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Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me By REVERE

Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me


V1Verse 1
C1Chorus 1
V2Verse 2
C2Chorus 2
V3Verse 3
C3Chorus 3
V4Verse 4
C4Chorus 4
C4Chorus 4
Original Master
Time Sig:
Jonny Robinson, Michael Farren, Rich Thompson
Integrity Music


Verse 1

What gift of grace
Is Jesus my Redeemer
There is no more
For heaven now to give
He is my joy my righteousness
And freedom
My steadfast love
My deep
And boundless peace

Chorus 1

To this I hold
My hope is only Jesus
For my life
Is wholly bound to His
Oh how strange and divine
I can sing all is mine
Yet not I
But through Christ in me

Verse 2

The night is dark
But I am not forsaken
For by my side
The Savior He will stay
I labor on
In weakness and rejoicing
For in my need
His power is displayed

Chorus 2

To this I hold
My Shepherd will defend me
Through the deepest valley
He will lead
Oh the night has been won
And I shall overcome
Yet not I
But through Christ in me

Verse 3

No fate I dread
I know I am forgiven
The future sure
The price it has been paid
For Jesus bled
And suffered for my pardon
And He was raised
To overthrow the grave

Chorus 3

To this I hold
My sin has been defeated
Jesus now and ever
Is my plea
Oh the chains are released
I can sing I am free
Yet not I
But through Christ in me

Verse 4

With every breath
I long to follow Jesus
For He has said
That He will bring me home
And day by day
I know He will renew me
Until I stand
With joy before the throne

Chorus 4

To this I hold
My hope is only Jesus
All the glory evermore to Him
When the race is complete
Still my lips shall repeat
Yet not I
But through Christ in me


When the race is complete
Still my lips shall repeat
Yet not I
But through Christ in me


Yet not I
But through Christ in me

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From the Blog

New REVERE Album

Friday, September 18, 2020

Integrity Music has released their newest project REVERE, a collection of songs with various worship leaders and songwriters. They share, "This is not only a collection of incredible worship songs, but a journey through worship itself. We follow worship as it takes us from intimacy, to intensity, back to the fear of the Lord. It takes us to a place where we fall down on our knees and cry out 'Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty.' In this season of uncertainty and unrest, we can trust in a God who is consistent over and over again. He is here and we are surrendering to His glory!"

Two weeks before COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill, Integrity Music gathered its family of worship leaders to record a special multi-artist project titled REVERE. Releasing today, REVERE traces the journey of contemporary worship from intimacy to intensity, while pointing toward a new season of reverence in the fear of the Lord. 

REVERE brought a community of worship leaders together as a team, championing songs that they had not written themselves. Darlene Zschech and William McDowell took the lead on "Way Maker," which was written by Nigeria-based singer/songwriter Sinach and popularized in the U.S. by Leeland, whose version is currently nominated for three GMA Dove Awards® a first for a song from Africa. The duo Mission House led Paul Baloche's "Behold Him." This was the culture of the event from the beginning to the end, with more songs from Leeland, Corey Voss, Sarah Kroger, Jon Egan, Benita Jones, Lindy Cofer, Thrive Worship, Mark Barlow, DOE, MDSN, and David & Nicole Binion all jumping in as servants. Simply, REVERE was recorded in a time of plenty and released during a time of need, grief, and isolation. 

The project was done in partnership with Lee University, utilizing their soundstage and their team, including the Lee University Singers who became the resident choir as well as a featured artist on a new hymn that is impacting the church worldwide, "Yet Not I, But Through Christ In Me."   

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