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What started as a group of friends coming together after college, began a three year journey of songwriting and leading worship for the Church, both locally and beyond.  We The Union is made up of Aaron Williams, Alan Thomas, and Klayton Seyler.

Based out of Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, they have been traveling all over leading worship for conferences, camps, and other like-minded church events.  

Their new album, The Most Beautiful Place on Earth, is a collection of songs from the seasons they’ve walked through as a band and community over the last several years. “The Most Beautiful Place On Earth” was co-produced with WTU by Jonathan Smith, who has worked with artists like Chris Tomlin, Ben Cantelon, One Sonic Society, Sidewalk Prophets, Citizen Way, Mia Fields, Tenth Ave North, I AM THEY, and the JJ Weeks Band.

From We The Union’s previous project, “Never Ending Love” was noticed by Aaron Keyes and was recorded by 10,000 Fathers on their last project titled “Invitation, Vol. 1”.

Fellowship Bible Church is a non-denominational church with 5 venues at 3 campuses. They’ve planted 85 churches in the last 10 years and is the faith community for thousands of people around Central Arkansas. Fellowship Collective serves as the creative brand and home for WTU and is a part of Fellowship Bible Church.

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