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NAMM 2021: Believe in Music

We are going (virtually) to NAMM 2021!

NAMM’s mission is to strengthen the music products industry while they envision a world in which the joy of making music is a precious element of daily living for everyone. 

his year's NAMM conference, historically held annually in LA and Nashville, is online, free and open to all. Worship and production teams can register for free and get access to: 

  • The latest gear and products from 1000+ brands
  • 80+ hours of exciting performances and programming
  • 150+ sessions to help improve your worship and audio production

Stop by our virtual booth for Believe in Music Week starting January 18th! Learn more about how we resource worship teams and set up a free consult with our sales team.

Learn more and register for free here.



New Releases from Passion

Passion released a pair of singles right as the world turned 2021. "Breakthrough Miracle Power" combats the dichotomous nature of feeling held back by personal inadequacies and knowing that God moves mountains. "You Are The Lord" declares the sovereign role in our lives only Christ can occupy. Both singles are available now!

"The last few hours have been filled with so many defining moments, but these two songs felt like a stake in the ground for us of truth, declaring who God is, that there is hope, and that He is always working. We couldn't leave this moment without sharing them with you all to declare over your year."

Happy New Year!

We are so grateful to have had another year resourcing you and your church this year. It goes without saying that this past year was unlike any other, and we are looking forward to 2021 with a unique sense of urgency and hope.

Happy New Year from!

Merry Christmas from all of us at!

From all of us here at, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas!

We hope your time today with family and friends is meaningful as you celebrate the miraculous birth of our Savior. May His hope, peace, joy and love fill your hearts and minds.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” - Isaiah 9:6

Maverick City Music & UPPERROOM | You Hold It All Together

Maverick City Music collaborates with UPPERROOM, delivering on their promise as a collective to exemplify the beautiful harmony when one experiences true belonging. With songs like "When I Lock Eyes With You," "Getting Ready," and "Remember," You Hold It All Together features incredible new songs for your congregation to sing in the new year, led by Chandler Moore, Elyssa Smith, Joel Figueroa, Naomi Raine, Brandon Lake, and more.

Original Master MultiTracks for their album You Hold It All Together are now available! 

Peter James | Best Of: Vol. 1

NEW for StageReady! Peter James has hand-selected 20 of his favorite sounds from past bundles and formatted them for integration into your StageReady library. The bundle Best Of: Vol. 1 features top sounds from Ultimate Analog Collection, OB Pop/Alternative Collection, Analog Atmospheres, and Ultimate MainStage Collection 4. 

Combine 8bit plucks, synths, cinematic pads, organs, and more with your favorite sounds to create the sounds that right for you when you need it. While these are some of Peter’s favorite sounds, they’ve also been selected to cover a wide range of genres and styles, equipping you with everything you need for any given set. Explore these sounds today!

Mosaic MSC | Human (Deluxe)

“Releasing our album HUMAN with three additional songs gives us the chance to engage with people in fresh ways,” shares Mosaic MSC. “We recorded HUMAN at the beginning of this year and couldn’t have imagined what would be in store – getting to offer new moments of joy, gratitude and hope through songs like “Millions” is an opportunity we don’t take for granted.”

Pick up the Original MultiTracks and other worship-leading resources for "Millions," "Not Going Back," and "Maker of the Heavens" today! 

Jordan Feliz | Say It

Topping the Billboard Christian Albums chart when his sophomore LP, FUTURE, released in 2018, Jordan Feliz trajectory for the new album was fraught with personal trials after success began to feel less like a blessing and more like a burden. Feliz suffered his first panic attack as he and his wife, Jamie, welcomed their second child and as he struggled to carry the weight of the spotlight and the livelihoods of multiple families connected to his career on his shoulders.

“It’s like all your dreams kind of get handed to you, but there’s really no fulfillment in it, and I realized that it was because everything was out of alignment for me,” the singer reveals. “Nothing was in the right place in my heart or in my mind. I felt like I was letting a lot of people down.”

Realigning his priorities and surrendering his anxiety to God, the hitmaker entered the studio to craft his third full-length project, Say It, with a renewed sense of identity and purpose.

Original Master MultiTracks for the entire album, including "Wounds," "Next To Me"," and "Glorify" are now available!


“I’ve worked harder for this record than I’ve worked for almost anything in my life,” says Feliz. “With these songs, I want to encourage people to talk more about the beauty and the miracles that God does in our lives when we invite Him into our struggles…this record is all about what God has done in my life.”

Co-produced by Feliz’s longtime collaborator Colby Wedgeworth and Jordan Mohilowski, Say It blends pop, Gospel and soul while offering some of the artist’s most transparent lyrics to date.

The album’s lead single “Glorify,” which is No. 3 and climbing the Billboard AC/CHR chart this week, features Jordan’s recognizable falsetto along with a full gospel choir. Two separate remix versions of the song feature multi-Platinum-selling recording artists Lecrae and TobyMac.

While “Glorify” is more of a proclamation than a confession, other tracks on Say It find Feliz mining personal experience, including the poignant “Wounds,” which reveals the singer working through a past trauma.

“I realized that I hadn’t dealt with an old wound, something that I had been holding on to for a really long time,” he shares. “I’m realizing that it’s such a common thing to have a really, really deep cut on your heart that people don’t want to take to Jesus. It’s almost like we feel like God won’t love us if we do; but I believe in a God who, when we invite Him into those places, He will heal us.”

With today’s pop dance release, “Next To Me,” Feliz shares in Parade’s premiere of the live performance video that “this song is a push to give Him all your baggage, your ego, control and whatever else you think you should hide away. Because when you do, you find yourself closer to the Father than you ever thought possible.”

Along with the new video, Parade unveiled the new album cover. “The Say It cover is a reminder that our true focus should be building the Kingdom everyday with our actions, with our words and with our worship,” shares Feliz. “Even though life can give temporary fulfillment with money, trophies, clothes, jewelry and other worldly trinkets, nothing fulfills more than letting all of that fade and fall, only to rise to lift the name above all names, Jesus.”

Looking to the hope of heaven is a theme that appears throughout the new album. “We were meant to thrive here, but we’re not meant to be here forever,” Feliz asserts. “It’s OK to feel out of place. It’s OK to feel like you’re not OK right now. It’s OK to have all those feelings, because we’re human, and we’re meant for heaven; we were created for that.”

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