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Benediction (As You Go) By Selah

Benediction (As You Go)

Selah - Firm Foundation

V1Verse 1
C1Chorus 1
V2Verse 2
C2Chorus 2
B1Bridge 1
B2Bridge 2
C3Chorus 3
Original Master
Time Sig:
BlessingGod's LoveGraceHealingPeaceRestStrengthVictory
Male LeadStrings
Charity Gayle, Jennie Lee Riddle, Todd Smith
Integrity Music


Verse 1

May the Lord grant you peace
May His love shine down
Love shine down
And meet your every need
And keep your feet
From stumbling

Chorus 1

And fix your eyes
On the mark on the prize
As you go may
You rest in Christ

Verse 2

Receive His grace
To love all men
In spite of all our differences
May your words
Be filled with life
That crumble walls
Of fear and pride

Chorus 2

Take up the cross
To serve the least
And the lost
As you go be
The hands of God

Bridge 1

He is your strength
And your victory yeah
He comes behind
You and heals

Bridge 2

He is the cup
And the portion
Your banner and shield

Chorus 3

So be
So be released
Be blessed be free
Live and move
As the Spirit breathes


As you go go with
God go in peace

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Selah - Firm Foundation

Monday, January 13, 2020

Selah | Firm Foundation Album Story
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Twenty-two years together, eight Dove Awards, tours that have taken them from the Ryman Auditorium to Carnegie Hall, Selah is a seasoned trio who could at this point in their career write, record and produce an album in their sleep. And it would still be good. But with their latest album, Firm Foundation, they’ve done anything but. In fact, you could say Firm Foundation represents a type of awakening for the group. Set to release November 1 with new label home Integrity Music, the new album features Selah’s signatures: the beloved voices of Todd Smith, Amy Perry and Allan Hall and a solid message of biblical truth. But listeners might hear something new on this album too.

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