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Go live with confidence.

Unlock the full power of Playback for your entire worship team.

Included in the Live Bundle

Playback Premium

A multitrack player custom built for simplicity and live performance.

Cloud Pro

Store all of your resources and upload your own Tracks with up to 1 TB of storage.

Song Pads

500+ song specific pads in the Playback App

Playback Team Sharing

Connect your entire team to the resources they need every week.

Available on MacOS, iPadOS, and iOS

Bring your production to the next level with automation.

Fade instruments in and out or mute tracks at specific points in the timeline with automation, giving you a dynamic mix every time.

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Give your team the remote.

From the stage to the booth, your team can easily share control with Playback Remote.

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Edit, save, and share arrangements and setlists.

With Cloud Pro, you can make the changes on the fly and instantly send updates to your team across devices.

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A pad for each song in your setlist.

The Pad Player links to your setlist, following song keys and transitions so you can stay in the moment.

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Josh Maze

Playback has done to worship stems what Apple did to the cell phone. It's sleek, simple, top tier quality, user friendly, and genius. I'm a believer.

All the tools you need for live performance
Starting at
$29.99 / mo
Paid Annually

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between the Live Bundle, Rehearse Bundle, and MultiTracks One?

    The Live Bundle includes the tools needed to plan and run setlists with confidence in the Playback app, while the Rehearse bundle resources your team with content and tools to both prepare ahead of time and be on the same page during rehearsals and services. The MultiTracks One bundle includes everything in the Live and Rehearse Bundles, and pairs it with the content and licensing needs. It's the full suite of products, in one subscription price.

  • What happened to Cloud Pro Plus and Premium?

    All the features and savings of the Cloud Pro Plus subscription are now available as the Live Bundle, and the Cloud Pro Premium subscription has been discontinued.

  • Does the Live Bundle include all the tracks I need in Playback?

    No. The Live bundle includes all of the tools and features to plan and run Playback setlists with confidence. Content needs to be purchased, rented, or uploaded separately. Optionally, upgrade from the Live bundle to the MultiTracks One bundle to get the best value and also have access to rentals in Playback.

  • What does the Live Bundle include?

    The Live Bundle includes: Playback Premium, everything in Cloud Pro, Song Specific Ambient Pads, Playback Named Arrangements, additional Playback Team Sharing Seats, additional cloud storage, ProPresenter MIDI cues, and MainStage/Ableton Song Specific Patch MIDI Cues.

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