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With 11 million career albums sold and 6 GRAMMY® Awards to his credit, TobyMac refuses to settle on past accomplishments, as he delivers a diverse album built on honest struggle. He remains passionate about his desire to write songs at the intersection where life and spirituality collide. He calls his new album, Eye On It, which he also calls a complete labor of love.
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TobyMac - "Feel It"

Monday, June 8, 2020

Original Master MultiTracks for TobyMac's song "Feel It" are now available. "Feel It" sings out "You can't see the wind, but it moves the leaves / From the bottom to the top of the tallest trees / You are everything I will ever need." TobyMac shares this song, "is a celebration of God's love for us. People are always asking me, especially today, 'How do you know God exists, Toby?' It's hard to prove. You can't see Him, but it's just like the wind moving the leaves. You see the effects of the wind, but you can't see the wind. God does the same. He loves us. We can't see Him, but He changes our lives. He takes our lives, our brokeness, and He makes us beautiful. That's what a loving God does. That's how I know."

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