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Peter James has been playing piano/keys for the last 25+ years. He’s spent the last 10 years professionally as a musician, session musician, songwriter, composer as well as touring with various artists. He’s been involved as a keyboard player on a whole range of live and studio albums and has had the privilege of working as a session musician for a bunch of amazing talented artists and producers l Read More ...

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New Patches from Peter James - Nigel Hendroff Ambient Guitars 2

Wednesday, September 27, 2017Categories: News, Home Page, New Releases, Patches, English

Today we are excited to release Nigel Hendroff Ambient Guitars 2 from Peter James. This bundle captures yet another Classic Nigel Hendroff Shimmer Guitar Ambience. The audio files were also Mixed and Mastered by one of Hillsong’s great Mix/Mastering Engineers to give the product a really professional polished sound! This bundle is available in MainStage, WAV and M4A formats. The WAV and M4A bundles also include a bonus Ableton Live file with a custom designed Audio Effects Rack to transform the sounds and provide even more sounds for those that do own Ableton. These Guitar Ambiences were recorded in all 12 keys for variety and flexibility and will be a great addition to your drone pad library.

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