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Vocal Synths (MainStage)

Peter James

Logic Pro, MainStage
Bright Pad Lead Cinematic 80s Warm
6.31 GB


We just want to go over a few things briefly.

  1. This product requires an authorized copy of MainStage. If any additional plugins are required, you'll find them listed in the product page description.
  2. The purchase of this patch entitles you to use it on ONE computer at a time. You may not share this patch with anyone else. Resampling or resale of the product is strictly forbidden.
Logic Pro


We just want to go over a few things briefly.

  1. This product requires an authorised version of Logic Pro X. Make sure you have the latest version downloaded to ensure compatibility.
  2. If the product requires any additional plugins, you'll find them listed on the product page.
  3. The purchase of this patch entitles you to use it on one computer at a time. You may not share this patch with anyone else. You cannot resale this patch in any form. You cannot resample this patch in any form/format.
MainStage 3 or higher

More From Peter James

Vocal Synths is a collaboration project from Peter James and Daniel Ferguson. This vocal synth sample library boasts a massive 640 patches and tens of thousands of individual samples that make up everything from aggressive Young and Free style pop vocal leads to warm ethereal pads and everything in between all created from Male and Female vocal recordings unique to this product! Also available for Ableton.

Vowel Synth Chords

Vowel Synth Notes

Male Performance 1 Formant 0

Ehhh Female Pad

Oooo Male Pad

Ahhh Male Pad

A Female Perf1 FormDown1 REV

A Female Perf1 FormDown1

A Female Perf1 FormDown2 REV

A Female Perf1 FormDown2

A Female Perf1 FormUp1 REV

A Female Perf1 FormUp1

A Female Perf1 FormUp2 REV

A Female Perf1 FormUp2

A Female Perf1 REV

A Female Perf1

A Female Perf2 FormDown1 REV

A Female Perf2 FormDown1

A Female Perf2 FormDown2 REV

A Female Perf2 FormDown2

A Female Perf2 FormUp1 REV

A Female Perf2 FormUp1

A Female Perf2 FormUp2 REV

A Female Perf2 FormUp2

A Female Perf2 REV

A Female Perf2

A Male Perf1 FormDown1 Trans

A Male Perf1 FormDown2 Trans

A Male Perf1 FormUp1 Trans

A Male Perf1 FormUp2 Trans

A Male Perf1 Trans REV

A Male Perf1 Trans

A Male Perf2 FormDown1 Trans

A Male Perf2 FormDown2 Trans

A Male Perf2 FormUp1 Trans

A Male Perf2 FormUp2 Trans

A Male Perf2 Trans REV

A Male Perf2 Trans

A# Female Perf REV

A# Female Perf1 FormDown1

A# Female Perf1 FormDown2

A# Female Perf1 FormUp1 REV

A# Female Perf1 FormUp1

A# Female Perf1 FormUp2 REV

A# Female Perf1 FormUp2

A# Female Perf1

A# Female Perf2 FormDown1

A# Female Perf2 FormDown2

A# Female Perf2 FormUp1 REV

A# Female Perf2 FormUp1

A# Female Perf2 FormUp2 REV

A# Female Perf2 FormUp2

A# Female Perf2 REV

A# Female Perf2

A# Male Perf1 FormUp1 Trans

A# Male Perf1 FormUp2 Trans

A# Male Perf1 Trans REV

A# Male Perf1 Trans

A# Male Perf2 FormUp1 Trans

A# Male Perf2 FormUp2 Trans

A# Male Perf2 Trans REV

A# Male Perf2 Trans

Ahhh Female (Looped)

Ahhh Female Pad

Ahhh Female FormDown1 Pad

Ahhh Female FormDown1

Ahhh Female FormDown2 Pad

Ahhh Female FormDown2

Ahhh Female FormUp1 (Looped)

Ahhh Female FormUp1 Pad

Ahhh Female FormUp1

Ahhh Female FormUp2 (Looped)

Ahhh Female FormUp2 Pad

Ahhh Female FormUp2

Ahhh Female

Ahhh Male (Looped)

Ahhh Male Pad

Ahhh Male FormDown1 (Looped)

Ahhh Male FormDown1 Pad

Ahhh Male FormDown1

Ahhh Male FormDown2 (Looped)

Ahhh Male FormDown2 Pad

Ahhh Male FormDown2

Ahhh Male FormUp1 (Looped)

Ahhh Male FormUp1 Pad

Ahhh Male FormUp1

Ahhh Male FormUp2 (Looped)

Ahhh Male FormUp2 Pad

Ahhh Male FormUp2

Ahhh Male

B Female Perf1 FormDown1 REV

B Female Perf1 FormDown1

B Female Perf1 FormDown2 REV

B Female Perf1 FormDown2

B Female Perf1 FormUp1 REV

B Female Perf1 FormUp1

B Female Perf1 FormUp2 REV

B Female Perf1 FormUp2

B Female Perf1 REV

B Female Perf1

B Female Perf2 FormDown1 REV

B Female Perf2 FormDown1

B Female Perf2 FormDown2 Rev

B Female Perf2 FormDown2

B Female Perf2 FormUp1 REV

B Female Perf2 FormUp1

B Female Perf2 FormUp2 REV

B Female Perf2 FormUp2

B Female Perf2 REV

B Female Perf2

B Male Perf1 FormDown1 Trans

B Male Perf1 FormDown2 Trans

B Male Perf1 FormUp1 Trans

B Male Perf1 FormUp2 Trans

B Male Perf1 Trans REV

B Male Perf1 Trans

B Male Perf2 FormDown1 Trans

B Male Perf2 FormDown2 Trans

B Male Perf2 FormUp1 Trans

B Male Perf2 FormUp2 Trans

B Male Perf2 Trans REV

B Male Perf2 Trans

C Female Perf1 FormDown1 REV

C Female Perf1 FormDown1

C Female Perf1 FormDown2 REV

C Female Perf1 FormDown2

C Female Perf1 FormUp1 REV

C Female Perf1 FormUp1

C Female Perf1 FormUp2 REV

C Female Perf1 FormUp2

C Female Perf1 REV

C Female Perf1

C Female Perf2 FormDown1 REV

C Female Perf2 FormDown1

C Female Perf2 FormDown2 REV

C Female Perf2 FormDown2

C Female Perf2 FormUp1 REV

C Female Perf2 FormUp1

C Female Perf2 FormUp2 REV

C Female Perf2 FormUp2

C Female Perf2 REV

C Female Perf2

C Male Perf1 FormDown1 Trans

C Male Perf1 FormDown2 Trans

C Male Perf1 FormUp1 Trans

C Male Perf1 FormUp2 Trans

C Male Perf1 Trans REV

C Male Perf1 Trans

C Male Perf2 FormDown1 Trans

C Male Perf2 FormDown2 Trans

C Male Perf2 FormUp1 Trans

C Male Perf2 FormUp2 Trans

C Male Perf2 Trans REV

C Male Perf2 Trans

C# Female Perf1 FormDown1

C# Female Perf1 FormDown2

C# Female Perf1 FormUp1 REV

C# Female Perf1 FormUp1

C# Female Perf1 FormUp2 REV

C# Female Perf1 FormUp2

C# Female Perf1 REV

C# Female Perf1

C# Female Perf2 FormDown1

C# Female Perf2 FormDown2

C# Female Perf2 FormUp1 REV

C# Female Perf2 FormUp1

C# Female Perf2 FormUp2 REV

C# Female Perf2 FormUp2

C# Female Perf2 REV

C# Female Perf2

C# Male Perf1 FormUp1 Trans

C# Male Perf1 FormUp2 Trans

C# Male Perf1 Trans REV

C# Male Perf1 Trans

C# Male Perf2 FormUp1 Trans

C# Male Perf2 FormUp2 Trans

C# Male Perf2 Trans REV

C# Male Perf2 Trans

D Female Perf1 FormDown1 REV

D Female Perf1 FormDown1

D Female Perf1 FormDown2 REV

D Female Perf1 FormDown2

D Female Perf1 FormUp1 REV

D Female Perf1 FormUp1

D Female Perf1 FormUp2 REV

D Female Perf1 FormUp2

D Female Perf1 REV

D Female Perf1

D Female Perf2 FormDown1 REV

D Female Perf2 FormDown1

D Female Perf2 FormDown2 REV

D Female Perf2 FormDown2

D Female Perf2 FormUp1 REV

D Female Perf2 FormUp1

D Female Perf2 FormUp2 REV

D Female Perf2 FormUp2

D Female Perf2 REV

D Female Perf2

D Male Perf1 FormDown1 Trans

D Male Perf1 FormDown2 Trans

D Male Perf1 FormUp1 Trans

D Male Perf1 FormUp2 Trans

D Male Perf1 Trans REV

D Male Perf1 Trans

D Male Perf2 FormDown1 Trans

D Male Perf2 FormDown2 Trans

D Male Perf2 FormUp1 Trans

D Male Perf2 FormUp2 Trans

D Male Perf2 Trans REV

D Male Perf2 Trans

D# Female Perf1 FormDown1

D# Female Perf1 FormDown2

D# Female Perf1 FormUp1 REV

D# Female Perf1 FormUp1

D# Female Perf1 FormUp2 REV

D# Female Perf1 FormUp2

D# Female Perf1 REV

D# Female Perf1

D# Female Perf2 FormDown1

D# Female Perf2 FormDown2

D# Female Perf2 FormUp1 REV

D# Female Perf2 FormUp1

D# Female Perf2 FormUp2 REV

D# Female Perf2 FormUp2

D# Female Perf2 REV

D# Female Perf2

D# Male Perf1 FormUp1 Trans

D# Male Perf1 FormUp2 Trans

D# Male Perf1 Trans REV

D# Male Perf1 Trans

D# Male Perf2 FormUp1 Trans

D# Male Perf2 FormUp2 Trans

D# Male Perf2 Trans REV

D# Male Perf2 Trans

E Female Perf1 FormDown1 REV

E Female Perf1 FormDown1

E Female Perf1 FormDown2 REV

E Female Perf1 FormDown2

E Female Perf1 FormUp1 REV

E Female Perf1 FormUp1

E Female Perf1 FormUp2 REV

E Female Perf1 FormUp2

E Female Perf1 REV

E Female Perf1

E Female Perf2 FormDown1 REV

E Female Perf2 FormDown1

E Female Perf2 FormDown2 REV

E Female Perf2 FormDown2

E Female Perf2 FormUp1 REV

E Female Perf2 FormUp1

E Female Perf2 FormUp2 REV

E Female Perf2 FormUp2

E Female Perf2 REV

E Female Perf2

E Male Perf1 FormDown1 Trans

E Male Perf1 FormDown2 Trans

E Male Perf1 FormUp1 Trans

E Male Perf1 FormUp2 Trans

E Male Perf1 Trans REV

E Male Perf1 Trans

E Male Perf2 FormDown1 Trans

E Male Perf2 FormDown2 Trans

E Male Perf2 FormUp1 Trans

E Male Perf2 FormUp2 Trans

E Male Perf2 Trans REV

E Male Perf2 Trans

Eeee Female (Looped)

Eeee Female Pad

Eeee Female FormDown1 Pad

Eeee Female FormDown1

Eeee Female FormDown2 Pad

Eeee Female FormDown2

Eeee Female FormUp1 (Looped)

Eeee Female FormUp1 Pad

Eeee Female FormUp1

Eeee Female FormUp2 (Looped)

Eeee Female FormUp2 Pad

Eeee Female FormUp2

Eeee Female

Eeee Male (Looped)

Eeee Male Pad

Eeee Male FormDown1 (Looped)

Eeee Male FormDown1 Pad

Eeee Male FormDown1

Eeee Male FormDown2 (Looped)

Eeee Male FormDown2 Pad

Eeee Male FormDown2

Eeee Male FormUp1 (Looped)

Eeee Male FormUp1 Pad

Eeee Male FormUp1

Eeee Male FormUp2 (Looped)

Eeee Male FormUp2 Pad

Eeee Male FormUp2

Eeee Male

Ehhh Female (Looped)

Ehhh Female Pad

Ehhh Female FormDown1 Pad

Ehhh Female FormDown1

Ehhh Female FormDown2 Pad

Ehhh Female FormDown2

Ehhh Female FormUp1 (Looped)

Ehhh Female FormUp1 Pad

Ehhh Female FormUp1

Ehhh Female FormUp2 (Looped)

Ehhh Female FormUp2 Pad

Ehhh Female FormUp2

Ehhh Female

Ehhh Male (Looped)

Ehhh Male Pad

Ehhh Male FormDown1 (Looped)

Ehhh Male FormDown1 Pad

Ehhh Male FormDown1

Ehhh Male FormDown2 (Looped)

Ehhh Male FormDown2 Pad

Ehhh Male FormDown2

Ehhh Male FormUp1 (Looped)

Ehhh Male FormUp1 Pad

Ehhh Male FormUp1

Ehhh Male FormUp2 (Looped)

Ehhh Male FormUp2 Pad

Ehhh Male FormUp2

Ehhh Male

F Female Extras FormDown1

F Female Extras FormDown2

F Female Extras FormUp1 REV

F Female Extras FormUp1

F Female Extras FormUp2 REV

F Female Extras FormUp2

F Female Extras REV

F Female Extras

F Female Perf1 FormDown1 REV

F Female Perf1 FormDown1

F Female Perf1 FormDown2 REV

F Female Perf1 FormDown2

F Female Perf1 FormUp1 REV

F Female Perf1 FormUp1

F Female Perf1 FormUp2 REV

F Female Perf1 FormUp2

F Female Perf1 REV

F Female Perf1

F Female Perf2 FormDown1 REV

F Female Perf2 FormDown1

F Female Perf2 FormDown2 REV

F Female Perf2 FormDown2

F Female Perf2 FormUp1 REV

F Female Perf2 FormUp1

F Female Perf2 FormUp2 REV

F Female Perf2 FormUp2

F Female Perf2 REV

F Female Perf2

F Male Perf1 FormDown1 Trans

F Male Perf1 FormDown2 Trans

F Male Perf1 FormUp1 Trans

F Male Perf1 FormUp2 Trans

F Male Perf1 Trans REV

F Male Perf1 Trans

F Male Perf2 FormDown1 Trans

F Male Perf2 FormDown2 Trans

F Male Perf2 FormUp1 Trans

F Male Perf2 FormUp2 Trans

F Male Perf2 Trans REV

F Male Perf2 Trans

F# Female Perf1 FormDown1

F# Female Perf1 FormDown2

F# Female Perf1 FormUp1 REV

F# Female Perf1 FormUp1

F# Female Perf1 FormUp2 REV

F# Female Perf1 FormUp2

F# Female Perf1 REV

F# Female Perf1

F# Female Perf2 FormDown1

F# Female Perf2 FormDown2

F# Female Perf2 FormUp1 REV

F# Female Perf2 FormUp1

F# Female Perf2 FormUp2 REV

F# Female Perf2 FormUp2

F# Female Perf2 REV

F# Female Perf2

F# Male Perf1 FormUp1 Trans

F# Male Perf1 FormUp2 Trans

F# Male Perf1 Trans REV

F# Male Perf1 Trans

F# Male Perf2 FormUp1 Trans

F# Male Perf2 FormUp2 Trans

F# Male Perf2 Trans REV

F# Male Perf2 Trans

G Female Perf1 FormDown1 REV

G Female Perf1 FormDown1

G Female Perf1 FormDown2 REV

G Female Perf1 FormDown2

G Female Perf1 FormUp1 REV

G Female Perf1 FormUp1

G Female Perf1 FormUp2 REV

G Female Perf1 FormUp2

G Female Perf1 REV

G Female Perf1

G Female Perf2 FormDown1 REV

G Female Perf2 FormDown1

G Female Perf2 FormDown2 REV

G Female Perf2 FormDown2

G Female Perf2 FormUp1 REV

G Female Perf2 FormUp1

G Female Perf2 FormUp2 REV

G Female Perf2 FormUp2

G Female Perf2 REV

G Female Perf2

G Male Perf1 FormDown1 Trans

G Male Perf1 FormDown2 Trans

G Male Perf1 FormUp1 Trans

G Male Perf1 FormUp2 Trans

G Male Perf1 Trans REV

G Male Perf1 Trans

G Male Perf2 FormDown1 Trans

G Male Perf2 FormDown2 Trans

G Male Perf2 FormUp1 Trans

G Male Perf2 FormUp2 Trans

G Male Perf2 Trans REV

G Male Perf2 Trans

G# Female Perf1 FormDown1

G# Female Perf1 FormDown2

G# Female Perf1 FormUp1 REV

G# Female Perf1 FormUp1

G# Female Perf1 FormUp2 REV

G# Female Perf1 FormUp2

G# Female Perf1 REV

G# Female Perf1

G# Female Perf2 FormDown1

G# Female Perf2 FormDown2

G# Female Perf2 FormUp1 REV

G# Female Perf2 FormUp1

G# Female Perf2 FormUp2 REV

G# Female Perf2 FormUp2

G# Female Perf2 REV

G# Female Perf2

G# Male Perf1 FormUp1 Trans

G# Male Perf1 FormUp2 Trans

G# Male Perf1 Trans REV

G# Male Perf1 Trans

G# Male Perf2 FormUp1 Trans

G# Male Perf2 FormUp2 Trans

G# Male Perf2 Trans REV

G# Male Perf2 Trans

Ohhh Female (Looped)

Ohhh Female Pad