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We're constantly adding to our catalog of MultiTracks and LiteTracks. If you don't see a song you'd like, email us and we'll do our best to add it to the catalog.

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We've been partnering with artists, churches and labels to provide original master recordings in stem format since 2007. It's been a great thing to see artists helping worship teams supplement their sound with their original masters.

We're here to help and we mean it.
We offer a host of training solutions which will help you get up and running with using music software and running tracks with the right gear.

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Introducing Playback
New Release from Bellarive: Before There Was

Bellarive, the 6-member worship band from Orlando, Florida, drew inspiration from the book of Ephesians as they wrote and produced their second album, Before There Was.  Sean Curran, who serves as lead vocalist and one of the songwriters for the band, says, “Paul paints the picture of God’s love and grace with such an eternal scope that it’s almost paralyzing. It leaves you stunned with the most breathtaking sense of God’s supremacy and His purpose for creation. It says that even before the foundations of the earth, God had us in mind and set out to make us a part of His family through Christ. That’s an incredibly overwhelming thought, that God desires union with his Creation, and even before time, He set out to make that possible.”

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"For our Worship Team members, quality rehearsal time is always on high demand. And as the Ministry leader who leads every week, sometimes its easy to get comfortable in the weekly routine and I can forget how important it is for the team members to be as "

"Rehearsal Mix helps our worship ministry prepare with excellence. My teams can listen to their parts at the click of a button plus it allows me to focus more time on people. I highly recommend Rehearsal Mix to every worship ministry."

"We were without our drummer, but MultiTracks.com came through for us today in our worship services."

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@_MultiTracks New @ableton video from @WillDoggett. Learn how to pre-program keyboard patch changes into your Live Set. http://t.co/owBfIkQIA9 1 day ago

@_MultiTracks MultiTracks from the album #GreaterStill by @HBC_worship are now available! http://t.co/HPo5eDc8qC 1 day ago

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