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Introducing Playback
New MultiTracks Catalog from Jesus Culture Music Now Available

For those of you leading songs from Jesus Culture, Bryan & Katie Torwalt & Kim Walker-Smith you'll be excited to know that we've just added over 40 Original Master recordings from the Jesus Culture Music catalog in MultiTrack format available exclusively at MultiTracks.com. Jesus Culture was started in 1999 out of the youth group of Bethel Church by Banning Liebscher and has grown into a christian movement impacting believers around the world. On their label website at new.jesusculture.com/music they state that "Our highest ambition is to continue releasing music that brings people into encounters with God. We also hope to encourage young worship leaders who desire to write the songs of revival and use anointed music to ignite an awakening. Our plan is to propagate worship leaders by cultivating them at a deeper level through training and discipleship. As a ministry, we want to create an atmosphere for song writing as we develop young emerging artists as "the future voice of a generation."

We're honored to make these great songs available in CustomMix and MultiTrack formats and let us know if there are other songs you'd like to see us add to the catalog from Jesus Culture Music!

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"I love MultiTracks. The music textures of guitars and keys/pads supplement our band - like taking a really good meal and adding additional flavors to make something amazing!"

"We were without our drummer, but MultiTracks.com came through for us today in our worship services."

"The impact MultiTracks has made has been especially in the ability to learn how the original band has done it. This helps in learning new techniques or even parts originally missed while learning it. This has been a great tool. Love this."

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