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NEW RELEASES | Week of 8/30/21

Chris Tomlin & Brandon Lake | I See You

"The message of this song is all about seeing God throughout the different seasons in life, the ups and the downs. I am so grateful to my friend Brandon for being a part and all the incredibly talented people who made this song come to life!" 

Israel & New Breed | Feels Like Home

The Feels Like Home project blossomed out of Houghton's idea in early 2020 to remotely stream worship services, the impetus behind what would become his "Worship Wednesdays," after seeing an opportunity to explore and reinvent group worship dynamics online throughout the pandemic.

Kim Walker-Smith | Revival Nights

Revival Nights EP was recorded on the road in June 2021 over a span of 4 nights of worship. It features songs from early in Kim Walker-Smith’s career like “Still Believe” and “I Have Found” and also brand new songs like “I Say Yes.” Kim wrote “I Say Yes” with Jordan Frye and Jonas Myrin. Revival Nights EP captures all the live moments on the road and also features Kim’s good friend and fellow worship leader, Molly Williams.

UPPERROOM | Give Me Jesus

"Many of the songs from Love Note were written during the fall of 2020, a season of consecration, repentance and hunger for our UPPERROOM church community. We devoted ourselves to the Lord, in the midst of personal, corporate and national pain, and our songwriters began to write and sing the season of devotion." "Give Me Jesus" from their upcoming album is now available! 

Saddleback Worship | Alive & Well

"Jesus is reviving hearts, expanding His kingdom, restoring marriages, and mending broken families. He is breaking the chains of addiction. He is comforting the lonely, depressed, and the hurting. He is healing, moving, and living. Jesus is Alive and Well." Check out our interview with them all about the new album on Lead Worship Well

River Valley Worship | Sanctuary

"It’s the most beautiful thing that the God of the universe would choose to make a home within His people. Every soul intricately crafted and designed by the Father’s hand to be a vessel that is marked, filled, and overflowing with the power of His Holy Spirit. The song 'Sanctuary' is a humble cry of the heart inviting God to fill the very place He was always meant to occupy: our lives.”



Mac Powell | New Creation

JUDAH. | Irresponsible

Citipointe Worship | Hope Builds

ARISE Worship | Immerse

CCV Worship | Here & Now

Patrick Mayberry | Our God Is Coming Back

Ascent Project | Till The Whole World Knows

Breakaway Worship | More Than Anything

Pursue Worship | I Trust You

Victory Worship | Faith




Luke Anderson | Studio Kit Volume 1

In March of 2020 as live events were paused for everyone, Luke Anderson began collaborating with artists globally by recording drums in his home studio. Since then, Luke’s signature drums sounds have been recorded on over 150 songs. Studio Kit Volume 1 brings those sounds to your drum sample library. This bundle includes kicks, snares, toms, and cymbals from Luke’s studio drum kit, which has been finely tuned to fit a variety of genres and styles. Explore this new bundle today!

The samples (kicks and snares) are processed with various verbs and IR’s from famous studios, this provides you a more natural room sound to your productions. All samples were captured with world class microphones and mic preamps.

  • 50 plus various drum samples

  • Includes various kicks and snares already eq’d and processed with reverbs.

  • Dry unprocessed samples included.

  • Create unique tone combinations in your mixes or use them live with an SPD Pad.

  • Perfect for songwriters, snare sound reinforcement and studio mix engineers.


Peter James | Analog Atmospheres

These bundles boost some of the biggest sounding pads and atmospheres you've probably ever heard by combining analog gear, hardware and software reverbs as well as additional string sample content from Bunker Samples. You'll be blown away by the organic fatness that can be achieved by just holding a few notes with any number of these patches!

This Omnisphere 2 bundle contains a total of 58 Multis, 416 patches and 216 additional soundsources.

Available for Omnisphere, Nord, MainStage and Kontakt.


NOTE: This product is compatible with the following Nord keyboards:

  • Nord Stage 2 / 2EX 
  • Nord Electro 5
  • Nord Electro 4
  • Nord Electro 3
  • Nord Electro 3HP
  • Nord Piano 3
  • Nord Piano 2
  • Nord Wave
  • Nord Stage 3 
  • Nord Electro 6
  • Nord Piano 4
  • Nord Grand
  • Nord Wave 2

NEW RELEASES | Week of 8/23/21

Hillsong Worship | Hope of the Ages

“Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the things that are most true,” says Morgan. “The wonder and the power of the Gospel. The saving and transforming work of Jesus. The unshakable truth of the bible.  Christ’s desire to draw all people to Himself and His relentless passion for the church He is building.  Even the darkest moments in our lives and throughout history, cannot quench the light of the GospelI believe this is the greatest season in history for the church.”

Jonathan Traylor | The Table

The inviting worship anthem speaks to the reality of God’s presence with us, and the importance of our connections with one another. Written by Traylor, and produced by hitmaker Jeff Pardo, “The Table” is a marked progression of Jonathan Traylor’s multi-faceted artistry.

Charity Gayle | We Need a Miracle

"Jesus spoke these words to confirm to His disciples that if they have faith in God (verse 22), they could cast mountains into the sea. This song is both a song that encourages our faith to rise and to give God the glory for all that He has done and will do. This song is a prayer that our faith would be strong enough to believe that God will see us through even when we don't know how it will turn out."

Lauren Daigle | Tremble

Alternating between a soulful swing and a reggae groove, “Tremble” shows off Daigle’s ability to transcend genres while delivering her trademark powerhouse vocals. “I’ve been performing “Tremble” for a few years now, holding on until the right moment to share it with everyone” says Daigle. “I’ve always had a special connection with this song and have loved seeing the audience reaction every night."

Equippers Worship | All Glory

“From the very start of this project, we just wanted to glorify God and write songs that would exalt Him. We tried a fresh approach for this project and challenged ourselves to get outside of our usual ways of creating. We worshipped together and had a significant encounter in an old upper room at our church. We recorded the night and we pray that these songs would help people to connect with Jesus.”



CBC Worship | Eclipse

Free Worship | Here Comes the Kingdom

Alive Worship | Gott ist so viel mehr (Acoustic Sessions)

Honor & Glory | Battle Belongs

RNW Music | Hope

Sherwin Gardner | Pointed Up

Motion Worship | Pure & Holy 

Jeremy Camp | Break Your Promises

CCV Music | You Are Here

Christian Nuckels | Follow

Reach City Worship | More Than A Moment

Lakewood Music | Whatever May Come




NEW RELEASES | Week of 8/16/21

Elevation Worship | Might Get Loud

"Might Get Loud" is an unreserved, energetic song co-written by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, and Brandon Lake that has become a staple on Sundays at Elevation Church this year. With soaring vocals, screaming guitars and thunderous drums, the song doesn’t hold anything back. “When you know where you’d be if it weren’t for the grace of God in your life, you don’t mind shouting about it, maybe even getting a little undignified when you thank Him,” says Chris Brown. 

Ricky Dillard | Choirmaster

“I hear many ministers of music and music directors saying they want choir music,” Dillard said. “We love praise and worship music, but we want to go back to songs that choirs want to sing on Sunday morning. It’s not that praise & worship is not for congregations, but we have our own style, our own flair, our own sound, and we’d like to retain that.”

Danny Gokey | Jesus People 

"We are in times where everything is trying to pull us apart & divide us. Jesus was a figure with a longstanding voice throughout history who brought the broken and hurting together, offering hope to those who had lost their way. That is the goal for this album: stripping everything away and reminding people of the unconditional love and truth that unites us."

Central Live | City of Grace (Reimagined)

Central Live began as the worship band at Central Church, one of the largest churches in the U.S., rooted in the city of Las Vegas since 1962. With locations spanning across the U.S., Mexico, and Australia, in addition to many locations inside prisons through its partnership with God Behind Bars, Central Live uses the power of music to spread the message of Central: "It’s okay to not be okay." City of Grace (Reimagined) is available now! The EP features new versions of "You Never Let Me Go," "Give Thanks," and more. 



Saddleback Worship | I'm Coming Alive

Vineyard Worship | Vineyard Soul: The Chicago Sessions

The Worship Initiative | Vol. 27

Creative Culture Co. | Sound of Heaven

Equippers Worship | Never Let You Go

Christafari | Jireh

Motion Worship | Pure & Holy 

Chase Wagner | Midnight 

We Are Messengers | God You Are 

First Church Worship | Speak Over Me

Journey Worship Co. | Precious Jesus

Lakewood Music | Whatever May Come

Together Now | Redeemed

Village Lights | Here Is Our Hallelujah 




NEW RELEASES | Week of 8/9/21

Charity Gayle | Endless Praise

"This beautiful promise for the redeemed, that we will see the face of Jesus and hear 'well done' is just the beginning of eternity with the Lord. This song is a longing for the things of Heaven while we are still on the Earth, and at the same time, an anthem that joins in with the heavenly song already being sung by the saints who have gone before us crying out "Holy, Holy, Holy!"

Chris McClarney | Speak to the Mountains EP

"Most of the songs were written during lockdown and quarantine.  Many people including myself not only had that to navigate but also many personal trials on top of being isolated.  As a result, many of the songs on the EP are battle songs, encouraging songs that God is bigger than anything we might face and ultimately God is for us, loves us and never STOPS loving us."

Highlands Worship | Prayers to the King

“Our goal with writing songs specifically for the prayer environment is to help create the moment where we can connect with God,” shares Griffin. 'The Bible says: ‘Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise (Psalm 100:4).' Worship can walk us into God’s presence.'”



Dreamers | Have Your Way

Equippers Worship | Meet Me Here

Jeremy Camp | Steady Me

VOX GEN | Goodbye

Flourish Music | For My Good

John Reddick, Matt Maher | God, Turn It Around

Nick & Becky Drake | God Is Good

The Worship Initiative | A Mighty Fortress Is Our God

Andrea Olson | You Already Have

Cross Point Music | Never Going Back




NEW RELEASES | Week of 8/2/21

TRIBL x Maverick City Music | Tribl I

Brandon Lake shares, “God never meant for us to do life alone. We were created for relationships, family, to be a part of a tribe. A kingdom tribe. That’s why it’s so easy for me to devote time, tears, and energy into this tribe of young leaders and prophetic voices. I think you’ll find the sound of family, the sound of love, the sound of Kingdom in this brilliant and diverse volume of songs.” Check out our interview with Naomi Raine and Ryan Ofei on Lead Worship Well

Chris Tomlin & Friends | Summer EP

Chris Tomlin is energized by his growing relationships in Nashville and the new wave of cross-genre collaboration that is founded in faith and brings a message of unity and hope to an even greater audience. "The heart of Friends has been — more than anything — a bridge builder. There are people of faith, people who really have a strong faith in God and are living that out in a really great way, in all genres." 

Red Rocks Worship | Things of Heaven (Where We're Going)

"As our lead pastor Shawn Johnson often reminds us, worship is a powerful weapon that can transform our perspective and allow us to experience God in some of our most difficult trials. We hope that you, your family, and your friends enjoy Things Of Heaven (Where We Come From) & Things Of Heaven (Where We're Going) and that it strengthens your faith in Jesus."



for KING & COUNTRY | Relate

Kevin Downswell | The Reason

Life Church Music | Victory Sound

Mark Crowder | Faith Over Fear

Young Pioneers | Never the Same

Jason Nelson | Close

Vineyard Worship | Roll Like a River (feat. Tina Colón Williams)




Luke Anderson | Cymbal Collection Volume 2

Cymbals are among the most curated sounds when it comes to drumming and are often looked over when it comes to drum samples. Luke Anderson has created a bundle that includes his favorite recording and touring cymbals. These 50+ crash cymbal samples include a variety of velocities, swells, and hits. Use each sound as is, or combine them to create unique tone combinations for your electronic drum kit, drum pad, or recordings. Add these to your drum sample library today!

What’s Included

  • 50 plus Cymbal Samples

  • Includes various crash, ride and hi hat cymbals.

  • Samples processed naturally and warm sounding.

  • Various Velocities and Swells.

  • Create unique tone combinations in your mixes or use them live with an SPD Pad.

  • Perfect for songwriters, snare sound reinforcement and studio mix engineers.

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