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New from Mosaic MSC - Glory & Wonder

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Mosaic MSC has made their label debut on Essential Worship with the release of their newest live album, Glory & Wonder.  Lead pastor and Mosaic founder Erwin McManus shares the passion that drives the team's creativity and sound, "Our hope is that the music of MSC will be like kerosene igniting a fire in the hearts of millions across the world. In the end everything we do is about connecting people to Jesus. We know that worship opens the hearts of those who have closed their hearts to God. We also know that worship causes our hearts to burn brighter and our love for God to grow deeper. We hope that the music of MSC will be a gift to the church and a light to the world."  Erwin's daughter Mariah who has been part of the leadership of Mosaic's worship community for more than eight years, adds, "We’re a young band and a young church but we have become passionate about writing songs that all churches and types of people can identify with. What’s happened so far is bigger than anything we could do or a marketing team could accomplish. It’s about being able to worship Jesus in the way we know how and hoping people resonate with that." "The One" voices the desire for God to move in our lives, continuing to change and recreate us.  The song is a heart's cry for His guidance and healing and it pleads, "Don't stop.  Let Your love, let Your heart change me.  All my love, all my heart.  Don't stop.  You're the One I want."  An instrumental prelude full of ethereal ambience opens "Across the Universe" which is a bold anthem that speaks of God's infinite love reflected in His creation. The song rejoices in the evidence of this love as it declares, "All across the universe, we can feel Your love on earth. All across the universe, Your love revealed. Your love is real." Mariah co-wrote "May God Be Everywhere I Go" with Andres Figueroa & Matt Maher. This beautiful piano-driven ballad was inspired by a prayer from Saint Patrick and the team writes that they hope it becomes a prayer for everyone who hears it.  With great reverence and intimacy, it worships God for the life He has given us and prays, "Your light to guide me, Your hands to hold me. Your presence when I'm alone. Your heart is beating forever with me, Your voice will call me home. May God be everywhere I go." Glory & Wonder is now available on iTunes!  We encourage you to check out the entire album and add these songs to your setlists. Glory & Wonder- Mosaic MSC
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