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Easter Devotionals 2023

This Holy Week, we have messages everyday from worship leaders and pastors sharing a personal message on how each day Jesus displayed his humility, sacrifice, and glory. We hope these devotionals encourage you and serve your church as you continue to build the kingdom of heaven. Hear messages from Brooke Ligertwood, Phil Wickham, Chris Tomlin and more!

Easter Devotionals 2023



NEW RELEASES | Week of 3/27/23

JJ Hairston | Believe Again Vol. II

Every track is reminiscent of a personal moment with God regardless of where the listener may be in their relationship with God. Whether just accepting Christ or continuing a long-term relationship, all Christians want the same thing - to believe in and experience the amazing life-changing power of God. JJ shares: "Faith is a choice, and we hope the album will inspire people to choose God."

Red Rocks Worship | Good Plans

Inspired by Psalm 23, "It became the focal point of every word that we wrote for that song," worship leader Kory Miller explains. "I'm really excited for this song to release. It feels like a major personal revelation that turned into a corporate revelation for our church."


We are on this earth to share the Good News before we are called home. This song reminds listeners of who God has created us to be and encourages people to praise Him in all that He has done!

Highlands Worship | Already Won

Highlands Worship shares: "We pray that these lyrics, 'we put our faith in things we have not yet seen, this battle is already won,' would be true in all of our lives, in every circumstance."

Cochren & Co. | Running Home

"I started the process for this album with the desire to expand our borders sonically and deepen the honesty of our lyrics. It was a true joy to create, and I pray it brings you joy, hope, and some windows-down-cranked-up-stereo fun as you listen."


Bridge Music | All That I Know

Crossroads Music | I Will Remember

Red Worship | Come Alive

Skye Reedy | Countenance





New Podcast Episode with Israel Houghton

“Strength is for service not status.”

Israel Houghton is a Grammy award-winning recording artist, songwriter, producer and worship leader, as well as a composer and multi-instrumentalist. He formed Israel & New Breed in 1995, which was started to be more of a movement than a music group.

Chris Baker has a unique interview perspective as he’s been a part of Camp New Breed for years. They discuss the origins of New Breed and how stewarding the longevity of a cross-cultural movement comes from practicing the presence of God and always having the posture of a disciple.

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NEW RELEASES | Week of 3/20/23

Elevation Worship | More Than Able

"This song has meant so much to our church the past few months...We pray that it serves as a reminder that God is more than able to do the impossible in your life - no matter your situation."

Forward City & Travis Greene | Watch Him Turn It

Forward City & Travis Greene's latest single, "Watch Him Turn It," is available now. This song reminds people of God's authority and faithfulness in turning all things into good things! We serve a good and powerful God who is using every detail to build the kingdom!

Planetshakers | The Rock

Featuring Planetshakers’ Joth Hunt along with GRAMMY-nominated and Dove Award-winning Jordan Sapp and Krissy Nordhoff, "The Rock" leads listeners into praising God for the firm foundation he provides. His presence and faithfulness will never leave us!

Stockholm Worship | Other Side

Stockholm Worship shares: "These songs were created in our Church, and we have sung them for a while which has brought fresh life and faith to our people. We are so excited to finally invite other people and churches to sing along. We pray that they bless you and your church."


Abbie Gamboa | eyes locked on the king

Crossroads Music | Oh the Power

Kelontae Gavin | Live Again

Women Who Worship | Women Who Worship





NEW RELEASES | Week of 3/13/23

Bethel Music | Come Up Here

Bethel Music shares: "Come Up Here is an invitation. It's a heavenly summons to see what He sees, to feel His heart beat, to breathe in His air: to catch a glimpse of His majesty and all that is to come. This album, recorded in the Redwoods of California, is our collective 'eyes up' in full amazement and awe of God’s glory, and it is our personal invitation for you to 'Come Up Here' and do the same."

Shane & Shane | Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs

Shane & Shane share: “There’s a theme in these songs and it’s the same theme in everything that we do. We use the scriptures to remind ourselves that Jesus has won and He’s given us a way when there was no way. This album, from the recording itself to the lyrics of the songs, points to Jesus. As we seek Him, He answers. It’s cool to experience this together and on this specific night in Lynchburg we did.”

Jesus Culture, Bryan & Katie Torwalt, and Lindy Cofer | Look To The Lamb

This song captures the reason why we sing praises to God, to glorify Him because He is worthy. Not only did He sacrifice His son, but He has promised to return, and in the midst, we are to  "look to the lamb."

JJ Hairston | You Deserve It + Reminder

Featuring Cecily Hennigan and Deon Kipping, these songs remind people of God's authority and sing praise to who He is. Resources are available now!

Naomi Raine | One Name (Jesus)

In Jesus' name there is healing and there is freedom. There is one name that holds power over every living thing. This song worships Jesus for the grace He demonstrated when sacrificing Himself for our sins.


Cody Carnes | Who Is This Man

Erik Nieder | Miracle Maker

Lauren Daigle | Thank God I Do

Mitch Wong | Burial





New Podcast Episode with Matt Redman


“We don’t just worship the God of today (the God who is) - we worship the God of yesterday, today and forever.”

Matt Redman is a GRAMMY®-Award winning worship leader and songwriter who has been a leading contributor to the global Church’s songbook over the last 20 years. He joins us to speak on the evolution of songwriting in the worship space (the growth of co-writing and how it’s being taken more seriously) and how the theme of the cross has been a common thread throughout his career. He shares his excitement though for having the theme of the resurrection (and the joy and freedom it brings) be more a part of songs today.

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NEW RELEASES | Week of 3/6/23

Passion | I've Witnessed It

Passion's album, I've Witnessed It, is here! Recorded live at the Passion Conference, 30,000 students worshiped the Lord in the midst of these songs. Melodie Malone of Passion shares: "We sing to remind our souls of the character of the one we worship and to help resuscitate a faith in desperate need of hope.”

Phil Wickham | Sunday Is Coming

Available a week early and exclusively on, Phil Wickham has released his upcoming single, "Sunday Is Coming!" Phil shares: "I hope this song is a blessing to you and your church this Easter season, but even beyond as we remember what Jesus did for us on the cross, the grave is empty and there is victory in Him!"

Forward City | I Remember (feat. Travis Greene & Titus Tucker)

Forward City's latest single, "I Remember," is available now! Featuring Travis Greene and Titus Tucker, this song reminds listeners that God made all things new and praises Him for His goodness and mercy.


"PRAISES" is ELEVATION RHYTHM's latest single! Reminding people that God made us to love one another, this song encourages listeners to praise God while living in a broken world.

Leeland | City of God

City of God is Leeland's newest album! Leeland shares: "I pray this album, City of God, reminds each of us that no matter what the times may look like, Jesus is still the king of kings, the government of heaven rests on His shoulders, and His Kingdom has no end. His will will be done."


Hannah Kerr | Overflow

Influence Music | Long Live The King

KingsPorch | God Is In This House

One House Worship | Live Again





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