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Bottega is like a delicatessen. You know the meat guy or the cheese lady in town? You go to them
for the good stuff...Bottega is the good stuff and we're serving up some delicacies.

Bottega is founded and run by Grant Konemann + Simon Kobler + Benjamin Tennikoff who
each want to help you access the highest quality samples, and then help you integrate that into
your musical work. The three of us have been mates for years and have worked together on a
number of music projects. We all have a kind of infatuation with the pursuit of better and more
interesting sounds. A big influence and inspiration for us comes from the birth of synthesisers
and the distinguished progression of the hardware right through to modern day synths. We
decided that instead of keeping this diversion to ourselves, we would share it with anyone willing
to come on the journey with us! (Enter Bottega...)

We spend our time exploring vintage and modern synths, a plethora of drums and percussion,
and a range of keyboards, trying every combination we can think of, then turning it all upside
down. We sample the best of the best sounds then meticulously produce them to get every
sample sounding insanely good. All of our samples are prepped and ready to be incorporated into your songwriting or performing.
Our drum and percussion samples are made to easily load onto your drum machine or midi
controller as well as effortlessly imported into any DAW (Protools, Logic, Ableton etc).

Our sample packs are designed with two main uses in mind; the live performer and the song-

Live performers will find killer sounds to improve their tonality and expression. They’ll access
assets to strengthen their craft and bring a new dimension to their instrument.
Composers / Song-writers will find our samples cut through the mess, standing out in quality
and offering much needed tools that will help bring the absolute best out of their work. They’ll
enjoy sounds, textures and tricks that will help them efficiently create new and impressive

It's time you stepped up your game and Bottega is here to make it happen!

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