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Tune of His Glory
Tune of His Glory


Radiate is a worship team from Bergen, Norway. They released their first self-titled album in 2009, with both self-written songs and a few covers. This lit a fire to continue writing and publishing songs that would aim to inspire and encourage other youth ministries across the country.

With several songwriters aspiring from their own community, this led to a second, entirely self-written worship album, You Alone, in 2011. With a change in leadership through the fall of 2012, their style of produced music changed from guitar-riff based to more synth based, more following the trend of the popular music.

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NEW from Radiate Worship - "Come Alive"

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Radiate Worship loves to discover new and groundbreaking ways of doing worship. This is reflected in their music, where they wish to create songs that communicate both their belief in, and journey with God. Their new album Come Alive urges all listeners to "live life outside the comfort-zone, and not be satisfied with life as one knows it. It’s outside our comfort-zone where the real magic happens." Original Master MultiTracks and other worship-leading resources for Come Alive are now available.

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