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One Like Us By Mack Brock

One Like Us

Mack Brock - Greater Things

V1Verse 1
PcPre Chorus
V2Verse 2
PcPre Chorus
PcPre Chorus
V3Verse 3
V4Verse 4
Original Master
Time Sig:
Male LeadPopSynths
Sam Bailey, Mack Brock, Nick Herbert, KB
Capitol CMG
Jeremiah 10:6
Acts 4:12


Verse 1

Out of the silence from the void
Creation resounded in Your voice
Horizons awaken high above
Collisions of color
The world You love

Pre Chorus

How beautiful the stars
Imagined in Your heart
Silent in the darkness
How could it ever be
That You would choose to be


One like us
There's no one like Jesus
How wonderful is Your love
God with us
In glory in power
I'll praise You forevermore

Verse 2

Majesty humbled love came down
Unequaled surrender replaced a crown
Who died on a hill where grace was born
Humanity rescued no longer torn

Pre Chorus

How powerful the cross
An altar in the dust
Triumphed in the darkness
For it could only be
That glory chose to be


One like us
There's no one like Jesus
How wonderful is Your love
God with us
In glory in power
I'll praise You forevermore


Your love is strong
And there's nothing stronger
Your name is great
And there's no one greater
Your praise goes on
Forever and evermore

Pre Chorus

How precious is the name
That broke the heavy grave
The first to rise in glory
And You will always be
The King who died for me


One like us
There's no one like Jesus
How wonderful is Your love
God with us
In glory in power
I'll praise You forevermore

Verse 3

I know no other name
I need no other ways
I need no other grace
My God will find a way
I can go all of day
To the glorious God of Heaven
Needed a universe for His hall of fame
Give Him your life not a holiday
Pedestrian raps
I give ‘em the righter way
I got the righter way
I could just ride away
Into the glory of inner and outer space
Into the story of how
You can moderate
Sinners and sinners
And sinners and God
You just walk into the dark
You just walk into the heart
Make it a home and a heart
Painting Your love on the walls
You finish whatever You start

Verse 4

I just spend my days right here
I can put my faith right here
Livin' in Your presence
Wash away my shame right here
The Son became one of us
And I became one of His sons
This is what I want for my sons
Don't matter whatever that comes
It's not what you did it's what He's done
Lay hold to the One
He's holding you too
Three times as hard
Because He foreknew
High-five the truth
Six times we fall
But seven we're new

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New from Mack Brock - Greater Things

Friday, September 14, 2018

Veteran worship leader, singer-songwriter, and new Capitol CMG recording artist Mack Brock has released his first-ever solo studio project, Greater Things. With lyrics that are relatable to so many, Greater Things considers what it means to step into the unknown by faith, believing for something, even when what is to come has yet to be seen. “Knowing God was changing my assignment from being on staff at Elevation Church to something new and different was honestly terrifying,” says Brock. “Not knowing what's next and stepping out in faith can be terrifying for all of us, but we serve a good God, a big God who doesn’t leave us or forsake us. I’m learning that it's far more terrifying to not walk in obedience than it is to take that step into the unknown. This album has helped me with that journey. The songs on this project have been reminders to me of God’s faithfulness and of His never-ending love for us. I hope that listeners find the same encouragement as I have in this season.”

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