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NEW RELEASES | Week of 5/3/21

Brandon Lake | Just Like Heaven (Radio Version)

"Brandon's prayer for Just Like Heaven is that it breeds a special meeting place between us and The Father: a collision of His realm to ours as we listen and get a taste of eternity. Brandon's hope is that we would never be the same after an encounter in the presence."

JOKIA | Yahweh

"It's a song that reminds the church and reminds us individually not to give up on God's promise that He will never leave us or forsake us." Jokia’s ministry continues to gain visibility, amazing opportunities and platforms to minister through music, and the greatest gift of all: lives changed.

Josh Baldwin | Into the Wild (Radio Version)

"Into The Wild" is from his solo album Evidence and was written to remind us of the importance to dream like a child. Josh's hope is that listeners will be reminded to trust the Father with our lives and follow His heart.

Christine D'Clario | Where the Spirit of the Lord

This song was created over an amazing three year journey, beginning in 2018 when Christine was on tour with Chris Tomlin and Worship Night In America. It is her hope that Where the Spirit of the Lord becomes an anthem of proclaiming the truth that wherever the spirit of The Lord is, we have the divine right as children of God to enjoy his freedom, to enjoy his peace and his healing - because there is power in his presence.

JUDAH. | 3+7

"Really excited about this collection of songs being out in the world. Hope that it brings some version of beauty and hope to you. These words and tones mean a whole lot to me. Thank you for listening. A really fun start to a long and epic journey."



C3 Music | This Changes Everything

Foothills Collective | Resurrection Power

Gateway Youth | Endless Hope

Circuit Rider Music | No Orphans in Heaven

The Psalm Library | Psalm 72 (Long Live the King)

Anthony Evans | You Will Remain

Elim Sound | God Is Still Moving

YWAM Kona Music | The Sound of Go 

MercyMe | inhale (exhale)

Phil Thompson | Jesus 

Newsboys | Magnetic

Vineyard Worship | Heaven's Work

Matt Donald | Colours

Matt Donald returns with and brand new bundle for HX Stomp and Helix! COLOURS is designed so you can add effects or distortion to your bass without losing the depth of range required of a bass guitar. Modeled after Matt’s own pedalboard, from a gentle White to a deep Violet or bright Orange, each Colour is designed to help you respond to the moment in worship. You’ll find a collection of sounds designed to work well individually or together.


NEW RELEASES | Week of 4/23/21

Housefires | Bless the Lord At All Times

"Bless The Lord At All Times is the first single from Housefires’ upcoming album, Housefires VII. It’s a simple and timeless expression of pure worship in the midst of life’s complexities. This song speaks to all that challenges our faith and gives us language to renew it day by day. "Whether in joy or pain, struggle or striving, we find God moving towards us and His presence readily available to be encountered."

Elevation Worship | Wait On You

Chandler Moore says, "This song takes me on a journey through what I really believe about God. Waiting on something God’s promised to me challenges how good and all-knowing I believe Him to be. We pray that this song reminds you that God will always strengthen those who wait on Him." 

Crowder | Milk & Honey

"Today, I am releasing the title track from my brand new album out in June called 'Milk & Honey!' This is a song full of hope and anticipation of the destination we are headed to and the celebration that awaits. Everyday is Sunday in the land of Milk & Honey. Let's Go!"

Highlands Worship | This Is Jesus

This is Jesus features a new version of a worship classic in Be Exalted (Above All), as well as songs used this year in our Palm Sunday and Easter Services at Church of the Highlands. The title track This is Jesus is a triumphant declaration of our Savior’s victory over death and the hope we have in Him.”

Influence Music | 10,000 Armies ft. Jonathan Traylor

"This song is meant to wake up the warrior inside everyone who listens! The lyrics are packed with truth, but even if you only listened to the music, there is something in it that will raise your confidence in who God is. As children of God, we are meant to be faith-filled when facing our giants. We pray this song would be the pump up soundtrack to the battles you face!”

CRC Music | Heaven On Earth

"This year really took a turn and many of our plans were derailed and delayed due to Covid-19, but it has given us the opportunity to do a different album, exploring the use of different sounds that we normally wouldn’t be able to use if we were recording live, creating different atmospheres in praise and worship. Our music is an extension of who we are! BOLD & UNASHAMED passionate about Jesus."


Cross Point Music | Everything Changes

Blanca | Even At My Worst

FAITHFUL | We Do Not Labor In Vain

KingsPorch | Saints & Angels


Corey Voss & Madison Street Worship | Heaven Come Closer (Revisited)

Blanca | Renovada

Village Lights | Unbroken Family

Joel Vaughn | Already Done

Edgar Mantilla | U. N. O.

U.N.O. is a brand new TAL-U-NO-LX bundle from Edgar Mantilla that brings 80s inspired synth sounds with perfectly dialed-in oscillation, chorus, and vintage sounds to your fingertips. This bundle contains over 40 patches that compliment a range of genres. U.N.O. contains lead sounds with character, basses that will inspire you, as well as pads, synths and arpeggios with unnique colors for your sound palette that will draw your ears to new horizons.

Bottega | Simon Kobler Studio Signature Series

Simon Kobler’s iconic drum sounds are now available from Bottega. These samples were captured in amazing rooms with incredible mics, and were mixed by Sam Gibson, who has mixed Simon’s drums throughout his career as the drummer for Hillsong United.

This pack includes rich drum tones from two of Simon’s favorite kits, each offered in a variety of EQs and reverbs, as well as a “secret sauce” used for years to create Simon’s signature sound. Each sample also includes 6 dynamic velocities, so you can get the nuanced sound of Simon’s dynamic playing style. Also included is a Slate Trigger pack, pre-made for you to start using these samples with ease. Explore the sounds and history of the Simon Kobler Studio Signature Series and incorporate these iconic drums tones in to your next project.

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