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Bottega is like a delicatessen. You know the meat guy or the cheese lady in town? You go to them
for the good stuff...Bottega is the good stuff and we're serving up some delicacies.

Bottega is founded and run by Grant Konemann + Simon Kobler + Benjamin Tennikoff who
each want to help you access the highest quality samples, and then help you integrate that into
your musical work. The three of Read More ...

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Bottega | HI-FI / LO-FI

Friday, May 21, 2021

”I wanted to see for far I could push some synths into stranger more unique territories, while keeping it musical.” - Benjamin Tennikoff, Bottega

HI-FI / LO-FI from Bottega equips you with stunning tones and textures, then presents them in a way that allows a perfectly clean sound when needed and the ability add grit where you see fit.

This bundle for MainStage and Logic Pro includes 14 Keys multi patches (+ 3 stand-alone Keys patches), 12 Pads multi patches and 4 Bass multi patches. These multi patches open up with 5 effects layers which we describe as: Original, Roland 501 Chorus Echo, Meris Mercury 7 Reverb, Cassette Hiss and Vinyl. Mix your own combination of these textures to create something even more unique.

Key equipement used - Korg MS20, Sequential Prophet, Yamaha VSS30, Wurlitzer 200, Glockenspiel, Moog Model D, Cusack Bass Screamer, Urei 1178, Moog Ladder Filters, API 550a, Chandler TG2, Roland RE501, Meris Mercury7, Marantz Portable Cassette Recorder PMD201, Technics 1200mk2 Record Player.


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