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Waiting For Rain By SEU Worship

Waiting For Rain

SEU Worship - Clouds are Clearing: Mixtape 1B

V1Verse 1
PrPre Chorus 1
V2Verse 2
PrPre Chorus 2
Original Master
Time Sig:
Alexander Pappas, Daniel Rivera, David Cook, David DePerez
Provident Label


Verse 1

God only knows what I have sown
Praying for change
Waiting for the rain
Even in drought all that I've found
The seasons will change
You still stay the same

Pre Chorus 1

And if I'm remembering right
Be it the millionth time
You're faithful to forgive
You don't regret
The promise You kept
My past is the past
My future to begin


I need You to breathe in me
I need You to breathe
I'm desperate for You
To breathe in me
I need you to breathe
I'm desperate for You

Verse 2

This heavy weight
All of my shame
You took the blame
You don't miss a thing
You clean the slate every day
All that remains
Is mercy here for me

Pre Chorus 2

So I will remember right
Now for the millionth time
You're faithful to forgive
Faithful to forgive


I need You to breathe in me
I need You to breathe
I'm desperate for You
To breathe in me
I need you to breathe
I'm desperate for You


Let the songs that I sing
Be the life that I live
'Til the day we meet
And the in-between
Let the breath that You give
Be the praise that I bring
From my heart and soul
I will bless You Lord


I need You to breathe in me
I need You to breathe
I'm desperate for You
To breathe in me
I need you to breathe in me

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From the Blog

SEU Worship | Mixtape 1b

Friday, February 26, 2021

SEU Worship is the worship movement of Southeastern University in Lakeland FL. They are a collective of creatives, musicians, songwriters, and worship leaders, purposefully focusing their songwriting on the 16-26 age rage.

With their latest release, Mixtape 1b, they've intentionally pushed the boundaries of their writing and production elements. “The Mixtape stretched a muscle that is basically us experimenting with what worship music could sound like in a way that maybe other larger more prevalent artists aren’t able to,” Rivera explains. “We just like to experiment and take risks and kinda go for it and try it and at least we made some friends along the way.” 

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