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NEW RELEASES | Week of 8/2/21

TRIBL x Maverick City Music | Tribl I

Brandon Lake shares, “God never meant for us to do life alone. We were created for relationships, family, to be a part of a tribe. A kingdom tribe. That’s why it’s so easy for me to devote time, tears, and energy into this tribe of young leaders and prophetic voices. I think you’ll find the sound of family, the sound of love, the sound of Kingdom in this brilliant and diverse volume of songs.” Check out our interview with Naomi Raine and Ryan Ofei on Lead Worship Well

Chris Tomlin & Friends | Summer EP

Chris Tomlin is energized by his growing relationships in Nashville and the new wave of cross-genre collaboration that is founded in faith and brings a message of unity and hope to an even greater audience. "The heart of Friends has been — more than anything — a bridge builder. There are people of faith, people who really have a strong faith in God and are living that out in a really great way, in all genres." 

Red Rocks Worship | Things of Heaven (Where We're Going)

"As our lead pastor Shawn Johnson often reminds us, worship is a powerful weapon that can transform our perspective and allow us to experience God in some of our most difficult trials. We hope that you, your family, and your friends enjoy Things Of Heaven (Where We Come From) & Things Of Heaven (Where We're Going) and that it strengthens your faith in Jesus."



for KING & COUNTRY | Relate

Kevin Downswell | The Reason

Life Church Music | Victory Sound

Mark Crowder | Faith Over Fear

Young Pioneers | Never the Same

Jason Nelson | Close

Vineyard Worship | Roll Like a River (feat. Tina Colón Williams)




Luke Anderson | Cymbal Collection Volume 2

Cymbals are among the most curated sounds when it comes to drumming and are often looked over when it comes to drum samples. Luke Anderson has created a bundle that includes his favorite recording and touring cymbals. These 50+ crash cymbal samples include a variety of velocities, swells, and hits. Use each sound as is, or combine them to create unique tone combinations for your electronic drum kit, drum pad, or recordings. Add these to your drum sample library today!

What’s Included

  • 50 plus Cymbal Samples

  • Includes various crash, ride and hi hat cymbals.

  • Samples processed naturally and warm sounding.

  • Various Velocities and Swells.

  • Create unique tone combinations in your mixes or use them live with an SPD Pad.

  • Perfect for songwriters, snare sound reinforcement and studio mix engineers.

NEW RELEASES | Week of 7/26/21

Hillsong Young & Free | Out Here On A Friday Where It All Began

“We couldn’t wait to introduce the new songs to our youth so we recorded them LIVE on a Friday night barely three weeks later,” says Young & Free’s Laura Toggs. “Out Here On A Friday Where It Began is our youth gathered together and declaring the name of Jesus and making a statement that the church is alive and we’re here.”

Sinach | Greatest Lord

A worship project declaring God’s sovereignty and lordship over all situations and circumstances the world is currently going through, Sinach created Greatest Lord to help Christians all over the world recognize Jesus as the solution to today’s hurting world. It is her hope that each song will be an inspiration to worship and declare the word of God in praise, worship, and faith proclamations. Charts and RehearsalMix resources are now available! 

Phil Thompson | Lion of Judah

"These are songs I wrote during the pandemic, which was a stressful time for us all. From standing on his promises when we’re full of fear to surrendering and welcoming newness and freshness, from sinking in anxiety to overcoming and boldly proclaiming who we are, it felt like everything burned to the ground but, now, the ground is more fertile than it’s ever been."

Soul Survivor | Great Is He

"'Great Is He' was written during the midst of the global pandemic. Time & time again we kept coming back to scripture, reading the truth of Jesus, and holding onto His promises. We didn’t quite know how to lead our churches into the presence of God whilst we couldn’t gather or sing, but we knew declaring His truth will always be the most accessible item people can grab hold of, to once again worship Him."

Equippers Worship | All Glory + Unified In Praise

“From the very start of this project, we just wanted to glorify God and write songs that would exalt Him. We tried a fresh approach for this project and challenged ourselves to get outside of our usual ways of creating. We worshipped together and had a significant encounter in an old upper room at our church. We recorded the night and we pray that these songs would help people to connect with Jesus.”

The Worship Initiative | House of the Lord

The Worship Initiative's latest release, a rendition of "House of The Lord" featuring Davy Flowers, is now available! This joyous, upbeat single is from Phil Wickham's latest album Hymn of Heaven. "We are the church. A building is not the church and inside of you is everything you need to totally impact and change the world around you for the kingdom of God." – Phil Wickham

Worship Together | Nothing Else

Worship Together has released new versions of "Great Things," "See A Victory / What A Beautiful Name (Medley)," as a part of their new project, and now "Nothing Else" is available!  Originally written by Cody Carnes, Hank Bentley and Jessie Early, "Nothing Else" features Jessie Early on lead vocals.This song is a reminder that instead of wanting what God can give us, we will be more spiritually satisfied simply wanting Him and Him alone. 



Jeremy Camp | When You Speak

Saddleback Worship | Rhythm With You

Sarah Téibo | Restored

For The Fatherless | Faithfully Mine

Grace City | Standing In Your Light

Unveiled Worship | Darkness Beware

Dupree | Can You Feel It (Change Gonna Come)




NEW RELEASES | Week of 7/19/21

Hillsong Young & Free | Phenomena (DA DA)

"Just a few short weeks ago, we rallied Young & Free together to write new songs over the course of a week. The result from this writing week produced songs that we just couldn’t wait to introduce to our youth and so we recorded them LIVE on a Friday night a few weeks later. It was a night full of fun and revival. Jesus was glorified and a new wave of young people making a statement that the church is alive and the future is bright."

Charity Gayle | New Name Written Down In Glory

"There’s something about the songs we grew up singing in church - the ones that every time we hear them, it brings us to a place of remembrance and thanksgiving to the Lord. I remember my grandparents would sing that ol’ hymn and it never failed that they would have a smile on their faces and their hands clapping and rejoicing! I pray that this song becomes that for you. That it makes you glad and thankful. That you sing it with your children and grandchildren and that God is glorified!"

Shane & Shane | Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs, Vol. 1

Inspired by Ephesians 5:19, which instructs believers to "be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart,” this album aims to supply the Church with new songs to sing that are artistic, engaging, beautiful, and biblical. These songs were written by simply opening God’s Word and putting those words to music, and their hope is that people would be impacted and encouraged by the truth found in those words—made personal, palatable, and memorable by beautiful melody and music.

Community Music | Wake Up

"'Wake Up' was written because the 4 of us who penned it needed to sing these words over ourselves first and foremost! We can easily go through this life without knowing we belong, knowing who we are, and knowing we are loved. We hope this song is an instrument to wake us up to the truth. We are known! We are loved! And we belong! Wake up!"

David & Tiffany Spencer | We Are One

David and Tiffany recently released "We Are One" with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream in mind. "We can get to the promised land united as one!" "We Are One" is an uptempo, optimistic battle cry and reminder that we should continue to labor together until we realize and walk together in Dr. King's dream.



Canyon Hills Worship | Something About The Name

Cross Point Music | Never Going Back

Crossroads Music | Unbreakable

Dreams | Land of the Living

One House Worship | Victory




NEW RELEASES | Week of 7/12/21

The Recording Collective | Never Lost

Now streaming everywhere, The Recording Collective returns with a new EP, Never Lost! This release includes new recordings of "King of Kings," "Echo," "Nothing Else," "Raise A Hallelujah" and "Never Lost." Grammy-winning producer Chris Baker brings fresh gospel arrangements to these contemporary classics featuring acclaimed vocalists Charlin Neal and Onaje Jefferson.

Maverick City Music | Jubilee: Juneteenth Edition

"These lessons that I’ve learned in this year about my struggles and hardships make me feel so much closer and connected to my ancestors and guides...Being a close child of God I understand that one of my responsibilities is to always give God the glory and praise that he is due FIRST….I’m always so glad to do so." – Tamar Braxton

Church of the City | Defiant Joy

In “Send Me,” Chris McClarney leads an energetic and affirmative response to the instruction given to the church to visit orphans and widows in their affliction (James 1:27), and echoes the words of Jesus: “As you did it to...the least of these…you did it to me” (Matthew 25:40). Jon Reddick rounds out this grouping by delivering a brand new, soul-stirring arrangement of Travis Greene’s “Made A Way.”

Elevation Rhythm | SIMPLE

“There’s nothing we could buy or change about ourselves that will make God love us any more. The song says, ‘all the best things in life are free.’ That’s home, family, love, etc. and that’s what we’ve found and want young people to experience for themselves.” - Joe L. Barnes.

Justin Tweito | Risen (Rise With You)

"The resurrection of Jesus is so incredibly important to the Christian faith. Many people don’t understand it. Many people don’t believe it. But many by God’s grace have faith that it happened. This song aims to give some of those reasons in a way that not many songs have before. It’s been described as “an apologetics song.'"



Chris Renzema | Get Out of the Way of Your Own Heart

Elias Dummer | Expectation

Long Hollow Worship | This Is Revival

C3 NYC | Better Now

Citipointe Worship | The Lord's Prayer

Mitch Langley | Who My God Is

Stephen McWhirter | Choir Sessions Live (Volume One)




NEW RELEASES | Week of 7/5/21

Hillsong UNITED | Know You Will

“Know You Will” is an anthem of hope for uncertain times. Amidst all the madness of a world where it seems like every foundation is being shaken to the core, we’re reminded that the promises of God have always been forged through the tensions of trial and fire, and that the resolve is to trust Him wholeheartedly–no matter what may give way around and about us. 

Cody Carnes | Too Good To Not Believe (Live)

The song was inspired by “healing we have seen and healing we still want to see,” says Carnes. “We’ve seen cancer disappear, We’ve seen broken bodies healed, Don’t you tell me He can’t do it.” The song urges people to take a hold of their faith and align it with the power of who God is.

Central Live | Tomorrow

"The song 'Tomorrow' was a different song for me in the sense that it moved me immediately after we wrote it. I think it hit me differently than the other songs we’ve written because there is nothing complicated about it. It’s a simple message that God is completely in control. Whatever I’m facing today ultimately doesn’t matter because I know God holds my tomorrow."

Brian Courtney Wilson | Still

 “I pray that Still helps people deal with the challenges they are facing now and the challenges they’ve been dealing with. People sometimes mask their anxiety...There’s shame attached to it. They need to know that they are not the only ones. After the choir sings and the pastor preaches, you are not the only one who is afraid. I hope people hear enough to be still and know that God is wonderful.”

Chris McClarney | Won't Stop

“When we sat down, we wanted to write a song that talked about how the Lord never stops chasing us,” says McClarney. “He’s the God that leaves the 99 for the 1. He’s the God that chased you down while you were still a sinner. He came and died for you. He’s that God. We wanted to write a song that honored that.”



We Are Messengers | Come What May

Sean Curran | Shake The Dust Off

Ryan Ellis | Heart of the Father

Gregory Brunot | Ou Merite

Journey Worship Co. | Alpha and Omega

Red Rocks Worship | The Battle Is Yours

Patrick Mayberry | Holy Spirit Come

Eleventh Hour Worship | Great Is His Mercy

Foothills Collective | Even If He Doesn't

Vineyard Worship | You Are God 






NEW RELEASES | Week of 6/28/21

Housefires | Housefires VII

Housefires is a worship collective known for their fresh, approachable worship songs like "Good Good Father," "Build My Life," Yes and Amen," and more. The full tracklist from their latest album Housefires VII is now available! Purchase Orginal Master MultiTracks for "Open Up The Doors," "Wildfire," "Green Pastures," and more. 



Shane & Shane | Psalm 90 (Satisfy Us With Your Love)

CCV Kids | Light It Up

Cross Worship | Inhabit Our Praise

Daniel Dorfsmith | Only Jesus

Kendrian Dueck & Lauren Alexandria Dueck | Vol. 2 Mercy Has Won

Mitch Wong | Repent (What a Joy It Is)

VIVE Worship | Yes and Amen

FRVR Free | Heritage Night, Vol. 2

Sarah Téibo | Restored

Stephen McWhirter | Grave Clothes EP




Luke Anderson | Cymbals Collection

Cymbals are among the most curated sounds when it comes to drumming and are often looked over when it comes to drum samples. Luke Anderson has created a bundle that includes his favorite recording and touring cymbals. These 50+ crash cymbal samples include a variety of velocities, swells, and hits. Use each sound as is, or combine them to create unique tone combinations for your electronic drum kit, drum pad, or recordings. Add these to your drum sample library today!


50 plus Cymbal Samples

  • Samples processed naturally and warm sounding.

  • Various Velocities and Swells.

  • Create unique tone combinations in your mixes or use them live with an SPD Pad.

  • Perfect for songwriters, snare sound reinforcement and studio mix engineers.

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