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Luke Anderson | Cymbals Collection

Cymbals are among the most curated sounds when it comes to drumming and are often looked over when it comes to drum samples. Luke Anderson has created a bundle that includes his favorite recording and touring cymbals. These 50+ crash cymbal samples include a variety of velocities, swells, and hits. Use each sound as is, or combine them to create unique tone combinations for your electronic drum kit, drum pad, or recordings. Add these to your drum sample library today!


50 plus Cymbal Samples

  • Samples processed naturally and warm sounding.

  • Various Velocities and Swells.

  • Create unique tone combinations in your mixes or use them live with an SPD Pad.

  • Perfect for songwriters, snare sound reinforcement and studio mix engineers.

3 Producer Packs now available in Multiple Formats!

Three of our most popular keys bundles are now available in MainStage, Logic Pro, Ableton, and Kontakt!

Elevate Vol. 1 from Aaron Robertson features sounds used on Elevation Worship songs like Rattle!, Here Again, Here As In Heaven, and more. HI-FI / LO-FI from Bottega was created by layering vintage synths from Korg, Yamaha, Moog, Wurlitzer, and is also now available as an Ambient Pad in Playback! Pro 5 Collection Vol. 1 by Peter James was created samples a Sequential Prophet 5 and is used weekly in Hillsong services.

Elevate Vol. 1 by Aaron Robertson

HI-FI / LO-FI by Bottega

Pro 5 Collection by Peter James

Mari Jacintho | Goodness Soundbeds

Goodness Soundbeds from Mari Jacintho were created to provide churches with options to add the right atmosphere to messages, speaking moments, and prayer times. Besides being able to serve as bedding music, these soundbeds can also be useful for reflection or devotional time, or as a bed under visual content and spoken word.


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