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A Merry Merry Christmas By David & Nicole Binion

A Merry Merry Christmas

David & Nicole Binion - Dwell Christmas

V1Verse 1
V2Verse 2
V3Verse 3
C2Chorus 2
C1Chorus 1
Original Master
Time Sig:
ChristmasFemale LeadPop
David Binion, Mitch Wong, James Gross
Integrity Music


Verse 1

Carols are ringing
Churches are singing
All around the world
Children are dancing
Families are laughing
Let the joy be heard


Merry merry Christmas
And many many many
Blessings on you
Merry merry Christmas
A merry merry merry
Christmas to you

Verse 2

Treetops are glistening
Tables are brimming
It’s time to deck the halls
Love one another
Witness the wonder
The greatest story of all


Merry merry Christmas
And many many many
Blessings on you
Merry merry Christmas
A merry merry merry
Christmas to you

Verse 3

Ready to go to sleep
Slippers are on my feet
And the only thing on my mind
Are the presents under the tree
People so full of cheer
Smiles from ear to ear
It’s the time where the love of Christ
Dominates the atmosphere
So let’s celebrate a little bit
This one’s for the grown folk
To the little kids
Our Savior will never leave us
Born unto us to free us
To this day
Let us say happy birthday Jesus

Chorus 2

This is the season to rejoice
Leave all your sorrows far behind
The Savior Jesus
Has come to earth
A merry merry merry Christmas

Chorus 1

Merry merry Christmas
And many many many blessings on you
Merry merry Christmas
A merry merry merry
Christmas to you


A merry merry merry
Christmas to you

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

The iconic worship team of David & Nicole Binion has released their first Christmas album, Dwell: Christmas. The 11-song project features such guests as William McDowell, Steffany Gretzinger, Potter’s House Choir, Daniel Johnson, the Binion’s 18-year-old daughter and fellow Integrity artist, MDSN (Madison), and many more. Dwell: Christmas, which was recorded live at TBN in Dallas, TX, is the follow-up to their highly successful August 2018 live release, Dwell: A Live Worship Experience, also recorded live at TBN.

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