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Contemporary Christian Music duo Shane & Shane are the combined forces of a pair of solo artists, Shane Barnard and Shane Everett. A straightforward, testifying CCM act in the style of first generation genre artists like Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith, their music is based on the duo's close harmonies and the largely acoustic soft rock and country influenced stylings of Barnard's songs.

Barnard and Everett met while attending Texas A&M University in College Station, TX: Barnard, a native of Lubbock who had been leading student prayer groups since junior high, met Everett, a rock musician from the suburbs of Dallas, shortly after the latter underwent a Christian conversion and started attending Barnard's on-campus Christian fellowship group. At the time, Barnard was already beginning a musical career, having recorded a self-released 1997 album with another Texas A&M student, Caleb Carruth, called Salvation Still Remains. After that duo's amicable split, Barnard started a solo career that included Everett on harmony vocals. After a pair of putative solo albums under Barnard's name, 1998's Rocks Won't Cry and 2001's Psalms, and another under Everett's, 2001's Window to the Inner Court, the duo officially renamed themselves Shane & Shane. After reissuing Psalms under the new group name in 2002, Shane & Shane followed with 2003's Carry Away, 2004's Upstairs, and 2005's Clean. After a live CD and DVD, An Evening with Shane and Shane, the duo took an extended break before returning with 2007's Pages.

Since 2007, Shane & Shane have released nearly 20 albums, including their breakthrough record, Psalms 2. More recently, they have dedicated their lives to encourage and equip worship teams and leaders through an online platform, known as The Worship Initiative. The Worship Initiative is committed to building up and encouraging worship teams in their craft and in the Word.

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