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VOUS Worship shares the origins of their name, how their diverse sound reflects their people, and why they were drawn to Ecclesiastes and its honesty for their latest project.

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We’re excited to share our first interview with VOUS Worship! First, tell us the origins of the name VOUS and its roots in youth ministry.

The word VOUS derived from the “Rendezvous,” weekly gatherings Pastor Rich and DawnCheré led during their time serving at Trinity Church in our now Miami Gardens VOUS Church location. As they felt called to plant a church in Miami, they shortened it to the word VOUS.

They would later on discover that VOUS, meant “you” in French, adopting the phrase we love VO[U]S, we love you.

How does VOUS get involved in the community in unique, creative, and impactful ways?

Here at VOUS, we believe that as we serve the city of Miami, God will change it. Every month, we partner with different organizations to love those around us. This past month, our emphasis was on the next generation, and we served over 30 outreaches around the South Florida area. Some of these outreaches included the WOW Center, running their sports camp, Cards of Love, writing cards of encouragement to the next generation, and ONE MORE CHILD, cleaning, organizing, building, and moving units for single mothers and children.

Our servant leaders can choose one of the many projects to serve in during these outreach days and be able to meet people where they are with the unconditional love that Christ offers us.

Tell us about how you all approach genre-blending worship, both in the songwriting and production process.

We draw from a wide range of references, bringing everything into the process. Our team reflects the diversity of our city with many different cultures and musical styles. We work with a variety of collaborators, each of whom brings a unique sound and skillset to the table.

In our songwriting, we seek to communicate a timeless truth in a fresh way. 

You all have a new album coming out on March 8th. Why did you all decide to usher in this new project with the single release of “Sacred Fire?” 

We recorded this album the week after Easter last year, so our church has been singing and connecting with these songs for over a year.

From the start, “Sacred Fire” has resonated with our community. We believe in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. The song captures both the intimacy and intensity of worship at VOUS. 

Why did you all decide to center these songs around the themes in Ecclesiastes 3? Was VOUS church in a season of studying that particular scripture?

The title track, “Good Time,” started with the chorus about praising God with everything we have.

As we fleshed out the rest of the song, we wanted to anchor a simple song of praise in the context of our real lives - lives that are messy, and filled with ups and downs.

We love the honesty in Ecclesiastes, how it doesn’t shy away from the pain and suffering of life but ultimately allows those difficulties to push us closer to God, rather than drawing us away.

What song or songs from the album have been most impactful for you all’s church so far?

  • “Good Time” - an anthem of praise in good times and bad

  • “Sacred Fire” - an invitation for the Holy Spirit to fill our services

  • “Use Me Lord” - a song of surrender to the work of God in and through our lives

  • “Right Place” - we have loved singing directly to the person in the room who is not sure they should be there

  • “Take Me With You” - this song was born out of a conversation our worship team had about not leading our church without God’s grace and presence (out of Exodus 33)

  • “Let It Flow” - a song about waiting on God and allowing the fullness of our emotions to flow in his presence



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