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Modify - FX


Drum Samples
Kick Snare Toms Hi Hat Crash Ride Cymbals Shakers Claps Snaps FX Percussion
330.73 MB
Drum Samples
Drum Samples are one-shot recordings of drums which have been mixed and processed ready for you. Your download includes individual WAV files which can be loaded into any supporting software or hardware.

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Our MODIFY sample pack is full of Impacts, Rises, Swells & Noise, made to enhance your writing and recording experience from creation through production.

All of these sounds are absolutely, without a doubt, high quality. Anyone familiar with writing/producing knows all to well how valuable a great rise is to help build tension and anticipation for the next section of the song. You also know how much that moment of impact is and how helpful the right sounds can be in setting the right mood and momentum in a song. Impacts, Rises, Swells & Noise are all essential sounds that can demand significant time to create and sculpt. We have done the hard work for you but creating a pack dedicated to these moments. This means you can import and drop these sounds into your session quick-smart and hassle-free, exceeding your desired outcome in no time at all. 

These samples take time to create and we know your time is precious, not to mention the cost of the equipment required for good quality sounds in this space. We want to be the source of these bread and butter samples but when we talk bread and butter...we mean the best sourdough money can buy and that French butter that could only come from a pampered cow. Download this pack and have it ready for these moments each time they arise. It’ll take one time for you to be patting yourself on the back for giving yourself a shortcut that also improves your final product. 

Modify has been crafted from vintage & modern synthesisers and produced carefully so that each sound is completely ready to be incorporated into your session/song. 

After auditioning these sounds below, you'll hear the richness and warmth in each sound. These samples are designed to be able to sit in your back pocket so that you can quickly bust them out and turn that important moment in your song into a winning moment without any fuss.

We can't wait for you to drop these sounds into your project!


46 Samples categorised into the following: 

- 28 Impacts- The moment of 'impact' as you land into a new section of a song
- 7 Rises- The musical ram leading up to a significant moment in a song
- 5 Swells- This is a holistic approach to the ramp before an important moment in a song as well as a subsequent 'landing' 
- 6 Noise- Textures and layers that provide a little special something-something that's not necessarily tonal

Take a peek at some loops we made with MODIFY and introduce your ears to their new best friends.

Bottega create samples from state of the art vintage and modern synthesisers and process through high-end hardware to add richness and further improve the quality so that our samples are easily incorporated by today's musicians, and producers. 

We know it’s important to be precise and careful with all aspects of sounds and we make sure ours are all ready to be incorporated hassle-free without any problems. All our samples are prepared with as much guts as they can happily handle which means you’re not fussing about trying to get more level out of them.

Impact Flare

Impact Flutter A

Impact Flutter B

Impact Flutter C

Impact Fur

Impact Lights

Impact MoonRay A

Impact MoonRay B

Impact Pacific

Impact Porter A

Impact Porter B

Impact Porter C

Impact Porter D

Impact Stadium DRY

Impact Stadium WET

Impact Storm

Impact Sub Copa A

Impact Sub Copa B

Impact Sub Drag

Impact Sub Thunder DRY

Impact Sub Thunder WET

Impact Twister

Impact Whim A

Impact Whim B

Impact Winter A

Impact Winter B

Impact Winter C

Impact Winter D

Noise Juno White

Noise Vinyl D

Rise Flutter

Rise Lights

Rise MoonRay

Rise Pacific

Rise Porter

Rise Racer A

Rise Racer B

Swell Flutter

Swell MoonRay

Swell Pacific

Swell Racer


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