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Coresound is headed by worship leader, producer, and sound designer Mike Graff. Since the beginning, the heart and mission of Coresound is to create the highest-quality pads & worship products available, adding so much excellence to your sound that you’d consider them one of the best worship ministry investments you’ve ever made. Joining the MultiTracks family has fueled that heart and mission e Read More ...

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New Ambient Pads from Coresound!

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Three new Ambient Pads from Coresound are available now! Moodverb, Flarefront, and Willow each feature 4 mixable stems for use in Playback as a pad player, or underneath your tracks.

Coresound was born with a single mission: to create a diverse collection of top-quality pads that would add so much excellence to your team’s sound that you'd consider it one of the best investments you've made for your ministry."

– Mike Graff, Coresound


Moodverb stirs steadiness and breath into a beautiful mix of sonic atmosphere that wonderfully fits with many worship-set songs & moments. Flarefront is warm but not dull, distinct but not commanding, and it’s organic movement brings life to every instrument you add on top of it.  And lastly, Willow was created using an array of original pedal-sequencing and incredible guitars, Willow calmly drones and energetically swells at the same time.

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