we pause to give thanks for everything that the Lord has done and given to us.”

Futures | Hills & Horizons

“This is a signature piece in the exciting evolution of Futures. We pray this album would bring much-needed perspective to a world seeking to understand their purpose on a road so often clouded with disillusion.” - Mark Evans, Futures

The Belonging Co | Every Victory (MultiTracks Session)

Our first session with The Belonging Co is now live! "Every Victory" led by Henry Seeley is is a bold declaration that we are not fighting for victory, we are worshipping from a place of victory. Every battle belongs to the Lord, every victory is secured in the name of Jesus, and what we do in the midst of it all is lift our hands in worship and His power is revealed.


CAIN | Wonderful

C3 NYC | Simple Day

Journey Worship Co. | Not My Own

Rev Music | Nothing But You + Rest

Welcome to Revival | New Wave

Outbreakband | Zuerst geliebt (Martin Wieglel Remix)

Urban Life Worship | Jireh




NEW RELEASES | Week of 11/29/21

Maverick City Music | A Very Maverick Christmas

A Very Maverick Christmas was recorded live at Atlanta’s historic Paradise Baptist Church. The brand-new Christmas EP features a celebration of Maverick City Music’s original songs and beloved holiday favorites. A Very Maverick Christmas features signature vocals from Naomi Raine, Chandler Moore, Lizzie Morgan, Brandon Lake, Phil Wickham, Ryan Ofei, Tianna Horsey, The Mav City Gospel Choir, and it offers an all-star lineup of collaborations featuring the voices of: Natalie Grant, Todd Galberth, Melvin Crispell III, Isaac Carree and more.

Planetshakers | A Verry Merry Christmas

“Over the past couple of years, I have been modernizing Christmas carols, almost like remixing them with modern day production,” says Joth Hunt. “As I was thinking about what I could do next, I thought it would be cool to have a modern take on ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas,’ so I wrote this original track. While producing ‘A Very Merry Christmas,’ I invited two of the greats in the industry, Mateus Asato and Jesus Molina, to lend their talents on guitar and keyboard respectively. The culmination of all this has become one very fun track to listen to and sing along with!”

Sarah Reeves | More the Merrier

More The Merrier is quite possibly my favorite project of my career thus far. It is a timeless collection of Christmas songs, both old and new, that I hope you enjoy listening to as much as we enjoyed making it. I tapped into a side of my artistry that I’ve never known before, yet it felt natural and effortless."

Kim Walker-Smith | Revival Nights (Pt. 2)

“My prayer is that as you listen, your heart will feel the surrounding warmth of the presence of God,” shares Kim Walker-Smith about this live recording. “I pray that your ears would be open to hearing that still small voice speaking love and hope to you. I pray that every burden you’ve been lugging around would be gently lifted off with the very first notes you hear. And most of all, I pray that you encounter Jesus and you are radically and forever changed by it."

Watermark Music | This is Christmas

Watermark Music is a collective of worship leaders, songwriters, and artists from Watermark Community Church in Dallas, TX. "We exist to write and record music that is rich in Truth for the edification and discipleship of our church. Our greatest desire is that the Word of Christ would dwell richly within us as we seek to teach, admonish, and encourage our people through the writing and singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs with thankfulness in our hearts to God (Colossians 3:16)." Their new single for the season "This Is Christmas" is available now!


Jena Brancart | Joy To The World (Ascribe Your Worth)

Stefan Green | Christmas Project

Stephen McWhirter | Born a King (Reimagined)

Outbreakband | Freue dich Welt

C3 NYC | Warehouse Sessions

CCV Music | Noel - EP




NEW RELEASES | Week of 11/22/21

Passion, Crowder | O Holy Night

Last year, Passion released their first ever Christmas album, Hope Has a Name. With all of the uncertainty last year across the globe, Passion felt it was the perfect time to create a special project to help listeners express their love and devotion to God during the holiday season. Their version of "O Holy Night" with Crowder is now available! 

JJ Hairston | Thankful

TRIBL has announced its new partnership with JJ Hairston. Hairston’s brand-new single, “Thankful” is available now! “Thankful” arrives just in time for the holiday season, during a time where everyone has much to be thankful for post-pandemic. “Thankful” will be featured on Hairston’s upcoming worship EP, due in early 2022.

Crystal Yates | Emmanuel Victorious 

“We wanted to express all of the incredible meaning that is wrapped around the coming of Christ” explains Crystal. This song is an emphatic declaration of praise for any Christmas worship moment. “Behold the one who came for us, the Living God in flesh and blood.”


Brooke Nicholls | Still

Hillside Worship | Come Alive

Rend Collective | Indiscrimate Act of Kindness

Sean Feucht | Let Us Worship: Awake America




NEW RELEASES | Week of 11/15/21

Passion | Grace of God With Us

Rooted out of the Passion movement, Passion Music is committed to leading people towards renewed intimacy with God and fresh encounters of worship. Their brand new version of "Grace of God With Us" (featuring Chidima) from their Christmas project Hope Has a Name is available now! "Glory to God in the highest / Jesus our Savior / The grace of God with us."

Brian Doerksen | The Heart of Christmas

Today we launch a new partnership with renowned worship leader Brian DoerksenThe Heart of Christmas is now available. “This is the album I’ve been waiting my whole life to make: a Christmas record with new original songs that tell the story of all stories — God with all of us, even in our mess. The album also features Christmas classics like ‘It Came Upon The Midnight Clear’ along with the Pacific Mennonite Children’s choir who join on ‘Stille Nacht’ (Silent Night) singing in my parent’s mother tongue of German, the birthplace of Christmas carols.

Mac Powell | Jesus Christ Is Born

"The story of Jesus is not only told on Christmas morning, but it is also told from the beginning of time. From Genesis to Revelation, we read about how God’s spirit spoke through the prophets and his word to set up the greatest story ever told,” Powell said of the inspiration behind his new song.

Daystar | Praise Him (ft. Leeland)

Daystar and Leeland team up to write and record the powerful new congregational song “Praise Him,” an anthem of hope and a Biblical declaration of God’s goodness and majesty. “When we come together as believers and lift up the Name of Jesus and step into the Presence of God, we encounter a love that fights for us and knows no bounds,” says Joshua Brown of Daystar.

Brad & Rebekah | See Your Faithfulness

"Both then and now we have had to remind ourselves of the things God has done for us when we have found ourselves in seemingly hopeless situations… On this side we can see God is faithful as Rebekah stands healthy and cancer free… but in the beginning all we could do was stubbornly lift our heads and declare with our mouths 'we will see your faithfulness.' Our prayer is that those in moments of trial will hear this song and find rescue from their own thoughts to trust in the faithfulness of God.”


Cross Worship | Here We Are

Eleventh Hour Worship | Name Like No Other

Stars Go Dim | The First Noël 

Worship Together Kids | AIRWAVES

Andrea Olson | The Proof

BattleCreek Collective | Christmas, Vol. 1

CCV Music | Noel - EP

Grace City | Midnight

Victory Worship | Promises

Village Lights | Kingdom

Worship Together | Dwell: Instrumental Worship




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