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Simon Kobler's 808


54.67 MB


We just want to go over a few things briefly.

  1. These sounds require no DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to use. They can be loaded onto any device/software that will play WAV files.
  2. The purchase of this patch entitles you to use it on ONE computer at a time. You may not share this patch with anyone else. You cannot resale this patch in any form. You cannot resample this patch in any form/format.

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The heart and soul of drum machine sounds.

Simon Kobler’s 808 pack is an absolute must-have for everyone,
whether you’re making music or playing music. 


These 61 samples comprehensively showcase the famed, classic tones of the Roland TR-808. Lovingly and carefully captured from the vintage drum machine at Forbes St Studio in downtown Sydney, Australia, the Bottega boys are offering you a staple drum pack in pristine condition. 

You may have some random 808’s floating about on your computer - this pack is not’s 24K gold to be rightfully cherished, pure as the driven snow, pressed down, shaken together, bubbling over. 




Recording the TR-808 through classic neve and api gear was such a memorable experience and I (Simon Kobler) can honestly say that we landed the best 808 pack I’ve ever heard. This immediately became my go-to 808 sound which is a big deal because I rely on 808’s for every project I work on. 

If I’m ever struggling for inspiration or I’m thrown onto a shared kit that I haven’t been able to properly dial in, I will immediately blend in this 808 pack. It’s such an enjoyable sound to use and is a staple on my SPD-SX for live drumming. 

The world’s most famous drum machine deserves the spotlight, and we have given it just that. With the same meticulousness you’re used to from Bottega, upgrade your sample library with sounds you won’t ever stop using. Give yourself a confidence boost and give the front of house engineer some love, whether you’re drumming on your favourite drum kit or not. 

What's Included

This pack includes these quintessential sounds -
9 Kicks, 12 Snares, 9 Toms, 5 Hats, 12 Cymbals, the all time favourite Hand Clap, Cow Bell, Clave, 9 Congas, Rim Shot and Maracas. 

Available as:
WAV files so you can load straight onto your SPD or sessions 
ESX24 for Logic / MainStage
Ableton Rack








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