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Accurate charts are now at your fingertips.

A Dynamic Chart App for Worship Teams

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  • Musician
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  • Music Director

ChartBuilder® allows you and your team members to endlessly customize Charts using convenient filters like Key, Capo, Numbers, Numerals, Layout, Song Map, MD Notes, and more.

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All access for everyone.

Through your ChartBuilder® Content Subscription, your entire team will receive access to any Chart in our catalog.

Never Lose SightThere Is MoreThere Is A CloudStarlightHave It AllWe Will Not Be ShakenWorthy of Your NameGlory & WonderHere As In HeavenCovered: Alive in Asia

Match the arrangement. Every time.

Ever been halfway through rehearsal and you realize the chart doesn’t match the recording? Our Charts are written to accurately match the arrangement and reflect the correct chords.

Preparing for Sunday just got easier.

ChartBuilder Features
  • Browse our chart library or load a setlist
  • Change key or add a capo
  • Choose your chart type, chord display, and more

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ChartBuilder® is comprised of two subscriptions: A ChartBuilder® Content Subscription and a ChartBuilder® App Subscription. A single ChartBuilder® Content Subscription is required for each organization ($9.99 per month) for an unlimited amount of users. This gives you and your team access to our entire catalog of Charts. Your first App Subscription is included free with the purchase of your Content Subscription. Roll additional ChartBuilder® App Subscriptions ($1.99 per month) for other team members into your initial subscription price or enable access at any time. We are confident that ChartBuilder® will work for you and your team, so try both subscriptions free for 30 days.

Unlimited Charts with Chartbuilder
  • Access our entire chart library
  • Endless chart customizations
  • Load and create setlists
  • Change key and add a capo
Team Members
Total Price Estimate
*Includes content subscription of $9.99/mo. Includes ChartBuilder app subscription of $1.99/mo for each additional team member.
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