What Sets Us Apart.

Premium MultiTracks. 1618 of them to be exact.
We're constantly adding to our catalog of MultiTracks and LiteTracks. If you don't see a song you'd like, email us and we'll do our best to add it to the catalog.

Original Master Recordings - Really.
We've been partnering with artists, churches and labels to provide original master recordings in stem format since 2007. It's been a great thing to see artists helping worship teams supplement their sound with their original masters.

We're here to help and we mean it.
We offer a host of training solutions which will help you get up and running with using music software and running tracks with the right gear.

CustomMix Starting at... $12

MultiTracks Starting at... $19

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Introducing Playback
Special Discount on ALL WAV MultiTracks thru Tomorrow!

Today and tomorrow we're running a special promotion where we've reduced the price on WAV formats for every song in our catalog to $29 when you use the promo code TWENTY9 at checkout. This allows you to save up to 25% off on all WAV MultiTracks across our catalog and every song comes with six key options available. For an even deeper discount, check out our bulk credit options! We only do this type of promotion a couple times a year so be sure to take advantage of this spring promotion!

Remember $29 promo ends at 11:59PM CST, April 23rd, 2014!

What People Are Saying

"MultiTracks.com has been a LIFESAVER, a million times over!!! Our worship sets have increased in excellence and quality and also giving us a new found freedom to emulate our favorite artists by playing their tracks."

"Using loops and tracks in worship has been a great step for us. Our band is tighter, the sound is fuller and the church is more engaged! "

"For our Worship Team members, quality rehearsal time is always on high demand. And as the Ministry leader who leads every week, sometimes its easy to get comfortable in the weekly routine and I can forget how important it is for the team members to be as "

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