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Practice Made Perfect

Streamline Sunday prep with customizable charts and isolated parts for every instrument.

Included in the Rehearse Bundle


Download our dynamic and customizable chart app for worship teams. Available on iOS or Android.

Chart Pro

Unlock 21,000+ songs for your team: you can download as a PDF or access them directly in the ChartBuilder app.


Listen to your instrument from the original recording and choose to elevate or remove your part from the mix.

Available on Web, iPadOS, iOS and Android

Accurate charts that match the arrangement every time.

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Powerful tools for everyone

Customize charts by changing keys, adding capo, or viewing numbers instead of chords. Hide or show dynamic cues so your team stays on track for every song.

Annotate your chart with customizable tools for writing, highlighting, typing, and erasing: create notes for anything you want.

With the Rehearse Bundle, all licensing for the use of audio files is included. No additional rehearsal license is needed.

Hit play and the chart will follow, or jump to any section in real time.

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Import lyric slides directly into ProPresenter.

Access RehearsalMix & Charts directly in Planning Center.

Rehearse smarter, not harder.
Starting at
$34.99 / mo

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between the Live Bundle, Rehearse Bundle, and MultiTracks Oneā„¢?

    The Live Bundle includes the tools needed to plan and run setlists with confidence in the Playback app, while the Rehearse bundle resources your team with content and tools to both prepare ahead of time and be on the same page during rehearsals and services. The MultiTracks One bundle includes everything in the Live and Rehearse Bundles, and pairs it with the content and licensing needs. It's the full suite of products, in one subscription price.

  • How does the Rehearse Bundle help my team prepare for a practice or service?

    The Rehearse Bundle includes the resources and tools to equip your team to show up prepared. The ChartBuilder app is included in the bundle, and is an incredible tool for musicians and vocalists, so they can show up confident in their preparation. In addition, the bundle includes Planning Center integration access and even PDF chart downloads that can be a great alternate way to get your team the chords and lyrics they need, so you're all on the same page.

  • How does the Rehearse Bundle pricing account for my team size?

    The Rehearse Bundle starts at $34.99/month for a team of 5 and increases based on the size of your team.

  • Can I purchase a different amount of RehearsalMix and ChartBuilder seats?

    In the Rehearse Bundle, the ChartBuilder and RehearsalMix seats are tied together with a single tier value that you can select. This number can't be different in the bundle itself. If you're needing more of one or the other, you can add additional seats individually after adding the Rehearse Bundle to your cart.

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