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David & Nicole Binion - Dwell: Christmas

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The iconic worship team of David & Nicole Binion has released their first Christmas album, Dwell: Christmas. The 11-song project features such guests as William McDowell, Steffany Gretzinger, Potter’s House Choir, Daniel Johnson, the Binion’s 18-year-old daughter and fellow Integrity artist, MDSN (Madison), and many more. Dwell: Christmas, which was recorded live at TBN in Dallas, TX, is the follow-up to their highly successful August 2018 live release, Dwell: A Live Worship Experience, also recorded live at TBN. The Binion’s have said, “Worship is the sound our life makes,” and that very statement continues deep into the creation of their debut Christmas project. While Dwell: A Live Worship Experience encompassed songs about being in close proximity to the presence of God, Dwell: Christmas focuses on God coming to dwell on earth with us. Either leading worship before a crowd of thousands, writing songs, preparing for their next album, or being together as a family, so much about their life resonates with sounds of hope and faith. It is this longing in the hearts of Jesus-followers and this vision for making room for the Spirit to move that drives the Binions. Married for more than 25 years, the couple has been involved in ministry for over two decades, teaching and leading worship for churches and events around the world. Last fall they planted Dwell Church in the Dallas area. Dwell: Christmas - David & Nicole Binion
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