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Simon Kobler - GOLDEN


Drum Samples
761.3 MB
Drum Samples

Drum Samples

Drum Samples are one-shot recordings of drums which have been mixed and processed ready for you. Your download includes individual WAV files which can be loaded into any supporting software or hardware.

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A mix of hard-to-find vintage microphones and top quality modern mics capturing Simon Kobler perform on a C&C Drum Co kit called Elizabeth that he commissioned specifically for this studio years earlier. Mixed by the legend himself, Sam Gibson, who is the mix engineer behind almost all the work in Simon’s catalog and a prestigious name in the scene.

Bottega took over the Epicenter studio where the three of them know every nook and crany thanks to countless hours of work in that same studio. This kit was carefully positioned in the drum iso room with heavy curtains draped between it and the large open room to get a well-controlled sound. The kit was tuned and miced for a clean, accessible, indie/pop sound, making sure it’s easy to place into different music feels.

We essentially let you mix Simon Kobler as he drums since you can wind in different microphone groups to get a different sound, for example, a bigger, open kit or a crunchy textured kit, in comparison to the clean, round, close-miced starting point.

This is the sort of kit you keep coming back to song after song, knowing you have delicious tones from the starting point and so much room for adjustments to better suit your work or to add specific feel.

‘Simon Kobler - Golden’ is a flagship drum pack for Bottega, being that it’s our boy, Simon, on the tools he grew renowned for using, recorded inside his resident studio where many of the latest records he’s performed on were recorded.

This pack offers sounds in the below five tonalities, with Sam Gibson dialing in something special in the one he refers to as ‘Love’.

Dry, Natural, Big, GAK, Love

Don’t bother blinking or scratching your noggin as to whether this kit has a place in your arsenal - take our word for it that this is a bread-and-butter pack that you can safely go to any day of the week and feel comfortable and feel inspired. Drop the ‘Natural’ sound in and call it a day, or, add some cajun pepper by playing with the other tonaloties and dial in your own masterpiece.

Yep…this sample pack is absolute gold.


What's Included

  • 542 WAV Samples made up of 5 different tonalities - DRY, NATURAL, BIG, GAK, LOVE
    • Kicks
      • Wires
      • No Wires
    • Snares
      • Snare 1
      • Snare 2
      • Snare Muted
      • Cross-sticks
    • Toms
      • Clean
      • Muted
      • Tom Rims
    • Cymbals
      • Crash 1
      • Crash 2
      • Crash 3
      • Hats
      • Ride
      • Ride Bell
  • Presets for Ableton, Kontakt, Logic Pro, MainStage and Trigger2


Drum Groove 1

Drum Groove 2


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