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NEW RELEASES | Week of 3/14/22

TAYA | For All My Life

“For the past 2 years I’ve been working on this, my debut album, self-titled intentionally. Some people may know my voice but for the first time ever I get to share with you in my own words and my own melodies, who Jesus is to me. It’s an old school, 14-track record full of stories about the faithfulness of God, His kingdom, His kindness and His mercy."

Phil Wickham | Reason I Sing (Acoustic)

The goal with the upcoming Hymn of Heaven (Acoustic) project was to create a new version of the album, re-imagined in an acoustic way: something that people would love to have playing in the quiet hours of their lives. "It was a joy to create, and we hope you enjoy listening!" Resources are now available! 

The Recording Collective | Thank You Jesus For The Blood

We hope this gospel-arranged rendition, featuring Onaje Jefferson on lead vocals and Charlin Neal on harmonies, will serve your churches well this Easter season. Charity Gayle, who wrote this song alongside Bryan McCleery, David Gentiles, Steven Musso, and Ryan Kennedy, has said: "It’s songs like these about the Blood that shaped who I am and my relationship with the Lord today. Songs full of truth and scripture and the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

The Belonging Co | Jesus Over Everything (MultiTracks Session)

“Jesus Over Everything” was released in 2021 as part of their album, See The Light (Live). “Throughout all the growth and change, the heart of our church has remained the same, and that's leading people to an encounter with Jesus that changes everything,” says Andrew Holt.

LOFI Worship | Volume 2

LOFI Worship creates instrumental versions of your favorite worship songs. It's the perfect sonic backdrop for the start of a worship gathering or for focus, study and prayer. Volume 2 features “Wait On You,” “Resurrecting,” “Who You Say I Am," and more. Follow along @lofi.worship. You can submit a song request here!

Kristene DiMarco | Gravity 

"'Gravity' is about feeling it all — the brutal with the beautiful. It’s an acknowledgement that we believe our experienced pain means that we are weak, and that our King, who carried the heaviest burden to the cross, is uncomfortable under the gravity of our grief. Our reality is that He is there in those moments of pain and confusion, and He has walked with us under the 'Gravity' of every situation."



Austin Stone Worship | Hope Is Awake

Demarcus Kelly | What Shall I Fear

Gatherhouse Music | Right Now (In The Name of Jesus)

Life.Church Worship | Grace Upon Grace

Mosaic MSC | Unexpected Roads

Vertical Worship | One and Only Jesus

Matthew West | Me On Your Mind

North Point Worship | Prodigals

29:11 Worship | Say It Again

Canyon Hills Worship | Mercy of Jesus

Elias Dummer, Sandra McCracken | See Clearly

Honor & Glory | Honor & Glory

Jimmy McNeal | We Sing

Shelly E. Johnson | Living In Your Goodness

Bryan McCleery | A Love That Remains

Vineyard Worship | Breathe In, Sing Out




NEW RELEASES | Week of 3/7/22

The Belonging Co | Firm Foundations (He Won't)

“Firm Foundation is a song of joyful confidence; because those of us who build our life on Jesus Christ, the solid rock, will not be shaken. In Matthew 7 Jesus says when we listen and apply his teaching, it’s like a wise man who builds his house on the rock. The rain may come and the wind may blow, but the house will not fall because its foundation is the rock. This version is special! I led it live at our church conference and it’s the first weekend it was ever led.” - Cody Carnes

for KING & COUNTRY | What Are We Waiting For?

Set against a sonic backdrop painted by the platinum-selling group’s lush, vivid pop, the collection features cameos from tourmate Dante Bowe, Kirk Franklin and Tori Kelly and includes barrier-breaking single “Relate,” awe-inspiring “Love Me Like I Am” and unifying No. 1 hit “TOGETHER.”

The Clark Sisters | The Return

The daughters of renowned Gospel musician and choral director, Mattie Moss Clark, they have been singing and performing together since 1966. The Return encompasses a retro sound with an edgy 2020 finish that carries this legendary family in to yet another decade of chart topping music that will last for years to come.


“The world is constantly trying to teach us what love is — you get love from a bunch of likes on social media, from the way you dress, or the things you say,” Davide Mutendji of ELEVATION RHYTHM continues. “And our message is, let’s go back to the essence of what real love is. We have a God who loves you regardless of what you do, where you go, or who you end up becoming. He loves you for the essence of who you are.” "Fake Love" is available now! 

Rend Collective | As For Me

"How we talk about our faith in our families matters. The way we model the love of God to our kids in our interactions with each other and even in situations that provoke us leave a lasting legacy. We’ll be the first to say we don’t always get it right, but we have a firm foundation in the love and grace of Jesus Christ. The kind of foundation that can last generations. We hope this song encourages you and your families!" — Rend Collective



Blessing Offor | Brighter Days

Dupree | He Can Do Anything

Jefferson | Only Be Jesus

Dan Bremnes | Hold You Tight

Destiny Worship Music | It Is Finished (Deluxe)

New Life Worship | Over It All

Sovereign Grace Music  | Unchanging God Vol. I

ICF Worship | Here's to the One We Love (EP)

Jordan St. Cyr | Jordan St. Cyr

Switch | Better View, Part II

Maximilian | Holy Spirit

Meg Ammons | Morning By Morning

Williamette Music | God of Creation



NEW RELEASES | Week of 2/28/22

Elevation Worship | LION

"There’s a lyric in the song ‘LION’ that sings ‘like a lamb you suffered, but the lion has arose. Thank God for Jesus! Who did the unexpected when he took hell’s keys, not with a forceful militant attack, but through his own crucifixion. The Lion conquered by suffering as the sacrificial lamb. We pray this album finds you on good days and bad ones. On mountains and in valleys. And we pray you hear the shout of God’s authority and holiness as you listen, alongside the whisper of his approval and love for you"

Jonathan David & Melissa Helser | The Land I'm Livin' In (Live)

The complete album from Jonathan and Melissa Helser, The Land I’m Livin’ In, is now available! It was recorded on the land in North Carolina where the Helsers have poured the last two decades into cultivating community and discipleship. In approaching this album, Jonathan and Melissa wanted the sound of testimony that they’ve fought for on this land to ring through the music.

River Valley Worship | Hope Has A Name (Session)

Resources from our first session with River Valley Worship are now available! "Hope Has A Name" was first released on their 2018 record Million Lifetimes. "My prayer is we always seek hope that the best is yet to come. In that, we come to realize our need for a Savior, which is precisely why the way of Jesus is good news. Hope has a name, and His name is Jesus!"

ReFRESH Worship | Cry Out

“Cry Out” is a song of celebration and triumph that encourages believers to remember the goodness of God despite the challenges in the world. Refresh Worship consists of six to sixteen diverse millennials who call Fresh Start Christian Center their home church.

Blanca & Dante Bowe | Healing

A confident declaration of hope, “The Healing (feat. Dante Bowe)” serves as Blanca’s latest anthem of restoration following a painful season of loss. The songstress wrote the pulsating pop selection as a testimony to the healing she’s experienced in her own heart. Her soaring vocal range is on full display alongside Bowe’s unmistakable raspy tone. They remind listeners that the God who holds the stars and moon in place is the same God who ignites healing in our very souls. 



Elenee Young | As You Are

The Fellowship Creative| The Church

Hey Girl | Anne Wilson

Ethan Hulse | Song Sessions-EP

North Point Worship | God Is Love

Mainstream Worship | Better Than Mine

Michael Bethany | Walk With You

Shelly E. Johnson | Power of the Cross

Vineyard Worship | Your Dwelling Place

Watermark Music | Sing Hallelujah (Deluxe)

Movement Worship | Devotion

Switch | Better View, Part I



NEW RELEASES | Week of 2/21/22

Brooke Ligertwood | SEVEN

“In the opening chapter of the book of Revelation, the apostle John is instructed to write down what he sees and to send the letters to the seven churches,” says Ligertwood. “The words come from Christ, who we read is “standing among” the seven lampstands, which represent the church. ‘SEVEN’ is so-named because of this. I have simply written down what I have been given to write, and now send it to the church, which the Lord Jesus would remind us He stands right in the middle of.”

The Belonging Co | Everything Is Changing

"Everything is Changing (feat. Shantrice Laura)" is The Belonging Co's newest release off of their upcoming album, Here. "This live worship moment encapsulates the message of freedom, hope, and joy found when we encounter the presence of God. It is a timely reminder that one moment with Jesus can change everything."

The Recording Collective | Gospel Classics

The Recording Collective is back with a new compilation album filled with gospel favorites. This 13-song album features "Hosanna" by Kirk Franklin, "To Worship You I Live" by Israel Houghton, "Freedom" by Eddie James and "Everlasting God" by William Murphy to name a few.

Church of the City | Jesus Is Risen

Jesus Is Risen, the new EP from Church of the City is available now! Church of the City is a family of churches spread across the Nashville, Tennessee area that seeks to pursue the way of Jesus for the renewal of the city. "We're so excited to share these songs, and we hope they bless you where you are."

UPPERROOM + Toma Tu LugarTo the One Who is Seated on the Throne

"Our community is built around this rhythm of life: coming into His presence with thanksgiving and praise, agreeing with who He is through worship and agreeing with what He will do through prayer." Their latest song based on Revelation 4, "To the One Who is Seated on the Throne," is now available!

Church of the City | I Have Seen the Lord

This song is inspired by John 20:11-18, which walks through the story of the first account of Jesus risen from the tomb. "We hope you’re able to look back and see where God was present, reminding you that your story is still being written."

Central Live | Love Has Won

Their latest single "Love Has Won" is now available! This song is great for the Easter season, speaking on the ultimate love and sacrifice that conquered death. "Death is the fear you’ve overcome / It is finished it is done / I’m with you / Love has won."

Mosaic MSC | This Is How I Thank The Lord

“How can you possibly show gratitude to someone who loves you endlessly and forgives you effortlessly?” explains Mariah McManus Goss. “There have never been and will never be enough words to properly thank Jesus for everything he is to us. “This is How I Thank the Lord” is our honest and simple promise that our worship, our songs, and our lives will be our constant ‘thank you’.”



David Leonard | Every Hour

7 Hills Worship | Holy Eyes

Honor & Glory | Honor & Glory


Flourish Music | Acoustic Sessions, Vol. 1

Katy Weirich | More

Love & The Outcome | I'll Find You

Metro Life Worship | Overcome

Paul Baloche | A Greater Song

Unspoken | Love Is Everything We Need

Rock City Worship | Glory Fills This Room



New Podcast Episode with DOE

On the heels of her debut album CLARITYDOE joins us for an episode on bridging the worlds of secular and worship music.

An artist that coalesces several genres into one, DOE declares that “God reigns in both the secular and Christian worlds” and explores the fact that when you communicate with people in the language they speak in, you can reach them more fully.

We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did! Resources for CLARITY are now available!

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NEW RELEASES | Week of 2/14/22

Elevation Worship | This Is The Kingdom

"This Is The Kingdom" features worship leader Pat Barrett on this anthem directly lifting Scripture from Matthew 5. The Beatitudes lay the foundation for this ten-minute-long song that spills over into a second track filled with more spontaneous, free-flowing worship. "Pat carries this song so personally that it's hands down one of my favorite tracks on the album," shares Chris Brown of Elevation Worship. "It was a beautiful moment the night of the recording and I'm happy that everyone gets to experience all 14 powerful minutes."

DOE | Clarity

Over the course of experimenting beyond her prayer music roots, DOE has crafted a unique sound that defies strict definition. She is ready to welcome everyone into her fearless world with Clarity, her debut album, which is available now! The project borrows its title from one of the 11 tracks comprising the timely and cohesive package.

Phil Wickham | Hymn of Heaven (Radio Version)

“This song has been very close to my heart from the moment it was written, and I’m so thrilled to be partnering with radio to bring the hope that this song carries into peoples lives over the radio waves,” Wickham shared on social media. “We’ve re-recorded this version from top to bottom and I can’t wait for you to hear it.”

Passion | Burn Bright

"We are so excited that our new album Burn Bright is out for everyone to hear," shares Kristian Stanfill of Passion. "We love that it has so many live moments from Passion 2022, songs of offering from our team and friends that are all about one name - Jesus. We’ll never stop singing songs about the cross and the love of God! It’s incredible to listen to these songs and to hear the sound of a generation singing to Jesus, moments where He comes in the room and does something supernatural and miraculous that only He can do!”

KingsPorch | Saints & Angels (Sessions)

Our second session with KingsPorch is live! The Austin, TX based worship collective released “Saints & Angels” in 2021 as their debut single. "I can't wait to be in the throne room joyfully proclaiming these words to my King! For now I'll be singing Saints & Angels and envisioning how glorious that day will be. We are so thankful for this song and honored to sing these words to Jesus!”Resources are now available for our “Saints & Angels” session and you can check out the video here!

for KING & COUNTRY | Love Me Like I Am

Awe-inspiring “Love Me Like I Am” is the third single on for KING & COUNTRY’s forthcoming LP, What Are We Waiting For?, available everywhere March 11th. On the mid-tempo selection—written by Joel and Luke Smallbone, Josh Kerr and Michael Pollack—the brothers wear their heart on their sleeve, vulnerably admitting that they don’t understand a love that stays without strings.

Gateway Worship | I Need You (feat. Jessie Harris)

Gateway Worship is the primary worship expression for Dallas-based Gateway Church, one of the largest and most influential churches in North America, ministering to over 40,000 attendees across multiple campuses and tens of thousands more online each week.


Citipointe Worship | The Good Thief (Hallelujah)

Ethan Hulse | Evidence

Ernstly Etienne | Remnant

Milestone Worship | Faithful

Passion | Live From Rehearsals - EP

Justin Tweito | Temple

Maria Hilman | Search My Heart

Return Worship | Taken

Stars Go Dim | Grace In The Wilderness

Rebecca St. James | Praise

Shelly E. Johnson | My Peace Is Jesus



NEW RELEASES | Week of 2/7/22

Maverick City Music | Breathe EP

Maverick City Music celebrates Black History Month 2022 with the release of the Breathe EP. The celebratory EP features the signature vocals of beloved Maverick City Music artist Joe L Barnes, Maryanne J. George, Naomi Raine, Chandler Moore and Dante Bowe backed by the Mav City Gospel Choir.

The Belonging Co | Because of Christ

The Belonging Co announces their fourth live album, Here, set to release March 25th! A diverse group of worship leaders have made The Belonging Co their home church and are among those who make up The Belonging Co worship team. This album is a reflection of live worship moments that were captured within the church with the hope of bringing listeners into a personal encounter with God. The first single from the upcoming record, "Because of Christ," is now available! 

Martin Smith | Dancing in the Fire

Martin Smith has released his new album, Dancing in the Fire! "Martin Smith’s life and career have always been an open book. From the life-threatening road accident he was involved in his twenties, to the voice and heart of Delirious? the father of six has always talked candidly about his experiences.

LOFI Worship | Vol. 1

LOFI Worship creates instrumental versions of your favorite worship songs. It's the perfect background music for the start to a worship gathering or music to listen to while you read or study. Volume 1 features “Jireh,” “Way Maker,” “Yes I Will,” “Graves into Gardens,” and “Homecoming.” Follow along @lofi.worship. More music to come!

Jonathan David & Melissa Helser | The Land I'm Livin' In

The Land I’m Livin’ In is a new live album from Jonathan and Melissa Helser. Recorded on the land in North Carolina where the Helsers have poured the last two decades into cultivating community and discipleship, Jonathan and Melissa wanted the sound of testimony that they’ve fought for on this land to ring through the music. With that in mind, they decided to fill the room with alumni from their discipleship schools and worship alongside a company of musicians and friends who have journeyed with them for years.

Jabari Johnson | One Touch

Stellar Award-winning gospel artist Jabari Johnson newest album One Touch is now available! Jabari s currently the lead guitarist at The Potter’s House under the leadership of Bishop T.D. Jakes in Dallas, TX, and has had the privilege of playing/singing for award-winning artists such as: Kierra Sheard, Myron Williams, John P Kee, Myron Butler, Tye Tribbett, J.J. Hairston, Tasha Cobbs Leonard and more. 


Arrows | The Lion Still Roars

Pat Barrett | Morning By Morning (I Will Trust)

Derek Williams | The Resurrected Christ

Alisha Quinonez | Make Room- EP

FRVR Free | If You Say So

Jordan St. Cyr | Grateful

Harborside Music | Temple

Switch | Covered

iEC Live | Greater Than It All

Influence Music | Glory, Honor, Power (Studio Version)

Rock City Worship | Glory Fills The Room

Shelly E. Johnson | Move in Miracles



New Podcast Episode with Aaron Ivey

Our first podcast episode of 2022 is a special one. Songwriter, father, husband, mentor and worship pastor at The Austin Stone, Aaron Ivey joins us to speak on the crucial topic of Racial Reconciliation and how it is intrinsically linked with the message of the Gospel.

Our host Chris Baker and Aaron are both a part of multicultural families and they share how that has influenced their worship leading, preaching and how they live life. “Reconciliation is what we’re told heaven will look like. Why wait for heaven to have true reconciling happen?”

Check out this convicting conversation today!

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