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There's nothing like the original.

Over 28,000 Accompaniment Tracks made from the Original Artist's Recording

Every Accompaniment Track Purchase Includes:

Three Key Options
Every Accompaniment Track download comes with a High, Mid, and Low key option.
Optional Background Vocals
Every download comes with and without background vocals.
Instant Download Access
Simply purchase, download, and play the song through your music player of choice.

Original Master Content for Over 28,000 Songs

Every song labeled "Original Master" is from the original artist's recording, allowing you to perform with the original sounds.

Our extensive catalog of MultiTracks has an Accompaniment Track available to support any solo performance. Sound amazing, even without a band.

Playback is the best way to run your Accompaniment Tracks

  • Free Live Performance Player for iPhone, iPad & Mac
  • Mix in just the right amount of background vocals
  • Stay in the moment with our free Ambient Pad Player
  • Transpose your tracks to any key
Choose from over 28,000 songs
Accompaniment Tracks
$8.00 /song
  • Orignal Master Recording
  • M4A Download
  • Tracks with/without BG Vocals
  • 3 Keys Included
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