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Playback Rentals

Rent from over 7,000 MultiTracks in Playback for an affordable monthly price.

More Affordable Than Ever

Rent a high quality MultiTrack directly in Playback. Weekly rentals give you access to MultiTracks exactly when you need them.

MasterLiving Hope
MasterLet There Be Light
MasterLet It Echo
MasterHere As In Heaven
MasterWe Will Not Be Shaken
MasterHave It All
MasterWorthy of Your Name
MasterAll The Earth
MasterBright Faith Bold Future
MasterGlory & Wonder
MasterYouth Revival
MasterWe Are Young & Free (Live)
MasterThere Is A Cloud
MasterWhole Heart
MasterThere Is More

Browse and Discover

Choose from over 7,000 MultiTracks. Browse by themes & genres. Filter by key & tempo. Preview directly in Playback. Discover new songs that are perfect for your service.

Simple and Easy

Building a library of MultiTracks requires an upfront investment. Rental Subscriptions are the easiest way to get started with MultiTracks in Playback.

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MultiTracks are all of the individual parts or "stems" that make up a song. Created from the original master recording, available in 8 keys and engineered for live performance.Watch the tutorial

Pioneering A New Level of Access

Ten years ago, we pioneered access to original artist recordings in a downloadable stem format. Because of great partnerships with labels and artists, we’ve been able to serve churches with a resource that has enhanced their sound and made songs more accessible for a broader range of congregations.

Today we’re pioneering access to MultiTracks in a rental format that allows affordable monthly access. Thanks to the support of our licensing partners we’re working together once again to innovate a platform to make MultiTracks more accessible for churches around the world.

How Rentals Works


Choose a plan that's right for you. No annual commitment, cancel at any time.

Watch the tutorial


Search, browse, and preview songs in Playback and on Discover new artists and top songs.

Watch the tutorial


Rent a MultiTrack in Playback. Each rental is uniquely watermarked to your account and tied to your device for 7 days.

Watch the tutorial


Perform with confidence. Songs are downloaded to your device, no need to stay connected when performing.

Watch the tutorial

Share With Your Leaders

Give multiple leaders in your organization access to your rental subscription. Rentals count per device, but subscriptions may be shared. Learn more about adding people.


16Up to 16 Rentals
per month
$59.99per month*
20Up to 20 Rentals
per month
$74.99per month*
25Up to 25 Rentals
per month
$89.99per month*
30Up to 30 Rentals
per month
$99.99per month*
*Additional rentals are given on months with 5 Sundays

Bundle with RehearsalMix and save $10.00

Bundle and Save

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I rent or purchase MultiTracks?

If you’re new to MultiTracks we suggest getting started with a Playback Rentals Subscription. If you’re a large church with a large existing catalog of content, it may make sense to continuing to purchase MultiTracks and share those with your team using Team Sharing if you use Playback. For a custom plan tailored to the size of your team, we encourage you to reach out to our support team.

Will I need to rent songs that I’ve already purchased?

No. If you’ve already purchased a song you’ll be able to use that song without using one of your available rentals. Playback will recognize the song is in your Purchased Library and will prevent you from using a rental.

Can I give other worship leaders on my team access to my subscription?

Absolutely! As long as you’re sharing with team members that are at the same church location, you can give them access to your Playback Rentals Subscription. Every song they rent will use an available rental. You can enable and disable rental access for any leader on your team at any time. Any songs they’ve already rented will remain active until that rental time expires. Rentals are per device and cannot be shared across multiple devices.

Can I upgrade to another rental plan if I run out of rentals?

You can upgrade to a higher plan at any point in the month. If you need more rentals you can upgrade to a higher plan and get access to those rentals immediately.

I need more than 30 Rentals a month. Can I rent more songs?

If you need more than 30 rentals a month, please contact us for a custom rental subscription. We can give you a price for a custom plan that fits your team.

Can I use my rentals in another software?

Playback Rentals are only available in Playback. This allows us to uniquely tie each song to your account and device. This also allows us to offer original artist master recordings at such an affordable price.

Should I use Playback Rentals to rehearse my team?

You could do so, but this would not be your most affordable option. We recommend sharing your rental subscriptions with leaders or music directors that are choosing songs for your services and downloading them to Playback to lead in a service. For rehearsal, we’d recommend pairing your Playback Rental Subscription with RehearsalMix® which allows you to send these same parts to your team. For a limited time you can sign up for both and receive $10.00 off every month which is a great value! Bundle and Save.

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