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Isaac Gonzalez

Bright Rhodes Organ Piano Pad Arp Rhythmic Lead Bright Cinematic Moog Sidechain Pulse Dance Warm
7.53 MB


We just want to go over a few things briefly.

  1. This product requires an authorized copy of MainStage. If any additional plugins are required, you'll find them listed in the product page description.
  2. The purchase of this patch entitles you to use it on ONE computer at a time. You may not share this patch with anyone else. Resampling or resale of the product is strictly forbidden.
MainStage 3 or higher

More From Isaac Gonzalez

Emerge is the premier bundle from Isaac Gonzalez. These sounds are designed to express Isaac's unique outlook on music. With 18 versatile patches that combine pianos, pads, lead, rhythm synths, and other assorted sample instruments this bundle is characterized by it’s unique perspective on tones and colors for the songs of tomorrow. Emerge was created solely with stock processing from MainStage, making it accessible to a vast audience. Each patch in this bundle is full of depth and warmth that will take you to new heights in your musical journey.

Vibrant Organ


Straight Juno

Sample Fun

Rhodes Lit

Pluck it

O'Paco Alive Piano

MS Piano Chamo

Motion Sweep


Luv Me

Last Man On Earth

I'll Fight U

Hola Como Estás?

Genesis Pad

Emotional Wreck

A Tack Piano

2 Voices after beat 1


Up Mix

Add Note
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