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Imagine a room big enough to hold every voice that has ever cried out to God. For centuries, God’s people have called out in adoration and praise, and if such a room existed, it would be the most diverse and God-dependent place in history. SEU Worship, the worship movement of Southeastern University, has added their voice to this room, remembering the voices of old while raising up those for the future.

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SEU Worship - "In Rhythm"

Thursday, May 28, 2020

SEU Worship released their newest single "In Rhythm" today! This fun and groovy new song features a catchy bass line along with a subtle saxophone in the background. Inspired by gospel-pop songs, and the theme of God’s consistent love, SEU worship wrote "In Rhythm" to feature their choir of university students. They sing out, "You won’t stop chasing me with your love, me with your love / So my heart accepts your pursuit / I will surrender the rest of my days / To follow your ways / My hearts in rhythm with you."

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