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All Things For My Good By Jaime Jamgochian

All Things For My Good

Jaime Jamgochian - All Things For My Good

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V2Verse 2
Original Master
Time Sig:
Faithfulness God's Love Goodness Guidance Healing Restoration
Female Lead
Ben Calhoun, Micah Kuiper, Jaime Jamgochian
All Things For My Good
Romans 8:28
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Jaime Jamgochian | "All Things For My Good"

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

“I am so excited for this new season of music,” shares Jaime Jamgochian. “After overcoming some major health challenges last year, I wasn’t sure if recording music was in the picture for me ever again. But God is so good, and I pray that this album speaks to the hearts and souls of many.” Boston native Jaime Jamgochian found Jesus while studying at Berklee College of Music. After years of worship leading, songwriting, and battling lymes disease, Jaime is releasing powerful new music with the lessons learned through her life's trials. Her new single "All Things For My Good" points to Romans 8:28 singing out, "You're working all things for my good." Original Master MultiTracks for "All Things For My Good" are available now! Read below for the story behind the song Jaime shares with us.

When you are in the valley it is hard to see out. Everything is dark, confusing and most likely hope feels very far away. For several years I did not feel myself. I would press through touring around the globe and was part of the team pioneering an incredible church - The Belonging Co. in Nashville. I absolutely know the joy of the Lord was my strength to carry me through while physically always feeling off.

The end of 2018 came and I was hit with the worlds worst headaches. I cannot even describe the pain... all day everyday. After so many prayers and doctors, I learned I had a Lyme Disease infection that had gone neurological and my body had finally had enough. When you are my age and have to move out of your own home (my cute condo in Nashville) to live with your parents in Boston and stop working, that is A HUMBLING AND HARD SEASON! The pain was so bad at times I wondered if I could just go to Heaven. For a girl that THRIVES OFF HAVING PURPOSE AND VISION, this was not good.

Ben Calhoun of Citizen Way and Micah Kuiper of Hawk Nelson and I had written this anthem before Lyme tried to take me out. One day, while barely functioning, I pulled that demo up and let it wash over me. Tears began to run down my face as I was reminded of this simple yet profound truth. I did not feel it and barely believed it in the moment, but I knew God could work ALL THINGS TOGETHER FOR MY GOOD (Romans 8:28). Now a year later, after treatments at a Lyme Clinic in New York called Innovative Medicine and lots of prayers, I am beyond excited to have full LIFE & HEALING and to be releasing music again, something I had given up on.

How did He work those few hard year's for good? I learned about perseverance, choosing joy, long suffering and have a whole new outlook on fully living LIFE. I dealt with some lies I had allowed in with my calling in music and realized you have to stay true to who you are. I pray this song reaches other people who might be wading through a valley season.

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