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Tim Gosden | Spaces

The sound of a space is just as important as the drums themselves. Hit the drums hard and you’ll feel the explosive life a room creates as it thunders through the air. Tap them gently and the room will softly speak, creating a beautiful atmosphere.

These four bundles from Tim Gosden were sampled capturing not only the drums, but the natural reverb created in some uniquely charactered locations across Manchester. From massive drum hits to tight muted samples, The White Room, The Muted Room, The Stairwell, and The Warehouse will bring the authentic sound of these spaces to your mix.

The White Room

The White Room is an epic space, with hard white halls, high vaulted ceilings and natural brick. This epic sound is further enhanced with a huge marching bass drum, deep brass snare and super low floor tom. Each sample was recorded with the snare wires engaged, for added texture and character, and without, giving a cleaner and more focused sound.

The Muted Room

The Muted Room is all about opposites. Unlike the rest of this series, where I set out to find the biggest spaces possible, these drums were sampled in a tight, dry, muted space. You might be fooled into thinking that these samples just use close mics, but they’re mixed with a stereo pair of overhead mics to ensure that the drums sound punchy, tight and yet still have an amazing stereo width.

The Stairwell

The stairwell I used to sample these drums is incredible. Manchester is an amazing city, full of the heritage of the industrial revolution. All over the city are mills, warehouses and industrial spaces with all the original features still intact. With brick walls and a seemingly endless amount of stairs, these drums thunder through this unique space.

The Warehouse

When it comes to drums, bigger is ALWAYS better. When I put together this bundle I had one goal in mind… find the biggest drums in the biggest space, hit them hard, and cover my ears ready for the explosion! When it comes to worship music, it doesn’t get better than Truth Drums. This monster kit featuring a 24” Kick Drum, 13” Rack Tom, 16” Floor Tom and 18” Floor Tom sounds absolutely incredible. Partnered with a classic Ludwig 402 it’s easy to see why these samples have so much life and weight.

"Since many of us are using the Steven Slate Trigger plugin for your samples, I have included pre-mapped TCI files. Simple drag and drop and you’ll have the different velocity layers and round robins pre-mapped. It couldn’t be easier to audition sounds and create your perfect drum mix!"

Daniel Ferguson | Arctic & Ivy Murdoch

Instruments with character are essential for making music that moves people. Ivy Murdoch & Creation Series: Arctic from Daniel Ferguson are two bundles created with character in mind.

Sampled in a cottage in an old British village, Ivy Murdoch was created sampling a London Murdoch upright piano that has been loved, exhausted and worn for almost 100 years. This bundle captures the sound of dusty strings, clunky hammers and a warped soundboard, all of which combine to create a range of patches which sound just as realistic as they are broken.

Creation Series: Arctic is a reflection of harsh winters and bitter cold. These patches combine brittle cracking sounds with thick dark evolving pads to expand your palette by layering sounds together.

Each of these bundles is compatible with MainStage, Logic, StageReady, Ableton Live 10, and Kontakt.

Influence Music | Glory, Honor, Power

Writing songs is usually a laborious process for me that is filled with revisions and second guessing. Glory, Honor, Power was the exception to this rule. I woke up in the morning with a chorus in my head that was incredibly loud and clear. It sounded so familiar that I kept singing it to multiple people over the next few days trying to figure out what song it was. Finally, I ended up in a room with Tiffany Hudson and Jeff Pardo who confirmed that this tune didn’t exist yet and that we should give it a go!

As we dug into the lyrics of the chorus, we found ourselves revisiting Revelation 4.   This chapter paints a beautiful and detailed picture of exactly what is being said in Heaven at this very moment. The extravagant scene describes heavenly creatures pouring their thanks and adoration upon the Lord. In response, 24 elders lay their crowns at his feet and ascribe to him all Glory, Honor and Power. They can’t stop worshipping.

In the presence of God, our response becomes the same as theirs. I believe the Lord gave us this real-time insight into heaven so that we would know how to engage in throne-room worship, here and now. What better way is there to bring heaven to earth, then to actually sing the words being said in Heaven?

Our prayer it that this song would be a fast pass into his presence. He promises that he would inhabit the praises of his people. As we get into that pure and vertical place of worship, where we focus all our attention on admiring him – a beautiful exchange occurs. His thoughts for our thoughts. His life for ours. 

- Melody Noel  | Director of Influence Music

Aaron Robertson | The Juno: Horizon

The Juno: Horizon is a collection of sounds from Aaron Robertson’s personal Roland Juno 106, used on the Elevation Worship albums "There Is A Cloud," "Hallelujah Here Below," Graves Into Gardens," and "Doxology," and have become an integral part of Aaron’s sound. Filled with bright, gritty, bold, and energetic patches, this bundle encompasses the beauty of a light filled skyline, the feeling of being in the clouds and the mystery of dusk.

The third and final installment in Aaron’s “The Juno” series, this bundle is compatible with MainStage, StageReady, Logic Pro, Ableton Live Intro and Kontakt.

NEW RELEASES | week of 3/8/21

Anthony Evans | Yes I Will 2.0 

A Gospel recording artist whose music is informed by contemporary R&B, pop, and hip-hop as well as classic gospel, Anthony Evans is known for songs that merge a message of faith with a contemporary sound. Throughout a decade-and-a-half career of topping the Gospel charts, working on Grammy-winning projects, and even winning the ear of Christina Aguilera during his run on NBC’s The Voice, Evans has always maintained an unflinching authenticity in his creative pursuits. 

Jonathan Traylor | Medley

“I chose these two songs because their lyrics are powerful. For me, they aren't just songs; it’s a truth. I love Elevation Worship and Hillsong Worship. The power and truth in their songs inspired me. Christ gives us guaranteed victory. No matter how big the giant, no matter the obstacle, no matter the darkest night, we are guaranteed to see victory in Christ Jesus.”

Highlands Music | Thank You

Thank You is the latest single from Highlands Worship, the follow up to their last single “Heaven is My Home” and their latest full length release Jesus You Alone. This moving worship song brings a timeless and simple expression, "Thank you Jesus" into a dynamic and diverse musical setting.

Dante Bowe | joyful

"At a time when most of us have experienced change in nearly every area of our lives, some things remain constant. In his latest single, joyful, Dante Bowe reminds us that joy can certainly be one of them. Sweeping listeners into its gospel, R&B groove from the get-go, 'joyful' is a breath of fresh air at a time when we all need it. With lyrics that can’t help but put a skip in your step, Bowe declares the fact that all we have is today, the now, to make joy contagious."

Circuit Rider Music | I Will Praise

"'I Will Praise' started off as a spontaneous chorus while we were leading worship in Australia in 2017. This chorus rose as a declaration that reminded us that NOTHING can steal our praise. Nothing separates us from the love of God. NO circumstance, stronghold, pandemic, trial or hardship can steal our praise to Jesus. We are praying that this declaration brings people into a place of faith and praise to Jesus!”

Jonathan Traylor | See A Victory / What A Beautiful Name

“I chose these two songs because their lyrics are powerful. For me, they aren't just songs; it’s a truth. I love Elevation Worship and Hillsong Worship. The power and truth in their songs inspired me. Christ gives us guaranteed victory. No matter how big the giant, no matter the obstacle, no matter the darkest night, we are guaranteed to see victory in Christ Jesus.”

CeCe Winans | Believe For It

"Probably my favorite thing to do is worship in church, worship with my brothers and sisters. And to be able to create a record that people can do just that...especially for my first live record, I thought that would be an awesome way to do it and create songs people can just come together and worship on. I just believe it's going to be a blessing for people who hear it."

Influence Music | Glory, Honor, Power

"glory, honor, power is the first single off of our upcoming third album AGES. Delivered with Melody Noel’s fearless energy and Gilman’s soaring vocals, the song is a timely declaration of the glory, honor and power due to ‘the One who came and made a way.’ We pray that this song and album as a whole will reinvigorate your trust in the God of the AGES: the one who was and is and is to come!" 



Casting Crowns | Start Right Here (HGA Version)
I AM THEY | Christ Be Magnified
Aaron Shust | Isaiah 53
Crossroads Music | Conquered Grave

Unveiling Pad Player

This past Tuesday we unveiled Pad Player, and brand new feature coming to Playback. Pad Player provides continuous pads under every song, transition, and even follows you in unplanned moments. With features like Song Pads designed to match each specific song in your setlist, to full customization and live control, Pad Player ensures that you can plan with excellence and have the ability to respond to any moment.

To learn more about Pad Player, watch the video below:

Pad Player is currently available for Beta testers. To apply for our Beta program, sign up at this link.

Behind The Song | Charity Gayle's “Thank You Jesus For The Blood”

“But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far off have been brought near by the blood of Christ.” (Ephesians 2:13)

What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the Blood of Jesus. -- There is power, power wonder working power in the precious blood of the Lamb.—There, to my heart was the blood applied Glory to His Name.  When I was a young girl, I sang these words at the top of my lungs at my church. My Gammy played the B3, and my Dad would sing- My Mom and I sat on the very front row and I was taught from birth that worshiping God was a good thing. So I did, and I loved it. I loved God with my whole heart even at four years old, and though I didn’t fully comprehend the weight of the words I was singing, I believe the Lord delighted in it. It’s songs like those about the Blood that shaped who I am and my relationship with the Lord today. Songs full of truth and scripture and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The more life I live, the more I’m thankful for that precious blood of the Lamb. I’ve messed up and made plenty of mistakes but I am so thankful and grateful that Jesus bled, died, and rose again so that we may have eternal life with HIM, the Holy God, righteous and blameless even though we aren’t perfect. Being in relationship with God is such a precious gift.

So when we sat down and wrote Thank You Jesus for the Blood, we started by sharing what God has done for us and could truly say we were all lost but now we’re found and we just HAVE to thank Him for it. Our friend Steven began to play the keys and that reminiscent sound of the songs I sang as a child began to take shape in the song.

I invited my mother and two Italian aunties to help at this particular writer’s retreat, and as they were in the kitchen preparing an amazing meal for us, the music swept in and compelled them to join us in the room we were writing in. Tears ran down their faces as they heard ‘Thank You Jesus for the Blood’ come to life because they too were thankful for the blood that washed their sins away.

Just like the songs that have lived and continued to capture the hearts of multiple generations, our heartbeat as song writers is to pen lyric and melody that does the same.  I love how this song brought us all together in worship and thanksgiving. Unity in worship is the most beautiful thing and we can all relate to being sinners saved by grace.

- Charity Gayle

NEW Podcast Episode with Aodhan King (Hillsong Y&F)

Today we hear from Aodhan King of Hillsong Young & Free! He talks about how he loves the vehicle of song as a non-confrontational way to evangelize, the start of Young & Free, and how his worship and mission have always been intrinsically linked. 

He also speaks on their latest album All Of My Best Friends (Acoustic) — in particular "As I Am" and how it’s meant to express the inclusivity of God’s love. Young & Free is marked by a youthful and wild energy, but Aodhan reminds us that you don’t have to be young to connect with their music. All you need is a youthful spirit that God says we all have through Him.

Listen now on The Worship & Technology Podcast!

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