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Brighter Than The Sun By Rivers & Robots

Brighter Than The Sun

Rivers & Robots - Discovery

V1Verse 1
V2Verse 2
PcPre Chorus
C2Chorus 2
C2Chorus 2
Original Master
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Song Info

God's Love Light Love
Duet Pop
Jonathan Ogden, Caleb Choo, Nathan Stirling
Integrity Music


Verse 1

Oh Lord You love
More than anyone

Verse 2

Oh Lord You shine
Brighter than the sun

Pre Chorus

I’ve been searching
For a love like Yours and
I am seeking longing
To know You more
With my whole heart
I was made to worship You
My Savior Jesus
Cause You’re
The source of my life


I love You Lord
There’s nothing in this world
That I want more
You’re everything
That every human heart
Is searching for

Chorus 2

You are the source of
The love that I need
You are the river
The fountain the stream
You go beyond all
That we can conceive
So open my eyes Father
I want to see


I love You Lord
There’s nothing in this world
That I want more
You’re everything
That every human heart
Is searching for

Chorus 2

You are the way
You’re the truth and the life
All that I need
I believe You provide
You will shine forth
In Your glory and might
'Til even the darkness
Is turned into light

From the Blog

Discovery - Rivers & Robots

Friday, September 21, 2018

Rivers & Robots started as a solo project of Jonathan Ogden from Manchester, with the aim of releasing worship songs with a creative sound. In 2012, Jonathan grew the project into a full live band. They now live as missionaries, and spend their time leading worship in churches, clubs and festivals, hosting monthly worship nights in gig venues around Manchester and running a non-profit organisation called Set Sail, which aims to raise up creative worship and art in the UK. We previously brought you the Original Master MultiTracks for their single, "Dreams," and are now excited to share resources from their latest album, Discovery, including the title track, which the band shares was written about the call to discover the knowledge of God and to spend our lives learning more about who He is.

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