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NEW RELEASES | Week of 5/2/22


TAYA | Getaway

“It’s about keeping company with Jesus and being honest with Him in the process. He is the safest place in the world, where else would I go? The song we didn’t know we needed and yet in Gods perfect timing, perhaps the one we needed most. May this song be just that for you too.”

The Belonging Co | This Is Freedom (Ain't No Rock)

Recorded live at their conference in 2021, this song captures the freedom found only in Jesus Christ. It joyously proclaims the goodness of the gospel and the decision to praise Jesus without hindrance while joyously experiencing the presence of God.

Lindy Cofer | Lord of the Harvest

"'Lord of the Harvest' was written out of Matthew 9! This is the scripture where Jesus sees the crowd, has compassion and THEN prays to the Lord of the Harvest. My prayer as you hear this song is that our eyes would be lifted to see the harvest around us, but driven from a place of compassion."


CCV Music | Standing Tall

Jimmy McNeal | Roots



NEW RELEASES | Week of 4/25/22

HELP! | Brandon Lake

Brandon Lake's has released a new single under his solo artist project. With rock/pop/alt. elements, the title track of his upcoming album: "HELP!" is now available! "HELP!" is a song written for Mental Health Awareness Month where Brandon Lake looks to God in the midst of his anxiety and prays for relief. 

Futures | Love Letters From An Empty Tomb

"We wanted this Easter to be different; for the music we wrote to be void of routine, rhythm, obligation or tradition. These are more than songs, they’re love letters to Jesus. It wasn’t about strategy or best practices like it can sometimes be in music. This project is about real heart-written words, full of gratitude, in the afterglow of an empty tomb. A new song, a new letter for every day of Easter. Love Letters From An Empty Tomb is our inspired homage to Jesus."

ReFRESH Worship | The Flow

ReFRESH Worship started as a dedicated worship team that prioritized organic harmonies and spontaneous choruses. Inspired by visionary Pastor G. Morris Coleman, this collective of singers, writers, and producers  have cultivated a sound that can only be described as necessary. The Flow is a beautiful reminder that we find refreshing in the presence of God.

Mission House | Whole Heart

Written by Mission House's Taylor Leonhardt and Jess Ray with Leslie Jordan, "Whole Heart" is a song about showing up fully to life with Jesus, allowing us to imagine what might happen if we didn’t hold any part of ourselves back. It speaks trust in God in the face of our cultural moment, where constant demands of perfection and pretending weigh heavy on our souls.

SONS THE BAND | Only Ever Good (3 singles)

Introducing rock-influenced worship duo, SONS THE BAND! "We hope these songs bless you and your church. Our ultimate goal is to bring a new sound to the worship world and give people fresh, powerful ways to sing about Jesus." Their latest singles "O Praise The Lord," "Crowns," and "Only Ever Good" are now available! 


Amanda Cook | Where the War Ends

Ben Fuller | Wide Awake

Be Amplified and Anaysha Figuroa-Cooper | Not Forgotten

Brandon Heath | Enough Already

Canyon Hills Worship | On and On

Chris McClarney | Speak to the Mountains

Dare David | The Name of Jesus

David Leonard | Good Lord

Gas Street Music | Come and Have Your Way

Glaubenszentrum Live | Ruft dem Herrn

Mountaintops | Everything That Has Breath

Tauren Wells | Empty

Kierre Bjorn Little Seed

Red Rocks Worship | Things of Heaven (The Other Side)

David Walker | Turning the Lights On

Shelly E. Johnson | Still On His Throne

Jena Brancart | Fighting For My Soul

LC Worship | The Promise (Live)

Stars Go Dim | Grace In The Wilderness

Tasha Layton How Far

VIVE Worship | Wild



NEW RELEASES | Week of 4/18/22

Worship Together | 10,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)

“Just this week I was shown phone footage of a precious family in a Ukrainian city, caught up in the horrors of war,” Matt Redman explains. "Wrapped in winter coats and huddled together in a cold basement, still they sang out their worship - using the song '10,000 Reasons' to give voice to their hearts of faith. It was a humbling video to watch. It’s been a decade now since this simple song was released, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to these kinds of stories. I’ve met some truly astonishing worshippers along the way - people on cancer wards or in the firing line somehow finding their way to the place of praise - and using '10,000 Reasons' as their soundtrack. I love the new 10th-anniversary version that Capitol Christian Music Group has commissioned - and it’s a joy to join friends Pat Barrett, Naomi Raine, Crowder, and the Torwalts on it.”

Mission House | If I Was A Bird / Nothing Left To Do (Deluxe Single)

These two tunes and the different contexts in which they emerged click together in beautiful harmony and carry the most consistent messages in all of Mission House’s songs: “Jesus only!” Jess concludes, “it’s like we only have one prayer, but we just keep finding new ways to say it.” "If I Was A Bird/Nothing Left To Do" is a beautiful musical prayer adorned with warm acoustic tones and a genuineness that testifies to Mission House’s skill to write songs that resonate deeply with people’s experience of life and faith.

Phil Wickham | Worthy Of My Song

Phil Wickham releases "Worthy Of My Song". Recounting times of victory, loss, hurt, and the overall tests and trials that life brings, this song expresses the importance of praise and worship regardless of our circumstances. "Worthy of My Song" is a triumphant ballad, an expression of gratitude to God. "I pray this song lifts eyes and hearts to Jesus." — Phil Wickham

River Valley Worship | Thank You Lord

Resources for River Valley Worship's new song "Thank You lord" are now available! River Valley Worship is a collection of artists, musicians and songwriters who are an extension of the vibrant creative culture within River Valley Church. With campuses spread across the greater Minneapolis area of Minnesota as well an international campus in Swaziland, Africa, River Valley is truly making a global impact.


Anne Wilson | My Jesus

Bryan and Katie Torwalt | Good News

Brian Doerksen | Mind of Christ (Philippians 2)

Madison Street Worship | Treasure

Central Live | Heaven's on the Move (Deluxe)

Gateway Worship | Behold Him Now (feat. Anna Byrd)

Maximilian | Falling In Love Again

Victory House Worship | You Won It All

Kingdom Kids | Nothing Is Missing

Life.Church Worship | Grace Upon Grace

Matthew West | Wonderful Life

People of Hope | Good To Me

planetboom | You, Me, The Church, That's Us - Side B

Stephen McWhirter | Tremble




NEW RELEASES | Week of 4/11/22

TAYA | All Eyes On You

“In 2019 I heard a message I couldn’t shake. Two scenes in heaven, one from Isaiah 6 and the other in Revelation 4. After a year of reading and re-reading those scriptures, I couldn’t shake the imagery that changed ever so slightly after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ — those who once had to cover themselves and their eyes, were allowed to behold Him. What a privilege it is to get to stand in Your presence Jesus, all eyes on You, singing this song that is just a new version of the ancient one set long ago, 'Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, the Almighty, who was and who is and who is to come.'”

Pat Barrett | Morning By Morning (MultiTracks Session)

“Personally this song has been one that I have sung in my house weekly since I wrote it,” shared Pat Barrett. “I’m the king of getting ahead of myself and looking too far into the future worrying about what is ahead. This song brings me to a place to be fully present today."

Manor Collective | 4 Singles

An authentically diverse group since day one, Manor Collective is comprised of writers, producers, artists and friends that create music to worship God. Their latest single "Thank You, Sorry, Please" is now available! "This is a song that reflects the salvation prayer. It’s a literal Thank You, Sorry and Please prayer put to melody that we hope people can sing as they decide to give their life to Jesus."

Isabel Davis | The Call + Wide As The Sky

Isabel Davis has been a trusted steward of the gift of song since an early age. With a ministry built on the love of God, support of family and passion for worship, Isabel has emerged as a worship leader called to the nations. 


While We Wait | Amanda Cook

Bigger Than Impossible | Bryan McCleery

Black Voices Movement | Behold

CAIN | The Commission (feat. Cody Carnes)

Centricity Worship | First Love

Cross Worship | Same God (Acoustic)

Jimmy McNeal | Don'tt Move That Mountain

FAITHFUL | A Woman (feat. Amy Grant & Ellie Holcomb)

Reach City Worship | Worthy Is Your Name (Exalted)

KDMusic | The Grace

Reyer | Wat Hij Deed (feat. Sera Noa)

Urban Life Worship | Golgatha

Ryan Ellis | All My Praise

Shelly E. Johnson | God of Tomorrow

The Worship Initiative | The Worship Initiative, Vol. 29

VOUS Worship | In The Morning "for V"




NEW RELEASES | Week of 4/4/22

Maverick City Music | Two Singles

This new version of "Jireh" is led by Chandler Moore and Naomi Raine on their California Tour Preformance. The song is a simple yet infinitely powerful declaration that God is enough and that we're already chosen by Him. "Worthy Of My Song" is a triumphant ballad, an expression of gratitude to God. Written by Phil Wickham, He and Chandler Moore have an impromptu performance at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York during Maverick City Music's debut tour. Recounting times of victory, loss, hurt, and the overall tests and trials that life brings, this song expresses the importance of praise and worship regardless of our circumstances.

Mosaic MSC | This Is How I Thank The Lord

"This is our joyful praise and our desperate cry. Both questions and vows. The best best seasons of life and the most difficult days to endure. Heart bursting lightness and soul crushing anxiety. Every song is a lifetime lived. Every song full of gratitude. And grit. A thankfulness that was fought for and tested through all seasons.”

ReFresh Worship | Seek Your Face 

“Seek Your Face” by ReFRESH Worship is a soulful worship song that captures the hunger and desperation of those in pursuit of the presence of God. It is a reminder of the transformative power that is found in Him and His ability to make “all things new” as we diligently seek Him. This song of passion is also a celebration of the glory and majesty of God and the blessings He bestows on those who are relentless in their search for more of Him.

Kristene DiMarco | The Field

Inspired by the sounds of blues-rock and rhythm & blues, DiMarco sets out to remind us that maybe the Lord doesn’t have the same opinions as us, and that God deeply feels the times and the seasons that we are in on this earth.

Austin Stone Worship | Hope Is Awake

"Our prayer is that these 4 songs invite you to experience and engage with the Easter story in a fresh way as you meditate upon the death, stillness, and glorious resurrection of Jesus."

Gateway Youth | Better To Come + Here With You

"This latest EP gives voice to Gateway Youth Music's next generation of writers and hits on a fresh and hopeful note. 'Better To Come,' straight from the heart of those who grew up on Gateway Youth Music, is the dash of hope 2022 needed - the reminder that no matter how hard things get, our best days are still ahead of us; and 'Here With You,' no matter how lonely or isolating days get, our community and family can be found in Christ and His church.”

Steven & Hannah Musso | On The Waters

“It felt like we were able to put to lyric a prayer that so burned in our hearts for the church,” Steven shares. “On the Waters” puts a new melody on a timeless prayer, giving our generation a fresh cry for revival. “On the Waters” is available now!


Calvary Worship Live | Here Comes Freedom

Crowder | Milk & Honey (Deluxe)

Canvas House Worship | King of Glory

ICF Worship | Only You

Dan Bremnes | Lover Of My Soul

Destiny City Music | Back to the River

Jordan Smith | Tremble (Song Session)

Mac Powell | New Creation

Gas Street Music | Foundations

Justin Tweito | King of Humility

Movement Worship | Devotion

Selah | Crying Holy (Klippan)

Katy Weirich | Just One

North Point Worship | Our God Will See Us Through

The Worship Initiative | The Worship Initiative, Vol. 29

River Valley Worship | Ages

Skye Reedy | Reconcile (feat. DOE)




New Podcast Episode with Jonathan Helser

“I write my best songs when I get lost in His presence.”

Jonathan David & Melissa Helser long to empower those they encounter with the truth that Jesus died to be with us and vibrantly lives inside of us. In 2007, the Helsers hosted their first discipleship school called the 18 Inch Journey, named for the distance between the head and the heart.

Jonathan joined us to speak on the mission of this school, spontaneous worship moments, and the unique recording process of The Land I’m Livin' In: “We wanted this school and this land to be embedded into the fabric of the album.”

Apple Podcasts


NEW RELEASES | Week of 3/28/22

CeCe Winans | I've Got Joy

“Singing for God and his people, It’s more home for me. I’m most comfortable because I don’t even have to think hard. It’s something I love and I’ve been doing it for a long time. It comes from the heart. It touches the heart. I get lost in His will. I guess I have more fun shouting from the mountaintop.”

Chris Tomlin | Always + YAHWEH (No One)

"Hebrews 13:8 says ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever,’ and that is the heart behind my new song ‘Always’… The God we read about in the scriptures… The God of signs and wonders is the same God we worship today and is the same God we put our trust in for the future."

Dante Bowe | Nail Scarred Hands

“Nail Scarred Hands” from Dante Bowe gives us imagery of what hope and redemption looks like. It’s a reminder that we have freedom from sin and shame because of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. As God’s children we have access to all that He has for us, deliverance from our past, victory over our futures, and life where there was once death. Because of Jesus’ “Nail Scarred Hands,” we are alive!

Hillsong Young & Free | Out Here On A Friday (Acoustic) 

Originally released in 2021, Out Here On A Friday Where It Began was written over the course of just one week and recorded live at Hillsong Youth on a Friday night in Sydney. Young & Free enlisted collaboration from several of their very own youth ministry members to help produce the compilation. The acoustic EP release offers fans a stripped down version of their favorites from the album for a uniquely intimate listening experience.

Elevation RhythmGrowing Pains

With youth and young adults at the forefront of their mission, ELEVATION RHYTHM’s sonic backdrop intentionally aims to keep up with the changing times, which is why the group experiments with a variety of bold sounds and textures, constantly blurring genre lines. Incorporating elements of pop, rock, worship, and hip-hop, the collective’s first LP is buoyed by the youthful energy found in its diversity.

Elevation Worship | What I See (MultiTracks Session)

“What I See,” led by Chris Brown, is the second track on LION — an upbeat song Elevation had been singing at their church for awhile ahead of its release. Chris Brown shared: “The song is a heart-pounding wake-up call that all things are possible with God and resurrection is still happening today!”

Josh Baldwin | There Is Freedom

Josh Baldwin's “There Is Freedom'' is about the freedom that is found in Jesus as He stands in the gap for us. Our valley’s want to keep us from calling on His name, but when we do, strongholds break, hearts are set free, and walls come down. The truth is, there is no where we can go that He won’t follow, and there is nothing standing between us and God because where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.

Lindy Cofer | Christ and Christ Crucified

Missionary, songwriter, worship leader, Lindy Cofer leads and serves with YWAM Circuit Riders, a missions ministry focused on leading a generation to Christ. Specifically seeing the Gospel of Jesus Christ impact universities, high school and young people all over the world. Hundreds of campuses have been impacted while also countless lives have been changed. Circuit Rider Music has impacted hundreds of thousands of people over the last decade.


Life.Church Worship | Finished Work of Christ

Alive City Clear Now

Love & The Outcome | Only Ever Always

Citipointe Worship | Behold Collection 2

Matt Maher | Leaning (feat. Lizzie Morgan)

Encounter Praise | Christ Be Magnified

New Life Worship | Over It All

KB | King Jesus

Rev Music | Harvest

SEU Worship | Familiar Song

Shelly E. Johnson | The Lion Still Roars

Travis Cottrell | The Kindness Of The Cross

Unspoken | Loved By You




NEW RELEASES | Week of 3/21/22

TRIBL | Too Good To Not Believe

The brand-new single from TRIBL, “Too Good To Not Believe,” features Lizzie Morgan, Cecily & Melvin Crispell III and was recorded live in Atlanta at Passion City Church. “Too Good To Not Believe,” was written by Cody Carnes, Brandon Lake, Josh Silverburg, & Chris Davenport – it’s a simple bold declarative song of worship that expresses the miracles, signs, wonders and power of God through those who follow and call Jesus, Lord.

The Belonging Co | Here

“The songs coming out of this house are birthed from the overflow of what God is doing in our church. We feel it is part of our mandate, part of our calling to capture the sound of what God is doing here. The songs captured on this album are not contrived or planned moments of worship as much as they are a true reflection of what happens in a service; it is the sound of stewarding the presence of God and a people hungry to encounter Him.”

Phil Wickham | Hymn of Heaven (Acoustic)

Phil Wickham releases his acoustic version of Hymn Of Heaven today! Unlike Phil’s House Sessions, feeling more raw and one-take-ish, the goal with this project was to reimagine Hymn Of Heaven in an acoustic way - something that people would love to have playing in the backyard of the quiet hours of their lives: early morning, putting their kids to bed, low-key walk in/walk out church service music, etc. Phil and his team did an amazing job giving these tracks the bare minimum they need to have their own dynamic and identity. Every track has its own “thing,” whether it’s choir vocals, piano, extra BGVs, synth line, or just acoustic guitar.


Since 1998, NEEDTOBREATHE have quietly emerged as a dynamic force in rock music, topping the charts, selling out historic venues, and garnering acclaim from Billboard, People, Rolling Stone, Forbes, and many more. Resources for "I Am Yours," "Who Am I," "Signature of Divine (Yahweh)," and "Washed By The Water" are now available! 

Central Live | Heaven's On The Move EP

Central Live began as the worship band at Central Church, one of the largest churches in the United States, rooted in the city of Las Vegas since 1962. With locations spanning across the U.S., Mexico, and Australia, in addition to many locations inside prisons through its partnership with God Behind Bars, Central Live uses the power of music to spread the message of Central: It’s okay to not be okay.

Black Voices Movement | Two Singles

Black Voices Movement is a collective of young black missionaries with a heart to see the black & minority voices amplified and the gospel go forth. "This is What It Looks Like" and "Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So" are now available! 

River Valley Worship | Sanctuary - Session

The second song from our session with River Valley Worship is live! The Minneapolis, MN based worship collective released “Sanctuary” in 2021 as their debut single. Resources are now available for our “Sanctuary” session and you can check out the video here!


Elevation Rhythm | Growing Pains (feat. Mitch Wong)

Hillsong Chapel | Yahweh

Gas Street Music | Keep On Proving It

Gateway Worship | Living God (feat. Zac Rowe)

Ben Fuller | Who I Am

Destiny Worship Music | Still My Mind

Life.Church Worship | Grace Upon Grace

Passion | What He's Done EP

Rebecca St. James | Kingdom Come

Rev Music | Harvest

Tauren Wells | Fake It (feat. Aaron Cole)

Williamette Music | True Love

Saddleback Worship | Alive & Well: No Limits

Jon Artis II | Chosen

VIVE Worship | This Is The Gospel

Worship Together | Grace Like Waters (Cafe Session)




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