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One word that describes, Southern California based worship artist, Whitney Wood, is Passionate.

Whitney is passionate about inspiring others to live freely and victoriously. She is passionate about her health and wellness journey, and utilizing her lessons with chronic illness to shed light and positivity. And most importantly, Whitney is passionate about pursuing God and the calling that He has for her life.

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Whitney Wood | "Song of Restoration"

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Singer/Songwriter Whitney Wood shares, "'Song of Restoration' is written from a place of immense loss. I have been struggling with chronic illness for the last six years and have had many conversations with God asking why? Most of the words were written on a car drive home after a painful day filled with questions and He reminded me of promises He had made years ago. I may have forgotten them, but He didn't. The words came out of me... 'This is a song of restoration, fulfillment of the waiting, returning what was lost.' Chronic pain has flipped my life upside down and has essentially been the death of many dreams I had once had. It has, at times, made me feel so behind and that I missed out on a life that would never come to fruition. Again, the words flowed 'What we thought was dead is now brimming with life, what was buried instead is now growing inside.' My prayer is that this song reminds you that God is always moving even if we're in a waiting season. He has not forgotten you and he does not break His promises. It might look different than we think, but God always brings beauty from ashes and takes us on a journey we couldn't even imagine possible. Whatever has been lost or broken in your life, God always restores and redeems what was lost."

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