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The SUB37 is a hardware synthesiser created by Moog Music Inc. Before purchasing these patches, please ensure you own a functioning Moog SUB37 as these presets aren't compatible with any other hardware.

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    Also available for MainStage, Logic Pro, Ableton & Kontakt.

    Pete's favourite patches for the Moog SUB37 and SubSequent37.

    The Moog SUB37 is a hardware synthesiser capable of creating thundering bass sounds and soaring leads. This powerful keyboard is a go-to for Peter James, and now he’s making his favourite patches available to you.

    Peter created these sounds for use on a range of Hillsong Worship and Hillsong Young & Free records. Simply send the presets to your Moog SUB37 or Subsequent37, and enjoy using the same sounds found on some of your favourite records.


      This patch is used on 2 Songs

      808 1

        808 2

          808 3

            Pulse Bass 1

              Pulse Bass 2

                Glide Bass

                  Glide Drive 1

                    Glide Drive 2

                      Sub Bass 1

                        Sub Bass 2


                          This patch is used on 1 Songs

                          Sub Bass 3

                            Attack Drive 1

                              Attack Drive 2

                                Attack Drive 3


                                  This patch is used on 1 Songs

                                  Bass 101 Attack


                                    This patch is used on 1 Songs

                                    Fat Bass


                                      This patch is used on 10 Songs

                                      Bass 101

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