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Daniel Ferguson is a UK-based music producer and sound designer specialising in keyboard patches for live performance. His drive is in designing simple and versatile instruments using tools available natively in software such as Ableton Live and MainStage. Having trained as a musician in Liverpool, England, he moved on to work as resident producer at a recording studio before taking collaborati Read More ...

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Daniel Ferguson | Arctic & Ivy Murdoch

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Instruments with character are essential for making music that moves people. Ivy Murdoch & Creation Series: Arctic from Daniel Ferguson are two bundles created with character in mind.

Sampled in a cottage in an old British village, Ivy Murdoch was created sampling a London Murdoch upright piano that has been loved, exhausted and worn for almost 100 years. This bundle captures the sound of dusty strings, clunky hammers and a warped soundboard, all of which combine to create a range of patches which sound just as realistic as they are broken.

Creation Series: Arctic is a reflection of harsh winters and bitter cold. These patches combine brittle cracking sounds with thick dark evolving pads to expand your palette by layering sounds together.

Each of these bundles is compatible with MainStage, Logic, StageReady, Ableton Live 10, and Kontakt.

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