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Ask people to describe Mandisa and you’ll hear words like talented, gracious, beautiful, strong, loving and joyful, but the title of her new album offers an especially apt description of the artist---Overcomer. However, Mandisa sees it as more than her song, but an anthem for all believers and she’s happy to launch the battle cry.
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Mandisa and Jon Reddick | "You Keep Hope Alive"

Monday, June 15, 2020

Grammy-winner Mandisa released a brand new single with worship leader recording artist Jon Reddick. "You Keep Hope Alive" was penned by Jon Reddick. "With everything happening in our world today, the timely message of 'You Keep Hope Alive' is a declaration to our souls that God is still on His throne, and specializes in bringing beauty from ashes," Mandisa says. "My prayer is that God will use this song to remind us, His children, that our hope is alive because our Savior, Jesus, is alive."

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