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Radiate Worship | Blackout

Friday, January 29, 2021

Radiate Worship is a worship team from Bergen, Norway. Radiate aspires to uncover new ground in their style of music, and write songs that utilize musical elements that might not be too common in typical worship music. Their latest single "Blackout" is now available! The single is about trusting God and clinging to the truth in his word.

"We have waited patiently for a long time and are so happy that we’re finally able to share this with you! We hope it blesses you, helps you and encourages you."

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NEW from Radiate Worship - "Come Alive"

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Radiate Worship loves to discover new and groundbreaking ways of doing worship. This is reflected in their music, where they wish to create songs that communicate both their belief in, and journey with God. Their new album Come Alive urges all listeners to "live life outside the comfort-zone, and not be satisfied with life as one knows it. It’s outside our comfort-zone where the real magic happens." Original Master MultiTracks and other worship-leading resources for Come Alive are now available.

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Play of the Week - "Lionhearted" by Radiate Worship

Monday, June 18, 2018

This week we're featuring "Lionhearted" by Radiate Worship as the "Play of the Week." You'll hear the full instrumentation and will be able to access the song for free for the entire week through this Sunday, June 24 in our MultiTrack app, Playback.  

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New Single from Radiate Worship - "Lionhearted"

Friday, June 1, 2018

Radiate Worship, the energetic electronic worship team from Norway has released a new single titled "Lionhearted."  This new track that the team released through DREAM Worship is a powerfully passionate single full of energy and beautiful lyrics.  It was produced by David O' Ramirez from Gnome Studios and will appear on the band's upcoming album.  Lead singer Martin Midgård Hagen says, "Radiate Worship aims to create music that inspires and engages both those who believe and those who still do not."

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New Single from Radiate Worship - "Victorious"

Friday, February 16, 2018

Following up on their 2017 single "Trust," Radiate Worship has released the second of 3 singles from their upcoming full-length album which will release later this year.  This newest single, "Victorious" proclaims the love of Jesus and that He conquered death on the cross, setting us free to live together with Him. Worship leader Martin Midtgård Hagen shares, "We wanted to paint out the moment when He, the King of Heavens embraced our worst, all that we have done, are doing and will do. It is by His love, His blood and what He did that we are free to sing - knowing that death no longer has the power to hold us. Our hope with 'Victorious' is to encourage you, wherever you are in life, whether you feel like you’re on a mountaintop or the deepest depths, to choose to sing out your song to Him - because He is worthy. ALWAYS!"  Download your copy of "Victorious" today on iTunes and pick up the Original Master MultiTracks and instrument parts in RehearsalMix here on

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New Single from Radiate Worship - "Trust"

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Radiate Worship's newest single, "Trust" is the first single from the Norway-based worship team's upcoming full-length album which will release later in 2018.  With a dynamic, synth-based sound, "Trust" acknowledges Jesus's faithfulness and constant presence in our lives even when we might not feel Him and it boldly declares that we will place our trust in Him.  We encourage you to download your copy of "Trust" today on iTunes and pick up the resources you need to share this song in your own services, here at

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MultiTracks Now Available from Resonance by Radiate

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Radiate is a worship team from Bergen, Norway whose latest album Resonance was birthed out of a desire to create a worship album that would inspire and challenge both Christians and non-Christians alike.  The team writes, "The sound and music we have created with Resonance was a deliberate strategic move to underline our vision for the album in its whole – to reach both those who are familiar with worship, and those who are not. Our goal is to shorten the gap between the church and streets as much as possible."  With a modern EDM sound and songs both in Norwegian and English, Resonance is a unique album that will draw people in with its sound and introduce them to what it means to live a life in discipleship of Jesus.

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