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One word that describes, Southern California based worship artist, Whitney Wood, is Passionate.

Whitney is passionate about inspiring others to live freely and victoriously. She is passionate about her health and wellness journey, and utilizing her lessons with chronic illness to shed light and positivity. And most importantly, Whitney is passionate about pursuing God and the calling that He has for her life.

Whitney began her music career with a strong yearning to tour. This aspiration turned into reality and Whitney began spending her day to day on the road with Top Billboard and Grammy artists. In 2014, however, her health began taking a toll due to increased symptoms of chronic illness and as a result, was forced to spend a couple of years sidelined from pursuing music. In that season of questions, discomfort, and pain, Whitney felt called more than ever to step into ministry as a worship leader; God soon began revealing more of His plan for her. She began writing, pouring words of heart cries and prayers onto pieces of paper.

What started out in 2018 as a way to simply process the mysteries that were occuring in her life has transformed into a full solo worship project that Whitney hopes to share and touch individuals with.

Whitney is about embarking on journeys of unknowns and embracing the realness that comes along with the indefinites. This rawness leaks into her epically modern, soul-pop, gospel infused sound, oftentimes accompanied by the sweetest string arrangements.

She recently released her single “Song of Restoration” and is set to release an EP in the coming months.

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