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Radiate is a worship team from Bergen, Norway. They released their first self-titled album in 2009, with both self-written songs and a few covers. This lit a fire to continue writing and publishing songs that would aim to inspire and encourage other youth ministries across the country.

With several songwriters aspiring from their own community, this led to a second, entirely self-written worship album, You Alone, in 2011. With a change in leadership through the fall of 2012, their style of produced music changed from guitar-riff based to more synth based, more following the trend of the popular music.

Radiate aspires to uncover new ground in their style of music, and write songs that utilize musical elements that might not be too common in typical worship music. This led to a more electronic focused EP, entitled Released EP, published in 2013. Guitarist of the Norwegian avant-garde metal band Shining, Håkon Sagen, and previous drummer of Hillsong and Hillsong United, Rolf Wam Fjell, helped producing the EP. Seeing how external producers helped uncover a much broader perspective in their music, they teamed up with guitarist and producer, Tore Kulleseid, for their newest album, Resonance, in 2016.

Resonance came to life over the course of two years, and a few of the songs were written and arranged together with David Andre Østby and Thomas Wilhelmsen, as well as spoken words together with Rob Ricotta. Resonance was made with the vision and intent of creating a worship album for both Christians and non-Christians, as well as passing their worship on to the next generation. Resonance has a clear electronical vibe and contains a wide range of worship, in both Norwegian and English

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